Muslims Situation in Burma!!!?

What is going on in Burma? And what the international community doing about it?

Continuity of Massacre of Muslims of Burma by Budhists
More than 1000 Killed Yesterday – Please SHARE for the awakening.
20,000 Burmese Muslims were slaughtered last month in Myanmar. Where is the media???where are we !!!???
spread the news since the media doesnt …

“They put RAZOR SHARP SWORDS on the ground. They held small INFANTS above them and CUT THEM on this.


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28000 Muslim Children, Woman and Man Killed in Burma.

Burma muslim massacre: 

See how the Jewish Controlled Media Works ….Thousand of Muslims Killed but No Media Highlighted them and on top of this the very women (aun sui) under whose nose these killings are going on got a NOBLE PRIZE…..May be Noble in there dictionary means Massacre.
According to unofficial reports, more than 20,000 Muslims have been killed, tortured and displaced by the extremist Buddhists in Burma’s Rakhine province, the worst sectarian killing in this part of the world over the years,

Around 2,500 houses have been burnt down, Reuters reported on 14th June.
Neither International Organizations, NGO’s, Human Rights Organization, major countries nor Myanmar’s government has proposed a solution for the 800,000 Rohingya, who live in desperate conditions that resemble refugee camps and make up one of the largest groups of stateless people in Asia. :(((

A Mass Protest in front of Burma Embassy New Delhi, against mass massacres of Muslims in Burma, SIO, WPI, JIH, along with other Political Parties. Still electronic media is silent.

Latest NEWS From Burma!!

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan’s wife and a Myanmar refugee woman hug each other, crying

She is in myanmar to raise awareness of the plight of Muslims in Myanmar
To deliver aid to the province of Arakan, where a massacre of Rohingya Muslims is being carried out by BUDHISTS

UN as well as national and international media had become a silent spectator. There were no one who could raise its voice against brutal murderers of Myanmar Muslim people.

And try to do prayer before Iftar (before breaking fast) and after fardh prayers, or at the middle of the night, In Sha Allah

The Foreign Affairs Minister of Turkey, Ahmet Davutoglu in Myanmar to support our muslim brothers and sister there!!

The wife of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan couldn’t stop her tears.. They brought eid convoys to Myanmar. They welcomed Ahmed Davutoglu and Recerp Tayyip Erdogan by tears and by the hope “Turks came and they will will save us!”

Turkish people have come forward to help Innocent Muslims of Burma who are facing worst conditions in their own country of residence. Wife of Turk Prime Minister starts weeping after seeing the worst condition of Burmese Muslims. We appreciate the courage of Turk Govt. and hope they will continue their leading role to support.




4PM to 6PM 
WESTMINISTER LONDON SW1AFor further information please contact the organiser/ head of SOLIDARITY WITH BURMESE MUSLIMS UK – Br. Shakir Qureshi or Br. Stuart Wells.

and.. the updates are;


latest NEWS:

RNN l EN: Demonstration in Tunisia against cruelty of Burmies against Muslim community of Rohingya  Dozens of young Tunisian NGOS participated in the event, and they gathered donations for Muslims during a twisted event. #.

Update news 3/31/2013…

184 #Rohingya Muslims walked through one kilometre of mud for four hours to get from their boat to the beach of Kuala Jerlun. Inna lillah wa inna ilaihi rajioon…


Still Muslims are under Oppression…





The evidence I obtained during my week in #Sittwe strongly implies that the #Burmese military is imprisoning #Rohingya women from the #Arakhan region and using them as sex slaves.”



A brother from Bangladesh shared an account of his experience whilst on a group visit to Myanmar…….

One day, while we were walking in Myanmar to give dawah and distribute some charity, a Rohingya Muslim brother approached us. He told us, “Our women cannot be married until they spend the night with a vile buddhist. They once raped a woman inside the Masjid in 2009. So when will you come here to protect us, and not just with food and medicine? ”
The solution is so clear to those experiencing injustice and oppression. The Muslims of Myanmar are calling for protection of their families, homes and honour. They know full well that charity and our donations will not protect their villages from being burnt, or their mothers and daughters from being raped. So HOW does Islam ensure this protection exists?

This protection is ensured by the Khilafah. Muslim narrated on the authority of al-A’araj, on the authority of Abu Hurayrah, that the Prophet (saw) said: “Behold, the Imam (Khalifah) is but a shield from behind whom the people fight and by whom they protect themselves.” We have a duty, dear brothers and sisters, to work earnestly to establish that shield which will guarantee the protection of our dear Ummah. We urge all our followers on FB to spread this message and aid the work for Khilafah.

Please follow the live-streaming of our International Women’s Seminar this Sunday 7th July, in Kuala Lumpur, at
Times: 3:30 Madinah, 1:30 GMT, 8:30 Kuala Lumpur



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  1. what the hell is happening in barma……y all are silent……where the hell human right is….we want justice ..they want justice

  2. we should all do tauba,because all this is happening by ALLAH seeing our AAMAAL

  3. where is terrorist america and Israel who talk about human rights when any English person is killed by someone, and now no voice of both countries when millions of Muslims are killed by their supporters….shame on America and Israel both are against Muslims.
    allah in sheedo ko jannat ata farmay …ameen aur un ki qurbani jo ino ny deen e islam ko bchany k liay di usy pora kry aur hmy b sacha muslim bnay ameen

  4. Inalilahi wa inahil rajioon.
    Always studied that the united nations worked for peace in the world the humanrights were open to all the people .where r the human rights we’re is the Un such a big organization and of no use. The media who will forecast every smalll news on tv now doesn’t realize dat so much is happening in the world.
    Today we now that now peaceful bhudisht monks are.
    May allah jus give paradise to all the people who r killed and give burman a big punishment

    • innalillahi wainnailaihirrajiun.the so called UN , FBI, MEDIA , ETC. ARE only protecting there personal interest not for the muslims they are all against islam.see the war in afganistan look at what american soldiers are doing for the muslims in afganistan see iraq .UN, HUMAN RIGHT, FBI ,are enemies of islam dont trust them.

    • innalillahi wainnailaihirrajiun.the so called UN , FBI, MEDIA , ETC. ARE only protecting there personal interest not for the muslims they are all against islam.see the war in afganistan look at what american soldiers are doing for the muslims in afganistan see iraq .UN, HUMAN RIGHT, FBI ,are enemies of islam dont trust them.

    • Aaamin summa aaamin

    • Hey salma and all muslims friends!

      If you have access to find news , please find exact news from another sites.
      Don’t be blame nor talk if you doesn’t know really !

      These all photos are fake as they all are massacres of another countries especially that happened in southern thailand and one photo that tried to killed 2 muslims in public was long2 ago that happened in arab countries after 9/11 massacre !

      So shame of you to talk suck huge and big talk as you say .
      But no exact and real news !

      There is no ethnic group call rhohinga in our countries !
      Do u really know meaning of this !\
      This mean ” illegal immigrates from bengladish!
      We also live in peace with muslim !
      You heard something more from myanmar mulism for about this!


      Even if they live in peace with local , there may be nothing happened !
      But they tried in strategic plan to steal territories form Myanmar !
      You didn’t heard likely news from INDIA as these also attacked with local !

      If this happened in your countries , what you will do ?
      Let put away the consideration of mulism , buddhism ,christian !

      Even today , they still tried to fight to local .
      Army cannot do nothing , as they have no order to shoot.
      If they shoot and these people die , their dirty mouth tried to shout that “MULISM PEOPLE KILLED IN MYANMAR ” !

      Please take your brain and be in reality !

      • Kyaw Zin, then why did the buddhist monk kill them all. even if they are not your citizen in myanmar, they are also human being. Killing other human being is not permitted in any religion. ethnic cleansing some more. do you think that i should kill immigrants and their children brutally here in my country just because they sleep there, they pray there, they search for their own living there and they have children there etc. shame on you kyaw zin. shame on you.

        if you think you have an exact news, the real news about these people rhoyngia and what the burmese did to them, please post it here. so that we can judge it together.

        what dalai lama say about this? OMG, he just keep quiet….again, if u have news about what dalai lama say about this, please post it here. =)

    • Ameen!!

