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By Dr. M. Amir Ali / 23 Feb 2013

In the linguistic sense, the Arabic word “jihad” means struggling or striving and applies to any effort exerted by anyone. In this sense a student struggles and strives to get an education and pass course work; an employee strives to fulfill his/her job and maintain good relations with his/her employer; a politician strives to maintain or increase his popularity with his constituents and so on.

The term strive or struggle may be used for/by Muslims as well as non-Muslims; for example Allah says in the Qur’an:

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Terrorism and Islam

The Holy Prophet Muhammadﷺ was very soft hearted. Syedna Anas bin Malik (r.a.) reported that he served the Prophet Muhammadﷺ for 10 years but the Prophet Muhammadﷺ never raised his voice at him!

The same Beloved Prophet Muhammadﷺ has used very harsh words against the Khawarij (Taliban, IS, Al Qaida Terrorists). He called them dogs of hell and commanded the believers to eliminate them. Heﷺ said that if you meet them kill them and you will get reward from ALLAH on the Day of Judgement for this act.

When you see how the khwarij dogs kill innocent people specially how they yesterday killed more than 100 children in a school, then you can totally understand why the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ used such words against these khawarij.

– Shaykh Dr Umar Al-Qadri

May God help us.

In Russia the rebel movement of Shamil Basayev was responsible for the killing of 350 people in the Beslan school siege. Most of them were children. In Nigeria Boko Haram kidnapped 276 young girls from a school in Borno State. In Yemen Al-Qaeda blew up a school in the city of Reda in which 20 children were killed. And just now, the Pakistani Taliban massacred 141 students in a school in Peshawar.

After all this there still remains amongst us people who consider these criminal khawarij to be ‘mujahidin!’

May God guide us & guide through us, lift the veil from our sight and return us to Islam in a beautiful return.




March 16th let us remember and pay tribute To Rachel Corrie ♥


‎The 10th Anniversary of Rachel Corrie, an American peace activist and member of International Solidarity Movement (ISM) from Olympia, Washington…, who was crushed to death by an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) armored bulldozer in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.Rachel Corrie had come to Gaza during the height of the second Palestinian intifada as part of her senior-year college assignment to connect her home town with Rafah in a sister cities project. While there she had engaged with other ISM activists in efforts to non-violently prevent the Israeli army’s demolition of the homes of Palestinian people.

Less than two months after her arrival, on March 16, 2003, Corrie was killed after a three-hour confrontation between two bulldozers and eight ISM activists. Wearing a bright orange fluorescent jacket and, until shortly before her death, using a megaphone, she was killed while standing in the path of a bulldozer that was about to demolish the house of local pharmacist Samir Nasrallah’s family whom she had befriended. She was run over twice by the bulldozer resulting in a fractured skull, shattered ribs and punctured lungs.
The ISM said she had placed herself between the bulldozer and a wall near Samir’s home. Members of the ISM said that she was killed by the Israeli bulldozer and that there was nothing to obscure the driver’s view.

R.I.P Rachel Corrie.

Let the world know we stand strong in solidarity against all occupation and injustices.

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The life of a child taken by pride, arrogance and brutality. …:'(


“Honestly – after reading this i cannot post anything else today.

I am so saddened by this and every other story that echoes this one.

The life of a child taken by pride, arrogance and brutality.

The tide MUST turn and Love must become our purpose in this World if we are to survive.

Please read and share for all the childrens sakes and keep little Omar in your heart as a reminder that kindness costs nothing” ~ Vanessa Beeley..

Africa to Gaza Aid Convoy (fb page)

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Islam and Terrorism (Ulama-e- Deoband Fatwa)


Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) [Prophet Muhammad PBUH)] came with the mission of Islam for o­ne single purpose, viz. the salvation of mankind. This purpose was the guiding factor the forgiveness which was granted to the Mushrikeen o­n the day of the Conquest of Makkah.

Inspite of the oppression, persecution and torture which the Mushrikeen of Makkah had perpetrated o­n the Muslims for 13 years, everything was forgiven and forgotten when Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and his noble Sahaabah entered Makkah as victors. There was no vengeance, no molestation and no acrimony. There was no need to establish any truth commission or put anyone o­n trial for the horrendous atrocities which had been committed against the Muslims in the past.

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The best answer for those who insulted to Prophet Muhammad PBUH

✦✦ The best answer to the film offending the Holy Prophet The Discover Islam Society (London) distributed more than 110,000 copies of the Koran translated and the life of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him✦ ✦


Remarkable Facts about 9/11 2001

9/11 victims & families will never be forgotten… and the pursuit of Justice will never stop until the Truth comes out in the light.

