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Alhamdulillah first Masjid of the Northeast Canadian Province of Nunavut has been completed


“Exciting Breaking News”
“By the mercy of Almighty God, Allah, and the hard work of the Muslim brothers and sisters of the North, the groundbreaking and pillings for the first Masjid of the Northeast Canadian Province of Nunavut has been completed, al Hamdulillah. Official permission for the masjid has been obtained and the local elders and authorities have given their blessings. The site will be covered till the snow comes off in June but this foundation will enable us to build the Islamic Center of Iqaluit in the land of the Innuit people (wrongly called Eskimos) for the first time. May Allah empower the Innuit people through Islam and bring into them into the Ummah in crowds.

You can still be a part of the project by sending our donations to:

All are welcome to the Arctic “in the summer” to our opening ceremony, Insha Allah. The Light of Allah will never be extinguished! “Nurun ‘ala Nur (Light upon light) will shine forever even though those who reject God despise it, Al Hamdulillah!!!”

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