    • big punisment, are you kidding?

      those kafir will get honourary knighthoods from the queen and a nobel prize for his torture.

      salman rushdie got a knighhood for his religious biggotry

      oh salam one more thing dont hate the sinners only hate the sin, make dua for burmas guidance

  5. Ya Allah rehem…if this won’t stop..we vil hv to take the initiative

  6. I pray 4God’s intervention


  8. Pls stop killing muslims in burma. Have fear of allah.


  10. muslims reunit now n take a reveng wth those who r dong ths…allah w’ll help us inshallah

  11. No matter how many muslim they slaughter, islam will never die! Allah is great! May His punishment be severe. And May all our innocent muslim brothers and sisters who have been killed be granted jannah and deaths as shaheed. آمِيْن
    In this holy month of Ramadaan let us pray for them all.
    P.S: if it was a jew being killed by a muslim we would all be labelled as terrorists. But when a muslim is killed the world is silent…
    Please explain…


      The world is silent because they consider Islam as a false religion who are worshiping false god. Allah of Koran is Lucifer the devil that was cast out of heaven by angel Michael during war in heaven. Mohammed was a false prophet who went about killing people with his sword. He killed those who did not join his false religion. Contrast is that God Jesus died for the whole world but all those Islamists killed by the Buddhists died for Allah the devil god.o all of them are going to hell. The father of Jesus is called Jehovah, the Almighty God of Israel. Who is the true God worshiped by the Christians and the Jews. Only the Christians and Jews are grafted into the Abraham covenant.
      Please my Muslims brothers and sisters it is up to you to change your faith and join the Christians and not even to join the Buddhists.Islam is not a religion but cult.

  12. Mirza Zahid Baig Khurd Jhelum Punjab Pakistan.

    I will spread this news to all countries inshaallah.I hate Nepalian non muslims,i hate india,america,Natto force and united nations.Inshaalla God will bless and help all muslims of Burma.India,america,Natto army and united nations all are died/murdabad.

  13. They may try to eradicate Islam, but they will not break the Muslim spirit. They may win the war on this Dunya, but the battle for Aakhira has already been won by us true believers! Insha Allah may Allah(swt) have mercy on the souls of our brothers and sisters and may He remove their difficulties. InnaLillaahiWaInnaIllayhiRaji’oon!!!!


  15. Yes Allāh is all powerful, and Allāh is all great. Never stop making dua and weeping for these people.
    But Allāh has given us as the muslim ummah the strength in numbers to take these swine headed hypocites down. A life is still a life, be in muslim, christian or hindu. No one is talking about suicide bombers, or conquering the land. Islām is a religion about peace, BUT WE ARE NOT PUSHOVERS. We need to defend the blood of our brothers and sisters in all those countries. The muslim ummah is like a body, one part gets afflicted, the entire body feels it. It is not me but the ahadeeth of the prophet(pbuh) that said it.
    You cannot call yourself a true muslim if u read and watch these things and all u do is sit back and say “Allāh help them”.
    Our priorities are all wrong. So if every muslim had to take a physical stand against this, would we still have this problem?
    A call for the revival of the Khilafat, and a call for global jihad(not terrorism). That’s our solution.
    Gone are the days when us muslims are persecuted by these mindless idiots. If we had the heart and soul of the ummah back in Nabi(saw)s time, no one wouldve dared stepped upon us. Shame on US. Not the media, not the UN, not the Burmese Gov. But us, the so called ummah.
    To conclude I’d like to say a big fuck you to that bitch who got a nobel prize…people say she is close to being like Nelson Mandela but as a South african I can say is that Mandela would never be as coward as she! Fuck you to the burmese buddhists as well, you go against the teachings of your own religion it shows where your wisdom lies. And fuck you to dalai flippin lama. Go spread “peace” when u come back reincarnated as a cockroach and then be stepped upon and swept into the gutter. And last but not least fuck you UN.

  16. May اللّه assist us and our leaders to have the courage to stand up for justice, to enjoin good & forbid evil, and to be the mujaddid of deen in every aspect of our lives إنشاء الله .


    PLZ GV ME AGUN I WILL SHOOT EACH ND EVRY BUDDHIST……TILL MY LAST BREATH……….ND IF MY LIFE GOES AWAY ALSO I DNT CARE ………….PLZ MUSLIMS DO SUMTHING ………….M READY FOR EVRY THING……….OR PLZ OPEN N COMMUNITY IN NAME OF YOUNG MUSLIMS nd plz gv us link v will show the fact nd real face of this fuckers buddhist to whole world till it reached UNO


    PLZ GV ME AGUN I WILL SHOOT EACH ND EVRY BUDDHIST……TILL MY LAST BREATH……….ND IF MY LIFE GOES AWAY ALSO I DNT CARE ………….PLZ MUSLIMS DO SUMTHING ………….M READY FOR EVRY THING……….OR PLZ OPEN N COMMUNITY IN NAME OF YOUNG MUSLIMS nd plz gv us link v will show the fact nd real face of this fuckers buddhist to whole world till it reached UNO

  19. Mirza Zahid Baig Khurd Jhelum Punjab Pakistan.

    Ae mere pyare Allah g meri dilli dua yeh hai k Burma k muslims ki madad/help karna,aur jo burma k muslims shaheed ho gaye hain un ko jannat ul fardos main buland muqam ata farma.Jo kafar non muslims yeh zulm kar rahe hain un ko un k kiye ki karri se karri aur barri se barri saza dena aur un ko nesto nabood kar dena.(Ameen).

  20. Muhammad Zamir

    May ALLAH Protect Our Brothers.. Every Muslim Should Join To StoP This Nonsence.. INNA LILLAHI WA INNA ILLAIHI RAJIUN

  21. Surely to Allah we belong & to him we shall return! This is very very sad, May Allah see them through, Ameen.

  22. This is absolutely appauling bt wat can we as regular ppl do 2 help?

  23. May Allah(swt) grant the people who have died Jannat, make the (ignorant) people who are killing them see the light, and may Allah(swt) forgive and have mercy on them. Ameen

  24. Ya Allah!
    May the ummah help our muslims in Burma!
    The madar chots buddist is suppose to be a
    Religion or what ever they follow,but of PEACE!Now what are the kafrs doing???
    Pls leaders off the world stop them!

    The heartless none believers!may they Rot in hell!Hell won’t even xcept them!

    That’s y ther wrotten leader wasn’t welcome in our country!
    Bastard preach peace across the world but cnt stop his F*****n monks!

    May Allah punnish then so badly!Insha Allah!

  25. Stop this massacre!!!

  26. Shame on the World! This is a call for Jihad. Where are all the Muslims? Wake up and help. This is totally ridiculous! We want Peace! Who the fuck is doing this.. To those soldiers who are carrying out these sinfu acts , DON’T YOURLL HAVE HEARTS. DON’T YOURLL HAVE GUILTY CONSCIENCES. WOULD. YOU LIKE TO BE TREATED THAT WAY.WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF I BURNED YOUR CHILD ALIVE!!! WHERE ARE YOUR HEARTS.These are innocent people.they donot deserve what you guys are doing!! THIS IS AN ACT OF SATAN..and whoever is behind this is a very very very big ASSHOLE…you going down….ALLAH IS GREAT!!!

  27. Ya salam..what did they do 4 lord’s sake

  28. Hi.I’m a Christian,living in South Africa.I believe in my religion but no where in my bible states that we have t right to kill anyone!God give life & He is the only One who is allowed to take life.I will keep every family in prayer who had 2 lost a lovedone thru this killings!May God punish every person who have put t order out for these killings.

  29. This is just heart breaking!

  30. umar Ahmed maikudi

    May the wrath and corse of Allah( swt) be upon whoever is behind the killing of muslim in Burma n oll over the world.may d duah of d muslim Ummah reach d untouchables,may Allah (swt)turn there wicked intention towards them…inal muslim akhul muslim….evry muslim is brother to one anoday…may the souls of those were killed rest in perfct peace,May Aljannatul firdausi be there final aborte…..ameen yah Allah..

  31. O Allah Save the muslim Umah, O allah you are most mercyful shower your mercy on our brothers n sisters in Burma. O allah grant them strenght and patients during this dificults times! O Allah they are dying because of love for you through there sadaqah accept my duas n grant the muslim enemy hidayah n if hidayah is not meant for them Allah you destroy them I beg you My lord my Allah destroy the enemies of Islaam. THERE IS NONE WORTHY OF WORSHIP ACCEPT ALLAH HE IS ALONE N I BARE TESTMONY THAT MUHAMED SALALAH HU ALAIM WASALAM IS HIS SLAVE N MASSENGER اميـــن يا أرحــم الراحميـنآمين.

  32. S.bint Muhammed

    Allahumman suril mujaahideen!!!!Oh! اللَّهُ help the Mujaahideen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. This is so called democracy and no human rights for mass killing of people.. If this kind of things turn into hot situation and violent mode of protest then people will not able to answer..all people from the world should join for these fuckin peace lover of the world

  34. Stop killing human is the only religion and caste don’t divide

  35. What r we as muslims..or should I say as human beings doing abt this massacre? I’m sick just looking at these pics!!!!!!