* 3 buildings fell in New York City that day — only 2 planes hit. ….

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Terrorism has no Religion!!

Islamist terrorists!!!!?

see the Islamist terrorists…!!!

I mean, see what media publishes and what is the truth….\

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Islam Vs. Terrorism

The Qur’an strongly condemns terrorism and oppression (4:75, 22:39-40, 9:13-14, 42:39-43, 38:28, 2:190-193).

The Qur’an strongly condemns unjust killing and suicide (5:32, 2:195, 4:29-30, 4:91-93, 17:31, 17:33, 6:151, 25:68, 3:21, etc.).

The Qur’an teaches self-defense and tolerance (60:7-9, 2:190-3, 6:107-8, 6:68, 49:11, 39:3, 16:126-128, 73:10, 19:46-47, etc.).

The Qur’an advises Muslims not to take terrorists, intolerants, slanderers, and haters as friends and protectors (5:51, 3:28, 5:57-61, 60:7-9, 3:118, etc.).

The Qur’an strongly condemns priesthood and religious peddlers (2:41, 2:79, 5:44, 3:187, 9:9, 9:31, 9:34, 2:174, 12:104, etc.

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Situation in Gaza (Palestine)

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Rachel Corrie (Palestinian Activist)

The justice of occupation:
Israeli Central Court in Haifa exonerate today the occupation army of the murder of American activist Rachel Corrie whom

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‘Is Terrorism a Muslim monopoly?’

Is Terrorism a Muslim Monopoly? – Dr. Zakir Naik

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who are real terrorists?

They say ” A picture speaks a thousand words” … But this picture says it all …

and why????

Islam Vs Terrorism

Islam Denounces Terrorism

Those who make mischief in the earth, theirs is the curse.- [The Qur’an, Surah ar-R’ad 25]

Religion commands love, mercy and peace. Terror, on the other hand, is the opposite of religion; it is cruel, merciless and demands bloodshed, murder and misery. This being the case, the origins of a terrorist act should be sought in disbelief rather than in religiousness. The origins should be sought in fascist, communist, racist or materialist outlook on life. The name or the identity of the triggerman is not important. If he can kill innocent people without blinking an eye, then he is an unbeliever, not a believer. He is a murderer with no fear of Allah, whose main ambition is to shed blood and to cause harm.
For this reason, “Islamic terror” is an erroneous concept which contradicts Islam’s message. The religion of Islam by no means countenances terror. On the contrary, terror (i.e. murders committed against innocent people) in Islam is a great crime and Muslims are responsible for preventing these acts and bringing peace and justice to the world.

Muslims Situation in Burma!!!?

What is going on in Burma? And what the international community doing about it?

Continuity of Massacre of Muslims of Burma by Budhists
More than 1000 Killed Yesterday – Please SHARE for the awakening.
20,000 Burmese Muslims were slaughtered last month in Myanmar. Where is the media???where are we !!!???
spread the news since the media doesnt …

“They put RAZOR SHARP SWORDS on the ground. They held small INFANTS above them and CUT THEM on this.


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28000 Muslim Children, Woman and Man Killed in Burma.

Burma muslim massacre: 

See how the Jewish Controlled Media Works ….Thousand of Muslims Killed but No Media Highlighted them and on top of this the very women (aun sui) under whose nose these killings are going on got a NOBLE PRIZE…..May be Noble in there dictionary means Massacre.
According to unofficial reports, more than 20,000 Muslims have been killed, tortured and displaced by the extremist Buddhists in Burma’s Rakhine province, the worst sectarian killing in this part of the world over the years,

Around 2,500 houses have been burnt down, Reuters reported on 14th June.
Neither International Organizations, NGO’s, Human Rights Organization, major countries nor Myanmar’s government has proposed a solution for the 800,000 Rohingya, who live in desperate conditions that resemble refugee camps and make up one of the largest groups of stateless people in Asia. :(((

A Mass Protest in front of Burma Embassy New Delhi, against mass massacres of Muslims in Burma, SIO, WPI, JIH, along with other Political Parties. Still electronic media is silent.

Latest NEWS From Burma!!