  36. May Allah help our muslim brothers n sisters in burma!!!

  37. InnaLillaHi Wa Inna Ilayhi Raji’un…Insha Allah all these disasters will come to an end for us..May God be with us and our families..Surely on the Last Day EVERYBODY shall account for his/her own DeeDs(good/bad)…And for those killers Remember that you’ll surely taste Death(“kullu Nafsin Za’ikatul maut”)..:(

  38. SUHAIL A ADAM(dhorat)

    What the hell is this… this how they treat our brothers and sisters……..allah should teach these DOGS a lesson that they will never forget insha allah

  39. muhammad mukhtar yusuf

    In shaa ALLAH the ALL MIGHTY will d muslims tru all dis suffering,

  40. No sin goes unpunished. The Burma massacre & ungodly act is uncall for & no country without a constitution guiding & governing it. God will certainly punish everyone that has a hand in these massive innocent brutalities.


  42. fatima Abdulkarim

    Inna_lilahi wa inna illaihi raji un.

  43. Abdullahi Kabomo

    Pls let the so-called international community interfere in this genocide. Innocent people are being killed just because of the belief they hold in them? Pls urgent help is needed to save the living from this merciless attack

  44. Salam, muslim brothers and sisters pls we should help our muslim brothers and sisters with prayers. Innalillahi wa innah ilaihi raji’un this unbelievable so such killing still hapen in this modern era.

  45. Oh Allah. U knw beta me wat happens in burma. Forgive us n save muslim in burma from d western evils n their allied. AMIN HASBUNALLAH WANI’IMAL WAKIL.

  46. Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un!May their souls rest in perfect peace n also protect the remaining Muslims againts all the evil doers,Amin

  47. Muslim in burma pls say (Hasbunallah wini’imal wakil)

  48. Innalillahi wa’inna ilaihi raji’un!!! The prophet of peace muhamma peace been upon him said this world is a jail of believers and paradise of the unbelievers, it is compulsary for any muslim to pray for these brothers, bcos all muslims are brothers, they are one body. Oh God the merciful, the creator, the most powerful, strengten them for you are able.

  49. What in the hell is this??? The world thinks that buddhists are peace loving people-they proved the world wrong. This is not human! Where are the human rights people now? Where are the so called World powers now? Is it because its MUSLIMS being massacred? So no one cares? Where the hell are the MUSLIIM COUNTRIES? Why is everyone so quiet about this? These are innocent people – women and kids! Ya Allah, bring your wrath fully on these people that dare to hurt and destroy these innocent beings!

  50. Shinaaz Sallie

    May Allah(SWT) grant all our Muslim people Jannatul Firdouz, Shifaah and strength In Shaa Allah, and May Allah(SWT) stop these people from doing evil In Shaa Allah.

  51. naazneen rauff

    السلام عليكم و رحمة الله وبركاته
    Ya اَللَّه سُبْحَانَهُ وتعالا u c d injustice n cruelty happenin t ur slaves 😦 only u can help dem, ya اَللَّه سُبْحَانَهُ وتعالا.. Plz don’t let our muslim brothers n sisters b put thru dis. U c dt dey get d best of dis world n d aakhirah n huevr has tortured, hurt, violated anda human being (nt jus muslim.. Bt muslim n non-muslim alike) ya اَللَّه سُبْحَانَهُ وتعالا, u c 2dose ppl!!!!
    اللَّهُ أَكْبَر!
    My hart cries 4dese ppl.. =(
    Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raajioon!

  52. kullu nafsin za ikatul maud…pls if may ask! Is dis country ruled by it citizen????

  53. Nuradeen Mahuta

    La’ilaha illa anta subhanaka inni kuntu minazzalimin!

  54. Wallahu aalam, HE alone can jugde this and HE alone can av mercy on our soul

  55. Adepoju Jubreel

    Allah subuan watatah will give we muslims d brave heart to over come all the enemy of islam

  56. Fee naari jahannam!! When they burn in jahannam, well be keeping warm! Allahuakbar

  57. Ya اَللَّه سُبْحَانَهُ وَتعالي , save our brothers n sisters and children. آمِيْن ثُمَّ آمِيْن

  58. Imtiyaz Delair

    Allah grant us the perfect understanding of our purpose. Ameen

  59. Can’t we get hold of arab states and have a meeting together unity ..we must attack on burmer so we show our example

  60. It is inhuman act,but the prophet said “Allah does not change a nation until they change them selves” let all the muslim sects unite &4get our sectarian differences,hold up to the rope of Allah, stop division and see the fear we shall create intheir hearts even without striking back.we ‘ll change the media… but now it will remain,If a muslim strikes all muslims shall be labelled terrorists &islam shall go to trial. but a non muslim, religion is not mentiond &the terror not labelled why ??


  62. Innalillahi wa’ina illaihi raji’un. Allah ya ji kan musulmai, Allah kuma ya sa mu chika da imani. Amin thumma Amin

  63. Absolutely heart wrenching.this is inhuman,and Allah (swt) will deal with them.allah has a plan for everyone and everything,these heartless,despicable,people who deserve the worst after committing such actions shall receive the worst in the hereafter!!!

  64. mohamed hoosein

    May Allah (S.W.T) destroy the oppressors!!! AMEEN
    May Allah give them the most disgraceful punishment in this world and the hereafter!!! AMEEN

  65. It is absolutely devastating to see this I can’t control my tears , May Allah make it easy for them and help them through this difficult time and may all these shaheeds get the highest stage in jannah -Aameen

  66. I dont know wat to say, I m shocckk,
    Ya allah forgive us make easy for ummah,
    Ya allah who become shahid grant him jannet,

  67. May Allah bring end of this nonsense killing over there in burma, amin.

  68. hari om bhuvan

    Shocked! I always thought Buddhists were a peaceful bunch…meditation in the mountains and all that

  69. I’m so sad to see wut is happening.Really sum serious action must be taken soon.

  70. Dalha Garba Bello

    Wa inna alykum lahafidheen,kiraman katibin,yaalamuna maa taf alun.Subhannallah may ALLAH have mercy on them and strengthen the ones alive.Inna rabbaka labirmir saadh

  71. Hmmm…. I am speechless but ready τ̲̅ȍ take actions, i hope ãƞƌ pray soon muslims shall unite ãƞƌ let’s strike back τ̲̅ȍ who ever from where ever that ȋ̝̊̅§ against Islam ãƞƌ muslim. Allahumma dammir ahalil kafiroun.

  72. What’s the use commenting. Why don’t we do something about it an eye for an eye

  73. So AMERICA doesn’t see it fit to intervene. I wonder why. Burma doesn’t have any Power or wealth that they can steal!!! Assholes.

  74. Halima Ali Bashir

    Hasbunallah wa ni’mal wakeel wa ni’mal maula wa ni’mal naseer. May the soul of the muslims that die rest in peace.verily Allah sees & knows everything. This is just brutality, where are the so called leaders? They better act FAST.

  75. ya Allah

  76. This is crazy, ugly….Iam a christian, and I am outraged at what I see here, these are people, don’t care what religion, what color, or what ever background they come from, its wrong what’s happenning here…please stop it…I believe God sees all, and these crimes will not go unpunished…how can I help??? I will spread the msg to all…

  77. Insaala 1dsay its all muslim days to kill all kafir and wil b soon

  78. sister in pain!!

    إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ‬
    May اللَّه سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى
    Grant these ppl jannatul firdause!!!
    آمين يا رب العالمين

    No person has left to live in this world forever no one shall leave forever!!! BUT sulerly اللَّه سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى
    Is there to give justice!!! And these innocent ppl has already got place in Jannah!!! But what abt those who DID IT???? Where will escape in front of اللَّه سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى
    ??? What Answers U got to give اللَّه سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى
    ??? After U die!!!!! These ppl died only ONCE!! BUT U WILL DIE WORSE THAN THIS NEVER ENDING LIFE. IN THE HELL!!!! IF ONLY اللَّه سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى
    WILLS, can save u!!! And HE اللَّه سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى

  79. Firstly; Yes we are angry, but we should keep the little reputation of islam by not swearing. Thank you

    Secondly; I’ll say that all this is the faults of the muslims for being ignorant after the 4 rightly guided khalifah’s, and that ignorance of ours has given the western people the power to controll everything and rule us according to the way they feel like it.

    Thirdly; if the Muslims maintained the power after the khalifah’s, we will not have lost the sharia law, where is shariah now? We don’t know, that is exactLy the reason why the media doesn’t care about the muslims being persecuted..

    Think about it guys, look for a way to unit the muslims first, then we can voice out on our religious and human rights… Fighting individually now, will not help, but infact will increase the number of people dying. Ma’asalam.

  80. May Allah have mercy on them and there souls rest in perfect peace,and there killers should wait for there own,they will never ever have peace in there life forever insha Allah.

  81. Yusuf Bashirat

    This is so pathetic! But why the killing of this innocent souls?…I believe Allah is watching every one of us.

  82. Please!! Some1 help these people already
    it breaks my heart that this has not been
    stoped its sick please people keep all muslims
    that are suffering@ the hands of that
    Disgusting,filthy pigs keep them in your duas
    (prayers) ya ALLAH protect our muslim
    brothers an sisters keep them safe,make there
    suffering stop,take away there sorrow,wipe
    there tears ya ALLAH take away there pain!!!!

  83. Fuck buddists a day will cme wen all that commitd crimes against our muslim brthrs and sistrs will burn Allah destroy them like he destroyd those b4 them….ameen thumma ameen

  84. where r the big daddies of the Muslim world. Saudi , UAE, kuwait.etc. busy doing nothing. shame on u.

  85. If the jews belive in a god they should b afraid 4 the day of judgement

  86. Allah will not forsake His ummah verily they shall receive justice from the Supreme judge in sha Allah.

  87. Mujahid Kabir Asma'i

    Innalillahi wa inna ilaihir raji’u!!! Kullu Nafsin zaa’iqatul maut!!! Oh ya Allah destroy all d pple dat did dis 2 ur slaves nd May Allah make jannatul firdaus 4 dose dat were killd in dis disaster nd all ov us. For me I’m a student nd hav no power 2 do anytyn other than du’a. May Allah make our end a gud 1. Ameen thumma Ameen. *** crying*** dis really touched nd hurt me.

  88. Zainub Ebrahim

    Oh اَللَّه it is at times like this where my heart desires to b a man n not only a man bt a man of such strenght n wealth so tat I may gather my froces n calll all the ppl around the world n fight till my last breath fight for ISLAM for these innocent people tat are being soo brutally killed at the hands of the kuffaar for those innocent children ooh اَللَّه what have they done at this time is when my heart desires to b a man go out in the part of اَللَّه either b victouos or die this is the time to call upon jihaad people this is a test from اَللَّه what are WE MUSlims doing to aid this matter اَللَّه will question us on the day of Qiyaamah wat will we say why are we Quiet ya اَللَّه help these poor muslims in burma oh اَللَّه its only u tat we can turn too …let us All unite this I clearly not of only being muslim its about being HUMAN they are innocent women n children being murdered at the hands of these so called ppl of peace…this in inhuman forget the media n the human ryts we as muslims n humans should gather together n fight 4 these ppl of burma if we stand together اَللَّه will help n guide us إنشاء اللّهُ آمين

  89. We need to unite in thought of a solution that can be used for any future events that may occur. As we all the Muslims have no humanitarian force that can take supply’s as well as protect oppressed communities. We need our own United Nations(Islamic) with highly trained soldiers that are equipped to fight such barbaric people. If all the Muslim leader can get together and contribute to such a force we will not have this problem and we will not need the useless United Nation puppets or the misinformed international community. People we need SOLUTIONS not petty shouts and swearing, that will be playing into the hands of the ones that have a hand(invisible) in all these anti-Islam events . May الله تعالي give us strength!!! May الله تعالي unite us!!!! May الله تعالي make us of Iron and Steel!!! آمين آمين آمين . Make dua for these people, do not swear and shout, inform non-muslims of what is happening and seek knowledge in all these affairs.s protect oppressed communities.

  90. All of our friends there bcme syahid…
    i love islam,i love muslim….
    islam is my life,muslim is my blood…
    inalillahiwaina ilaihi rajiun… ya Allah help them find the truth…. Ameen

  91. Oh ya Allah….

  92. Shame on the buddist people thouht there wer a peaceful nation showed there colours and may the peopl who died rest in jannat ameen

  93. Inalillahiwainailaihirajun,wat has this people done to deserve this,ya Allah come to our aid

  94. Allah sees while the world sleeps. Your day will come

  95. What goes around comes around! Today d muslims r being killed, tomorrow the enemies of islam will b killed, its only a matter of time.

  96. Where is united states now,tell us who’s the terrorists,
    Allahummahfazna minal muslimin

  97. ALLAHU akbar
    where is the Arab world?
    we Muslims are worried about the pleasures of this world and forget to help pur brothers and sisters. the war against islam has already began it time to get up and stop being mind controled by the media. WAke up Muslim you are travellers in this world.

    They are planning, at the same time ALLAH is planning and ALLAH is the BEst of planners.
    HasbunaLLAHU wa Ni’mal wakeel wa AlaLLAHi tawakkalnaa.

    As-salaamu alaikum

  98. May Allah punish these so called peacefull bhudist. It is disgusting what they can do to all muslims. Ya Allah – punish them.
    My heart bleeds to see all these muslim people being killed like they are nothing.

    Where is the United Nations – conveniently turning a blind eye!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Muhammad Bashir

    Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihirrajiun, Subhanallah

  100. Innallahi wainnailaihi rajiun whta is hapening in dis world will come 2 end insha allah cos is only 2 bomb d hold world and see if we don’t have what day tink hasbulallaha waniimal wakil what do u want in d world pls if u kan explain let knw what is goin on if is war let do face 2 face not kiling by hiding

  101. This is utter disgust.let there be a jewish massacre and see how quick they are to get help.may god save us all from these ruthless people.may everyone involved in the burma massacre rot in hell!!!!

    What have those innocent kids done to deserve to be murdered like animals?

  102. «̶̥ -̶̯͡┈̥⌣̊ε̲̣̣̣̥М̣̣̥̇̊ɍε̲̣̣̣̥яn̶̲̥̅-y̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ɑ̣̣̝̇̇ry̶̲̥̅̊

    Innalil-lahi wa in-na ilaihim raji-unn, don’t worry time will come when God(ALLAH) will show his grievience to them, and D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ will have no time regret it neither repent on their bad deeds. ” Soon D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ will surely meet him ” @ D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ extinct none can live on D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ this glove 4ver. Subhanal-lah.

  103. This is really sad , I can’t believe the world is doing nothing about this and innocent muslim people are being killed in the thousands … Where is the help ?

  104. To all who are taking the lives of innocent children…you will one day meet your match…and that day is not far away…

  105. And BUDDHISTS were supposed to be PEACEFUL??!!!

  106. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji un

  107. This is really bad can’t imagine a human with a heart would think of killin when we are from the same creator and to worsen it all media won’t put this on air but if a muslim had to defend his/herself I’m sure the world would know that in mins…….arggghhhhhhhhh

  108. God is nt at sleep

  109. I am not a Muslim but a Christian, what I just read and saw in the pictures is quite frighten and sad at the same time. I wonder what goes through the mind of man that pulls a trigger and killing innocent children? My heart bleeds for those souls!

  110. muhammad Adamu

    By Allah who ever is responsible,in support of these killings will surely be burn in hell!

  111. It is sad and unfortunate that Muslim Ummah are been killed and desecrated with impunity by Burmese rulers and monks….where our leaders…….Oh Allah come to our rescue…

  112. Thankk Allah 4 makin me a Muslim. All this Crimes is committed againts innocent people who would insha’Allah all b dwellers of Aljannat. Amin. We shall meet there by Allah’s Grace.amin Jews, freemasonz, skull n Bonez, Elizabeth of england mark ma words.

  113. Innanililahi wa inna ilaihim ra’ji un

  114. Ya allah.may allah grant dem to aljannat firdous.rabbanaa la tu akrijnah min haxihil qatyati xaalimi ahluha wa jaallana min ladun ka waliyan wa jaallana min ladun ka nasira.ya salam……….

  115. badronisa mahomed

    There are no words to describe the feeling I’m feeling looking at these images , ya Allah how can one be so heartless , why are we turning a blind eye to this please send your help ya rob to these people ya Allah please

  116. Crying

  117. Ya Allah please have mercy on our muslim brothers and sisters in Burma and Ya Allah please grant these merciless killers some understanding of their terrible crime to humanity. Ameen

  118. Allah isn’t blind,HE sees all,and every individual responsible for this action will pay dearly.may Allah grant all the deceased Aljannatul-firdaus.its just a matter of time,but every soul shall taste death.

  119. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun ma peace be done upon that nd may Allah rest there souls in perfect peace ameen!!!

  120. anneli nicholls

    It is shocking a disaster. All my prayers will go to these people.