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan’s wife and a Myanmar refugee woman hug each other, crying

She is in myanmar to raise awareness of the plight of Muslims in Myanmar
To deliver aid to the province of Arakan, where a massacre of Rohingya Muslims is being carried out by BUDHISTS

UN as well as national and international media had become a silent spectator. There were no one who could raise its voice against brutal murderers of Myanmar Muslim people.

And try to do prayer before Iftar (before breaking fast) and after fardh prayers, or at the middle of the night, In Sha Allah

The Foreign Affairs Minister of Turkey, Ahmet Davutoglu in Myanmar to support our muslim brothers and sister there!!

The wife of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan couldn’t stop her tears.. They brought eid convoys to Myanmar. They welcomed Ahmed Davutoglu and Recerp Tayyip Erdogan by tears and by the hope “Turks came and they will will save us!”

Turkish people have come forward to help Innocent Muslims of Burma who are facing worst conditions in their own country of residence. Wife of Turk Prime Minister starts weeping after seeing the worst condition of Burmese Muslims. We appreciate the courage of Turk Govt. and hope they will continue their leading role to support.




4PM to 6PM 
WESTMINISTER LONDON SW1AFor further information please contact the organiser/ head of SOLIDARITY WITH BURMESE MUSLIMS UK – Br. Shakir Qureshi or Br. Stuart Wells.

and.. the updates are;


latest NEWS:

RNN l EN: Demonstration in Tunisia against cruelty of Burmies against Muslim community of Rohingya  Dozens of young Tunisian NGOS participated in the event, and they gathered donations for Muslims during a twisted event. #.

Update news 3/31/2013…

184 #Rohingya Muslims walked through one kilometre of mud for four hours to get from their boat to the beach of Kuala Jerlun. Inna lillah wa inna ilaihi rajioon…


Still Muslims are under Oppression…





The evidence I obtained during my week in #Sittwe strongly implies that the #Burmese military is imprisoning #Rohingya women from the #Arakhan region and using them as sex slaves.”



A brother from Bangladesh shared an account of his experience whilst on a group visit to Myanmar…….

One day, while we were walking in Myanmar to give dawah and distribute some charity, a Rohingya Muslim brother approached us. He told us, “Our women cannot be married until they spend the night with a vile buddhist. They once raped a woman inside the Masjid in 2009. So when will you come here to protect us, and not just with food and medicine? ”
The solution is so clear to those experiencing injustice and oppression. The Muslims of Myanmar are calling for protection of their families, homes and honour. They know full well that charity and our donations will not protect their villages from being burnt, or their mothers and daughters from being raped. So HOW does Islam ensure this protection exists?

This protection is ensured by the Khilafah. Muslim narrated on the authority of al-A’araj, on the authority of Abu Hurayrah, that the Prophet (saw) said: “Behold, the Imam (Khalifah) is but a shield from behind whom the people fight and by whom they protect themselves.” We have a duty, dear brothers and sisters, to work earnestly to establish that shield which will guarantee the protection of our dear Ummah. We urge all our followers on FB to spread this message and aid the work for Khilafah.

Please follow the live-streaming of our International Women’s Seminar this Sunday 7th July, in Kuala Lumpur, at
Times: 3:30 Madinah, 1:30 GMT, 8:30 Kuala Lumpur



Islam is Not terrorism

As I Am Muslim Its My Duty 2 ClearAll Doubt Abt Islam
My Religion Is Teaching Me To Fight Against Evil And Injustice, And I Do That In The Right Way, I AM Called A “Terrorist”

Today The International Media Specially Western Media They Are Saying That…”All Muslims Are Not Terrorist But All Terrorist Are Muslim.”

But If You Go Back To The History Of The World You Will Find 100% Falsehood In This Statement.
For Example:

1)In The History Of The World Who Has Killed Maximum Innocent Human Beings?????
Do You Know Who Was He?????
He Was A Christian?????? ??
But Media Will Never Say That Christians Are Terrorist!!!!!

2)Joseph Stalin Called As Uncle Joe
“He Has Killed 20 Million Human Beings Including 14.5 Million WereStarved To Death”
Was He Muslim??

3) Mao Tse Tsung (China)
“He Has Killed 14 To 20 Million Human Beings.”
Was He Muslim??

4) Benito Mussolini (Italy)
“He Has Killed 400 Thousand Human Being.
Was He Muslim??

5) Ashoka
“In Kalinga Battle He Has Killed 100Thousand Human Being.
Was He Muslim??

6) Embargo Put By
George Bush
In Iraq 1/2 Million Children Has Been Killed In Iraq Alone!!!
Imagine This People Are Never Called Terrorist By The Media.