  121. Shittu Ibraheem Khalilullah

    Let us all pray to Almighty ALLAH whose authority belongs to, for intervention

  122. Subhanallahi,innalilahi wa ina ilaihi rajiun May Allah bring a end to all this.AMIN

  123. Subhanallah! Subhanallah! Dis is so disheartening. Allah is sufficient 4us &He is d disposer of affairs

  124. Ya Allah take a revenge in ur hands 4 dis mass killin of muslims. Ya Allah deal wid ol d pple behind it nd make dem less important nd take dem 2 hell fire

  125. Where are we heading to?

  126. SubhanAllah!! Soo sad,but do not grieve. Ma dear brothers and sisters in islam,a similar thing happened during the lifetime of the prophet(SAW) “Inna nasrAllahi Qareeb”(the help from Allah is very close) WAllahu ma’aswaabireen.

  127. Dis is devastating. Is d rest of d world asleep اللَّهُ help to innocent people

  128. Pls can some one find link to aljazerah and post them this document thanks

  129. Rabiu Ibrahim Arabasu

    Allahumma a’izzaz islama walmusulumun.

  130. Where the fuck is the press now,nowhr 2 b seen or anything 2 b done….but when 1 jew bastard dies then the whole world has sumthing 2 say…may Allah help these people,

  131. Ya sallam.dis is a disgrace 2 humanity.May d Almighty Allah(swa) allevite deir predicament with immediate effect.with d world powers,d media etc aware n kept mute,we put all our hope with d creator.May d Almighty continue 2 protect us with his abundant mercy.

  132. Sunusi bala yakudima

    Oh Allah we know we can’t escape our return to you, i ask your assisatance and guidance over all muslim Ummah, and i wish i only wish that the truth has a tongue.

  133. Sahal Mohammed Junaid

    Subhanallah allahumma danmir america wa akawatiha, Allah ya isa.

  134. Alameen Hashim

    Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihin rajuun. Allah knw evrtn abt it nd he promise dt he wl guid his religious. So pls let dem do wnt u wnt do b4 Allah start his oun. May Allah guide us

  135. YA ALLAH treat dem d way YOU treated d Ashabul fil punish dem wiv d last punishment man can never wivstand punish who ever is involve wiv d punishment ov hell fire as YOU promise who ever is involve in d act ov killing shall test d punishment ov YOUR.YA ALLAH YOU r D Best dealer deal wiv dem merciless

  136. Innalillahi wa inna illaihi raji’un, people doin dis fuckin fink wl surely regret dare mistakes, Allah (SWA) wl punish dem 2 the core ISA

  137. La’ilaha’illallah,wa’iyazubillah today world muslim people in various location has become notting,there blood is like a blood of chicking and the world leaders are doing notting. “There muslim brothers around the world we have step up against this unfaithful,unlawful,and injustice muderers,since the government and the leaders watching doing notting”
    I pray ALLAH the almighty destroy those murderers AMIIN and protect the rest of the muslim ummah of burma AMIIN…

  138. Tahir muhammad

    Innalillahi wainnailaihir rajiun.Oh! Muslim brodas nd sisters lets keep on praying in dis month of blessing. May ALLAH save those people dat are still alive from this violence nd continue 2 protect them. May ALLAH bestored his blessing 2 those who had lost thier life nd grant them jannatul firdausi. Keep on praying!

  139. Ya Allah please destroy all non muslims. Even those who oppress any muslim. Muslims fight back. They need to remember that once we rise they will be no stopping us.

  140. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun,Allahum ajirni fi musibati wa aklfny khairan minha.Allah help us and forgive us

  141. Where the Arab country?
    where the Human right ?
    Where the Bad Mother America?
    And anather Bad Mother englan?
    Yaa Allah Help the Musulims In Burma and whole Musulims World Ameen


  143. No matter what you do against muslim at last islam will take the lead Allah is waiting you in which you will suffer the consequences.

  144. Innalillahi wa inna ilihalir raju un. Laa ila ha illa anta subhannaka inni kunnta minazzaliminnn
    Where the Arab country?
    where the Human right ?
    Where the Bad Mother America?
    And anather Bad Mother englan?
    Yaa Allah Help the Musulims In Burma and whole Musulims World Ameen

  145. ismail Adamu Ahmed


  146. Subhanallah wat hell bunkum is dat pls. Hw comes hw did dat hpn pls….wat he’ll wrk ov america is dat. or it was commited wit dere conivance. Oh Allah we ar here pls nd pls do d best for us, save ur religion d way u save our anccient islamic leaders amin thummah amin….

  147. md.najmul haque

    These all though thing is very very bad for name of Human these should be immediate stop and UNO shoud be taken strick actions against those people and country…
    And America why not taking stick action against those..and also muslim country should come in front for stop these

  148. Allah never sleeps nor blink. HE will surely avenge for the innocent. Even if the whole world does nothing, HE WILL. YA RABBI PROTECT YOUR SERVANTS, YOUR RELIGION. YOU ALONE WE SEEK FROM AND YOU ALONE CAN HELP.

  149. hadiza mohammedh

    Innanillahi wa inna ilaihir raji’un.this is so sad.y is it dat attack on muslims is always acceptable?

  150. aisha sheanni yakubu

    Insha allah things will be fine

  151. When as it became a crime to be a muslim ? Were are world Islamic body ? Were are the human right ? What are the press writing about this ? If it was a muslim that kill man , the world press will label it islamic terrorist, were are the American ? This is crime agent humanity , no matter the oppression we will never size to be a muslim,Allah is watching you all .Innalilahi wa ilaa illahi rajiun

  152. Ya Allah, come to our rescue and punish those who inflict suffering and unrest of mind for us the muslims….. Allahumma dammirhum……

  153. God is in contol and may purnished all the nobles and leaders of burma

  154. But why, ALLAH please intervene for the powerless Muslims, for we worship non except YOU.

  155. muhammed aadil

    السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ
    To all Muslims this is an Urgent Appeal. Please answer the call of Islam.The call Now is to stand up against the Disbelievers and Protect the Muslim Ummah with Our Health,Wealth and Time. This Is the Call of Jihaad. Allahs help is with the mujahideens who fight in Allahs Path. Please Answer this call. جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا. From the Soldier Of Allah.

  156. Ya Allah help the muslims of Burma,fight 4 them and protect them

  157. muhammad Harrun

    Ya’subhanallah! What are we muslim do in this world. What’z is the fucking injusties your doing in this world. Wher is human right and what are you doing! Dn’t forgot we are all human being. The world having control by JEW’s… May Allah guide us amin!

  158. I Believe that God will Ponish those that Manslaugter all the men and the Children…

  159. Innalillahi Inna’ilaihim raji’u… Something most be done, but the problem is we the muslims we are not united.some of our leaders or richers donot have the islamic blood, they are (munafiqun) they attacheed themself with the western world (khafir, jew) in other to become farmous.. Pls we need to pray to to ALLAH and stick to his word.. Believe in Allah, he is the protector,merciful,etc..

  160. Innalillah wainnairajiun may Allah 4give us all nd hve mercy upon us

  161. Oh my god!

  162. Allah s.w.t knows best & better.

  163. Inalillahi wa innaa ilayhiraji’un! Ya Allah,because of d luv u hav for ur prophet muhammad SAW,Ya Allah I beg U with the fast whch muslims all ova d world r observing,Ya Allah put an end to dis and pay these bastards in their very own coins,amin Ya Rabb!

  164. Ya salam,am in deep tear .Allah alone can protect his ummah

  165. Subhanallah!!!! This is man inhumanity to man. Allah in His infinite Mercies save us from such acts.

  166. the power is belonge to you ya allah we need ur help nd we have no power ur powerfull is the power

  167. Wot a masacra,wot a horrific event,wot has d world bcome,aw kud sum1 masacra his fellow humanbein in d name of religion,wot r d international human rit doin,I pray Allah protects all muslims 4rm dis miserable nd wicked world,amin.

  168. Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un Allah kana Gani!

  169. Abdullahi Abubakar

    Subhanallah our beloved prophet has aalrready said it, but U kuffaar remember he also said we will take revenge insha Allah. As u arab leaders u’ll giv account to Allaah yauma la tamliku nafsin linafsin shai’a. May Allah accept d shaahada of our belovd brothers N sisters

  170. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un. May the souls of the innocent massacred rest in perfect peace. May aljannah firdaus be their final abode. May Allah SWT touch the hearts of our “leaders” worldwide, may they hearken the cries of the millions who are being wronged and may they all take up arms against the wrongdoers, putting sentiments, creed, ethnicity, race and religion aside. May Allah SWT punish the perpetrators here and in the hereafter

  171. Its stated that this world is hell for the true believers of Islam.. May Allah grant all these suffering and being killed Jannat in the akhira for the hell this world has put them through. N may Allah make those who have done this better people n instill Islam n Imaan in their hearts and lives, thuma ameen. Truly disgusted and shattered by what’s happening to our muslim brothers and sister… Allah make it easy on them, ameen.