As well much other crimes has done in palestine, and Afghanistan by US forces on killing of innocent civilians [kids and women].               for further detail you can search on net.
Today The Majority Of The Non Muslims Are Afraid By Hearing TheWords “Jihad”
Jihad Is An Arabic Word Which Comes From Root Arabic Word”Jahad” Which Means “To Strive” Or “To Struggle”
“To Strive Or Struggle” Against Evil And ForJustice, It Does Not Mean Killing Innocents ,The Difference is We Stand Against Evil , Not With Evil”.

Hanged for the “Crime” of The Establishment of Deen!!

This man is ADNAN MANDERES, prime minister of turkey between 1950 n 1960, won 3 consecutive general elections in 1950, 1954 n 1957,and was hanged by turkish army in 1960 because he allowed AZZAN in arabic (that was banned by mustafa kamal) and gave a statement that shriat may be adopted as the law of the state if turkish parliament wants to do so. MEN give their lives for the cause, he is dead but his name is alive, thousands of schools roads and hospitals in turkey have been named after him including many international turkish universities.

Burning the Holy Quran

The Holy Quran is the most sacred object in the daily lives of us and burning copies of the holy book is considered an offense against Allah.

“The Quran is protected in the hearts of people and memorized, so it is always protected,”.

Above pic is the Sample of Burned Islamic books and Holy Quran, by US Air force Soldiers @ Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan. 

we condemn their action regarding burning the Holy quran, its a disrespect/Unacceptable action for all muslims of the world, and showing the  low administration and Management in the Forces of USA.

The Best Jihad

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “The best (Jihad) is (to speak) word of justice to an oppressive ruler.”
——— Sunan of Abu-Dawood, Hadith 2040 ——


A Note on Terrorism

Salaam alaikum (peace be with you) all our brothers and sisters in humanity,

whatever your race, religion, or other distinguishing characteristics.

We as Muslims consider the 9/11 Attacks as Terrorism

We as Muslims consider the Bali Bombings as Terrorism

We as Muslims consider the Istanbul Bombings 2003 as Terrorism

We as Muslims consider the Madrid Train Bombings 2004 as Terrorism

We as Muslims consider the Sinai Bombings 2004 as Terrorism

We as Muslims consider the 7/7 London Bombings 2005 as Terrorism

We as Muslims consider the Kusadasi Bus Bombings 2005 as Terrorism

We as Muslims consider the 21st July London Bombings 2005 as Terrorism

We as Muslims consider the Glasgow Airport attack 2007 as Terrorism

We as Muslims consider the Sufi shrine bombings in Pakistan 2010-11 as Terrorism

We as Muslims consider the Egyptian church bombing 2011 as Terrorism

We as Muslims consider any bombings of any place of worship of any religious faith, any shopping centres, and any other civilian buildings, infrastructure and people as Terrorism.In the time of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him), any time a Muslim Army had to go to war, Prophet Mohammed used to order them:

“Go into battle in the name of God and in the way of God.

Do not steal and do not act treacherously.

Do not mutilate and do not kill children.  “- Al-Muwatta, Volume 21, Hadith 11.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) once saw the corpse of a woman who had been killed in a military action, and he disapproved of it and forbade the killing of women and children.

Abu Bakr as-Siddiq, a companion of the Prophet Muhammad and his successor as head of the Muslim community, advised one of his military commanders:

“Do not kill women or children or an aged, infirm person.

Do not cut down fruit-bearing trees.

Do not destroy an inhabited place.

Do not slaughter sheep or camels except for food.

Do not burn bees and do not scatter them.

Do not steal and do not be cowardly.” – Al-Muwatta, Volume 21, Hadith 9 and 10.

Dear brothers and sisters in humanity, if you wish to have a truly civilised, decent, meaningful conversation about Islam and Prophet Muhammad (may the peace and blessings of God be upon him),. “O men! Behold, We have created you all out of a male and a female, and have made you into nations and tribes, so that you might come to know one another.

Verily, the noblest of you in the sight of God is the one who is most deeply conscious of Him.

Behold, God is all-knowing, all-aware.” – Holy Qur’an 49:13 (M. Asad) If however, you define the “Freedom of Speech” as a license to insult and disrespectfully speak of God, his prophets, people of various religious beliefs, ethnic origins etc. then your idea of “civility” is very different from that of Prophet Muhammad and his followers… We respectfully ask that you refrain from simply being a source of agitation to us.