  172. Not only in Burma Muslims a being killed illegally every day around the globe especially in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, India, Libya, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, Somalia, etc but yet leaders remain adamant. The questions are, what happenes to the Muslims leades and the Ulamas around the globe? Why they failed to organise a conference and and take unanimous decisions to harmonise these conflicts?

  173. Its is becoming unbearrable now the way muslims are dieying in this world its not fair

  174. Subhanallah…….this hve to b stopped.muslim brother&sister let’s include this in our prayer in this holy month of Ramadan

  175. Innalillahi wa innailaihi rajiun.Allahumma ajirni fi musiba wa akalifli kairan minha.surely Allah will be on our side.The muslim ummah should keep praying especially in this holy month. UP UP ISLAM

  176. Sulaiman Abdulrahman

    God dey are ur slaves DON’T LET DEM GO FREE 4 every drop of blood of each and every muslim……….. “Allahumma alaika bi him jami’an”

  177. Fauziyah Oduola

    No one sinners will go unpunished! These evil people will surely face the punishment of the evil they av done to Muslims in Burma. The so called great powers are aware of these massacres but they kept silent and the media are not also left out of this cos They know better about this evil deeds and yet, they cover the wrong people. I want these set of people to know that, they will all be brought to justice even before their soul is taken from them except that, they return to Allah in seeking for forgiveness and determined never to cover evils again!

  178. 4get it,no mata wot u do 2 us,we’ll neva give up our true religion nd neva we’ll let d efforts of our noble prophet {s.a,w} b in vein.I pray Allah touches dere hearts of stone so dey can repent b4 dere last breath,amin.

  179. I’m horrified , in a civilized nation that this genocide was allowed to take place , What monsters and such evil beings could do such things to innocent little children and women . What has become of us ! This is surely a sign of the end of times , we will all soon be judged for our crimes . May their souls rest in peace for the attrocities they have suffered !

  180. where are the damn united nation,human rights,god should give you what you all deserve for taking a muslims life forgranted

  181. Ishaq Sani Sani

    May Allah brings about d end of diz calamity, May Allah help muslim and destroyed thoz againsting Islam

  182. Innalillahi wa’inna ilaihirraji’un.what did the muslims do to get these as a result of our wrong deeds.Insha Allah all our prayers and ibadat in this holy month will not go in vein,he who create us knows what he meant by putting us into this test and he will surely answer our prayers insha Allah.

  183. maimuna Uthman

    Subhanallah!!!! Oh الله please help the entire muslim Ummah
    Ameen thumma Ameen

  184. Babangida Zubairu

    wat a shockin scenerio? Innalillahi Wa’inna ilaihi Raji’un….OH ALLAH u r our only protector….save us

  185. He who seeks Equity must do Equity!!! WEN U bomb the churches all cos u dont want Education or whatso eve all in d name of religion u didnt knw payback hurts rite? MANAGE THE LOSS… May their soul of d departd rest in peace

  186. Inna wa’adallahi haqqun @ innallaha ma’assabirin


  188. This are the major signs allah is showing us, what the did this people do for you? Why killing them like this, don’t forget that allah is not sleeping. May allah bless them with aljantatul firdausi ameen. What a pity

  189. Subahanallahi.. May dia gentle souls rest in peace.. Ameen! D most intrestin part of evrytin is evrybdy is gona b judged by his or her act.

  190. These animals that are killing need to be burnt alive,don’t they have a heart,Allah will sort them out.

  191. My heart fills with pain and fury at the same time, bringing tears to my eyes. I think off the time of our Sahaba and know for a fact that non would dare take a Muslims life. May اللَّهُ forgive me. I’ve not made the required effort to bring the yakeen in the power of اللَّهُ to destroy these enemies as Sahaba did.
    I make دعاء in this sacred month of Ramadaan, may اللَّهُ destroy these oppresses in the worst possible manner.
    May اللَّهُ grant peace to the families of those they’ve lost. May اللَّهُ make their maghfirah and grant them all jannat-ul-firdaus.
    آمين يا رب العالمين

  192. Sadaqa Rasulullah(SAW). The Prophet Muhammad(SAW) had prophesized that,there will come a time when the whole world will converge as if to partake in a meal, discussing,planning,orchestrating plots in order to send the religion of Allah into extinction. Persecuting the Muslims simply because they say Rabbunnallah. All I will say to the world which is been administered under the Kufr system is; Inna Rabbaka labilmirsad. May Allah(SWT) grant this slain innocent muslims in Burma and indeed all over the world, the status of Matyr,Ameen. Allahu Musta’an.

  193. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihir Raji’oon!!! Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihir Raji’oon!!! Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihir Raji’oon!!! Hasbunallahu wa ni’mal wakeel!!! Hasbunallahu wa ni’mal wakeel!!! Hasbunallahu wa ni’mal wakeel!!! This is actually beyond saddening. Oh Allah! This is tragic. 😥

  194. Yaa illaahi astaghfirullah how dear them kill so many inocent people and the kids they truely have no imaan may Allah guide them protect our brothers and sisters and give justice to those doing harm and oppressing our muslim brothers and sisters insha-Allah ameen

  195. Oh Allah, may the Buddhists soul rest in jahannah. May your punishment accrue over those kuffur who kill the innocencet muslims in Burma and other part of the world.
    Oh Allah accept my prayers.

  196. Allah ya’isa waduk musulmin da aka zalinta aduniya,and du’a is the solitions.

  197. Hassan Umar 4rm Nigeria

    Innalaillahi. Wa’inna ilaihi raji’un where on dis earth. Have u seen such massacre going on is dis world and the western have nt reply to dis cos they are musilm rit Allah wil not let those killers go free inshallah. If the country Govt. Did nt do any thing Allah wil do some thing about his salve may almigth. Allah help us we the muslim umma amin!

  198. Allahu Akbar. May Allah destroy the Burma goverment and those that killed Muslim. You can do whatever you want do, but you can not stop the religion of Allah. I wish i was there, even if iam going to die. Allahu Akbar…. Ashhadu Allah ILAHA ILLALLAH wa ASH HADU ANNA MUHAMMAD RASULILLAH (SAW)!

  199. محمد اول

    I also snd ma condolences 2 ma fellow brothers n sisters who happen 2 be involved in burma brutality due 2 govt stability GOD wil surely Judge every 1.

  200. Oh Ya Allah, poor humans. Where is the right of worhip here, this is pure brutalilty.

  201. Ooh my gosh, Whaaaaat the hell am I seeing , I mean, am I dreaming??? Isn’t their no government in Burma? This is the most currupted country I’v ever seen in my entire live , shame on Bruma No HUMAN RIGHT or don’t you have scools in brunoma ??? Tell me . No one touches Kids in a war . Based on my understanding, I realised Burma are killing noble muslims because they are scared of BOKO HARAM , but we know BOKO HARAM are not only muslims they are also christains in the group lastly I’ll sey R.I.P.P to my fellow muslim ummah dead in burma

  202. Allaah(swt) knows why these thngs are happening. We as muslims should make abundant dua. Allaah(swt) help those that are oppressed and those who are responsible, Allaah(swt) has a solution 4 that too. We should only make lotsa lotsa dua. Its sad, but that is sign of qiyaamah.

  203. Innalillahi wa innailaihi rajiun! This is terrible terrible terrible! Hilary clinton is busy touring African countries criticising and opposing chinese presence. Of course where muslims r concened it is not news except when they are labelled terrorists! Thank God there is something called judgement day where these criminals will stand before Supreme Justice and explain themselves! Auzhubillahi minashaitanirrajim. Pls let us pray for the souls of these innocents and Allah grant them eternal peace.

  204. Subhanallah La Ilaha Illa Allah.

  205. Innalillahi wa’innaillaihim raju’un…subhannal,May da souls of da victims rest in peace..Allah SWT never sleeps….We all live 2 die Another day n Judgement awaits us all..Allahu akbar

  206. hassan m tahir

    Innalillahi wa inna ilaihir raju’un

  207. What hav Islam and Muslims done to deserve all these inhumanity, were are the arab emirates,were are the Islam boards? Allah will surely judge those who have been put in power to fight for Islam but have pretended to be unaware of this..Allah will surely put all those budhists in HELL for man slaughter..ALLAHU AKBAR..ISLAM WILL NEVER FADE

  208. Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun. Oh Allah, see them through and protect us from it

  209. Wht th hell Is going on in this world of ours??? Does nobody care anymore. Wtf went 2 freedom and respecting other ppl and their religion. No matter wht thy, thy are still human beings tht have th right 2 live. Seeing tht just made me upset and I’m not even Muslim. Its a disgrace and very, very sad wht this animals are doing 2 th Muslim community th kids 😦 4rm Bere…

  210. Ya Allah!!!! Dis is sooo touching!! Something has got to be done…… What in the world did they do??? This people r sooo stone hearted…… YA ALLAH!!!!

  211. Ya ALLAH (SWT) plz help the muslims in burma and eliminate those harming them.What kind of animals are these they need to be killed these bastards.

  212. Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raju’un, innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raju’un, innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raju’un. This what allahu (s w t) ordered us 2 say whenever fitinah comes to us. All these bull shet, all these inhuman would nt stop the propogation of islam in the world. Like it or not islam is a true religion, a religion that respect human being, a religion that gives equal justice 2 non muslim, a religion that loves peace and harmony, a religion that differentiate b/w good and bad, a religion that gives absolute human right, no compulsion. Oh allah we believed in u, we prostrate ourselves b4 u, allah we pray and supplicate u dont let those people free, allah punish them with drought, allah punish them with flooding, allah punish them with earthquark, allah sink them into the water.

  213. Innalillahi wa Inna Ilaihi Raji un

  214. Inna lillahi wa Inna ilayhir raji’un. how on earth will this menace not be broadcasted if it were to be Muslims carrying out this bloodshedy act? We Muslims are offenders,terrorists, and all sort of names bt never any other religion. We must stand up and wake up from our slumber to protect the rightful standard of religion. We are Muslims. Islam is our religion. And Islam means PEACE. La hau la wala quwata.

  215. Innocent kid! Innocent kids!! Innocent kids!!! Wat was there fault

  216. Jasmina Lockie


  217. Where did you attain these pictures from?

  218. Had it been they where christains, jews and all that stuff of people dis will have been all over the media but because they are muslims every was hidden OH ALLAH see us through all dis AMEN

  219. saratu Bindawa Ibrahim

    Ya Allah make these people stop this violence.Protect the Muslim Ummah Ya Allah.Ya Allah you are the judge of all judges…Bring justice to the muslim ummah Ya Jalla Jalalahu!

  220. Why are they killing this muslims?Godddd help us.

  221. Shaikh Nadeem Ahmed

    Assalamvalekum, if this is how it is meant to be killing the minority section of a society in Burma.. then soon you will witness the day when there is afghan part 2, or osama part 2, or any so called terror activity happening in that country.. people at that time will start blaming and naming them terrorist – ( one who spreads terror).. but for now the entire burma Govt, military, police and so called peace loving buddhist are the new face of terrorist in the world..

    System give birth to such individual small terrorist / terrorist groups who will return one day to take revenge of this mass killing..

    Allah the most powerful and most mercyful is the Masterplanner of all the world. It is said in Holy Quran if one human being is murdered, it is a murder of entire humanity.. He will punish the Culprits for planning, killing, burnig them alive, raping them.. Burma be ready for a very soon Tsunami, earthquake and other natural calamity that will fall on you..

    I am not ashamed of being crowned a born Muslim neither of sharing this article on FB.. if media fails to deliver this news and make people aware we will do it..

    May Allah bless the Muslims of burma with Mercy ,Patience and justice. Ameen ..

    Some Pics dat i have recd related to this article:
    The genocide of the Rohingya in Burma
    The genocide of the Rohingya in Burma
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  222. Aisha S. Ahmad

    Ya subhanallah!

  223. Oh Allah! Wht the orphans nd innocent child nd women do in burma?
    Whr is media?
    Whr r d legislatives?
    Whr r d rulers?
    Whr r d muslims ummah?
    Indeed muslims we av to cricitize nd figh (JIHAD) well, Agains this tengible issue. GOD HELP THEM AMEEN.

  224. Good question…where is the international media…its totaly gruesome and me being a christian believes that such things are totaly unacceptable…may God step in.

  225. Muhammad sham un

    ALLAHUMMAG FIR LI MAUTAL MUSLIMINA FI BURMA WA AINA MA KANU. ALLAHUMMAN SURHUM ALAL KAFIRUNA FI KULLI MAKAN. AMEEEEEEN!!!. My dear, what sort of injustice is this, we muslim we have to wake up, we are tired with all this selfishness. this islam would never get down as promised by the owner(ALLAH SWA).

  226. Allah guarantees all shaheeds – jannat , but u get da wrath of Allah its not good

  227. abdullahi Dabai

    May dia souls rest in perfect peace…innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un

  228. lawal abdulrahman

    Dey plan is to kil islam and it can b possble

  229. Inaliilahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun whts d meaning of all ds ds is nt fear buh I ll lyk 2 ask something wre is that is only muslum are alwz killed buh I will lyk 2 use dis oppurtunity 2 ask our muslum leaders wt are de doin in d wold buh I blive allah knws wts goin

  230. SubhanaLlah! SubhanaLlah!! SubhanaLlah!!!
    We as muslims are guilty of these atrocities. what have we done? What have we done to save our brothers? We will be asked by Allah on this. We are to be brothers without borders. May Allah make us regain our conciousness. Allahul musta’an

  231. Allah with surely answer to all these people killing other human beings. The killers are answerable in this world and the world after! Surely allah won’t let them have peace with themselfs and with their families, what ever life they have left they will live it in a misrable state! The monks believe in karma and that is exactly what’s going to hit them after this! What goes around comes around ameen

  232. May Almighty Allah bring end to this.Ameen

  233. Mahe Abdulkadir


  234. All i can say is wait till the almighty deals with those people that killed the innocent muslims for no reason ,they will regret every bit and cry till they cry blood!! To the muslims are made shaheed all i can say is i envy ur death, Jannah is your abode oh how successful are you!!!

  235. YAH ALLAH u are aware of this things happening in Burma YAH ALLAH protect them guide them and bring peace 2 burma islam is the way of life ALLAH AKBAR ALLAH iS great

  236. Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun! 😦 how heartless 😦

  237. hadiza abubakar

    Ya Subhanallah! Ya Allah have mercy on us, forgive us for our shortcomings and bring an end to our sufferings Ya Arrahman Rahimin ! ! Its happening everywhere, everywhere…and everday. Ya Allah have mercy on us. Amin Ya Rabbi

  238. abbakar sadeeq muh,d

    May show dis suicide people bad ending may destryed d unbliebers ya allah may help muslim ummah and the entier muslm blievers

  239. What the hell is…what kind of hearts do you people have to kill these people like animals…Allah make it easy…

  240. Yahh AllAh,, plzz plz,, don’t let our fellow muslims suffer,,, Everybody, wake up, no body should suffer like this,, plz Brothers and sisters, do yÓur share and try and Help improve this situation…

  241. God have mercy on them the are not humans they are dogs what kind of people behave like this killing innocent people and children !

  242. kubendri ranchod

    This is so dam hell pertetic , how the hell can you take peoples lives because they muslim , we are humans and I appeal to everyone to take action against the killing of muslim people ! I pray all those who are killing the muslim people may the almight stirk you’ll dead for you’lls doing ! No one has a right to take anyones life , this is bullshit , why is the media hiding all this ?? Why ? But the media is easy to cover up they shit but something so serious and dramatic like this can not be hiding

  243. Salamu Alaikum. A lot of things going on to dehumanise muslims and Islam around the world is unearthical and inhuman but no one is saying nothing. But Allah knows best. This is Ramadan so I urge all muslims to stand up and pray for all the muslims in Burma and the world in general. May Allah bring the end of all forma of oppresion to islam and Muslims throuout the world. Ameen.

  244. Wen some Islamic scolas sayed human Right is unIslamic now we no why de say so. But insha-Allah God wil tk contro and nw we know wat d UN stand 4 useless set-off ppl we cal united nation fuk u unied nation and may God divid u all

  245. INNA LILLAHI WA-INNA ILAIHIR-RAJU’UN!!!Only Allah can judge. May Allah save the lives of Muslims all around the world. Ameen!

  246. Subhana-Allah. Allah swt is in control buh da
    media needs 2 do sumfin abt diz. YA ALLAH! YA ALLAH! YA ALLAH!

  247. May ALLAH help us all. BURMA has problem.

  248. Inalillahi wa Inna ilaihir rajiun


  250. Ya Allah u make it easy for the Muslims in Burma. We make lots of dua for the Muslims in Burma

  251. This is terrible. May there souls rest in peace. May Allah punish all those involved. Amin.

  252. Oh yah Allah save Muslim ummah…..

  253. Hassan mohammed

    The only true religion in the side of GOD is islam, this is the truth, wether the jews the christians, or the infidel buddhist like it or not, islam must prevail and dominate the world in peace. even now as i am speaking to you,many people including the pagans and atheist are reverting to islam in the just ongoing olympic games that is taking place in london.
    however i weep and deeply feel pain for the massacred of our innocents muslims in burma by those infidels canibals vompires who call themselves buddhist,
    i know it shall come to pass and woe shall befall them. for they have incur the wrath of GOD for unjustifyable killings of innocents muslims.
    the western media have turn a deaf ear to all this nefarious acts of those animals and faithless, faceless set of people. and continue to play a hypocricy role becouse the victims is neither christians nor the jews, but simply becouse they are helpless and armless and harmless muslims who practice their religious duties peacefully. it bleeds my heart.
    Pls ALLAH i implore thee with thy holy and beautiful names to come to their rescue, and avenge them. amin ya ALLAH.

  254. mohammed hussain

    Certainly, the Burmese Govt nd those killing the muslims ummah in Burma will never go unpunished, no matter the time it takes, they most surely pay for it.

  255. These idiots like the Americans pick on people who have no weapons or proper means to fight back….they should pray a person like me doesn’t become rich or find a means to obtain millions …. I’ll fly weapons n recriut people whol join me to take them on…. its easy to put fear into helpless people …women and children ….

  256. IsA God ‘ll never shower his mercy on dis so called leaders of ours. May God help our muslim brothers and sisters. Islam is peace I love islam.

  257. sa'adatu kwajaffa

    Hasbunalla wa ni’imal waki the truth is we musllms are so wear now

  258. Stop killing muslims of burma just because they are poor and have no weapons u take advantage y don’t you fight us with your weapons and armour as much as weapon as you have our imaan is still strong and we will defeat url that’s for sure these are humans were are your brains let’s all da muslims stand united this calls for jihad its more then enuf all idol worshipers its our turn to destroy ur lives we are all around da world we are going to defeat yourl its a promise

  259. Now I understant the situation, is not longer fighting against extreame any longer it is fight agaiinst muslem. Just imergin this in human mess and where all those so call media. I can’t believe this

  260. Inallilahi wa ina ilaihi raji’un

  261. Abubakar yusuf waziri

    This is stupidness and I belief those ones that had got they are in Aljana Insha Allah and those ones that are doing this Allah will vanish them from existance

  262. areef reefy sayed


  263. Allahu Akarba may God help all the muslim O God

  264. Aisha Mohammed Isah

    Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun,may Allah accept their souls

  265. May Allah bring an end to all this treble things #AMEEN#

  266. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihir rajiun

  267. Ya Allah who so ever has hand of killing innocent lives and destruction of properties, no matter how high or low, how powerful or strong,leaders or followers, Muslims, Christians or pagans, no matter their political allegiance or tribe, may God almighty expose them, humiliate them and put them to shame in this world. Show us end of they life protect us from there bad wisH prayer- Ameen…

  268. This is selfishnes,inhuman.dey r hrtles en wicked.inshaAllah our God is nt slipin he wil mk dem pay.

  269. Subhanallah,Burma’s government are Suppose to be closed down and punished,the people doing this will surely be punished by Allah’s wrath,they will nver escape it, from hereafter till therafter(Amin)

  270. Can all people have peace let’s us stop violent please

  271. labaran ibrahim

    Inallilahi wa innailaihi rajuaun may Allah help our Muslim umah nd protect them from the evil of our counterpaths ameen


  273. Innalillah. Where are the world leaders? Allah is great and he alone can goege. Subhanallah.

  274. Abdullahi amina

    Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihrraji’un.Dis ppl are hrtless. Were is dere governor nd president? A’int dey doing anytin abt it?

  275. Innanillahi wa inna ilaihirraji’un. What do these people adult and women. And children did? Where is human right? May almighty god see them througth and funish those responsible. This is democracy and injustice

  276. Ya Allah take vengeance on those cursed Bhuddists. To hell with any non-divine intervention.

  277. What inhumanity is dis FISABILILLAH u who is doing dis dnt u hav an ounce of humanity in you I knw u wud surely read dis read it well al-kiyamah is very real

  278. To GOD we all come from and to Him we shall all return and to Him we must account for all our deeds. May their soul rest in perpect peace. Allahumma-Amin!

  279. May Allah return peace to people of Burma and may the muslim who died there rest in Jannatul Firdausi. Wassalam

  280. Abubakar bala ibrahim

    To heal with this barbaric attitude may ALLAH see there condition and get them our. Fuck you the all world super power to heal with you

  281. May dia souls rest in perfect peace Ameen(crying).

  282. May Allah have mercy on them

  283. Why do you hate musllims ? …cause they pray regularly ? …or is it they more dedicated to their god or religion more then what you are ? ….is their strange form of dressing preserving their religious heritage offensive to you ? …or is it just your ignorance that stops you from seeing them as human beings too… Its easy and convenient to judge other people …when a retarded Jew wears a beard ..he’s a holy man ?…or is this your way of accepting them with no further question ? …when an American wears a beard …well…honestly…that’s a park central hobo..who conveniently gets accepted …funny ?…don’t you think … The Americans and other nations are ignorant. …because of actions of other Muslims in the 9/11 incidents …blamed all Muslims …. They then proceeded to blame n punish all other fellow Muslims …including defenseless women and chdren …people who had no idea why they were being punished and slaughtered …were the victims …if you don’t see this as cowardess and a great display of ignorance ….then you are blinded by their hidden agendas …..they riddle with fear when faced by people with power ..then suddenly …they’re allies ?…lol … Cowards ….I hope you retarded bunch of homosexuals in America n Burma read this … Maybe your stupidity will be cured ….

  284. Innalillahi wa innaillaihi rajiun! May Allah forgive the souls of the departed,verily! Every soul shall taste death….jews God dey

  285. Stop the massacre in Burma

  286. Allahu Akbar! TO GOD we all come from and to Him we shall all retun. And to Him we must all account for our deeds! May Their soul rest in perpect peace. Allahumma-Amin.

  287. Allahu Akbar. May Allah be funished the burma army ya Allah disroyed all the army of burma. Subuhanalillah. May Allah to put deserter in burma against they army. Amiiin yarabil alamin.

    • We muslims in every way in the world we will never for give those people are killing our brothers & sisters in muslim in burma. Insha Allah burma goverment they will never see peace Allah sent angel to distroy all they army and goverment Amiiin

  288. Muhammad Kabir

    This is barbarric, inhuman and even in animals live circle it does nt happen. So now where so call human right? If they’re aware what about UNITED NATION,USA with its allied? The world withness how US assited.some mid east state in “Liberiting the people there but it was done based on thair interest. But time have come to show the world that thair mission is not what the entire world assumed.

    Please what is the cause of all these, Remember the world is just a journey it must have end. So WADA HELL do you think you are doing, infact where is there rulers? are they the one controlling themselve?
    In fact ALLAHUMMA DAMMIR every ONE in hand of these AMIN.

  290. Murtala Ibrahim Maigari

    Inalillahi wa ina illehi rajiuun….We’ve Always known the plot that is why u can neva take the Unbelievers as ur friiends….Hypocrites…may Allah give us the strenght to assist the Muslim ummah.Ameen

  291. I pray to almighty Allah to protect us and make islam our future here and hereafter

  292. They will all die worst death! May Allah grant then janatul firdos!

  293. Fucking bastards in this holy month of ramadaan , shame on them blady heartless motherfuckers

  294. Where is dis burma !!! & Y d killinn of Muslim ?

  295. mohammad fazal

    koi hindi ya urdu me comment karo puri jankari do kia hua hai wahan pe

  296. Dauda Auwalu Makarfi

    Muslims Of Burma

  297. sa'adatu kwajaffa

    Hasbunalla wa ni’imal waki allahu akbar

  298. Ibrahim Aliyu legbo

    My regard towards this mayhem against muslim is the most happy part of the non muslim because they feel they are the world power. But we muslim we must put a stop to this nonsense, we can sit down watching our brothers and sisters kille let have look at osama bin laden and sadam hussain, gadafi of libiya and many more. What are islamic nation reaction towards all this masaccre?

  299. Isah Abdullahi

    Now who are the terorrist?

  300. I blame the so call arab world leaders for all these, cos they have sold there soul the devil and the west too for quest of power. Some of our arab leader like soudi and turkey are the one fueling war and crisis in some peacefull arab country. May our brothers and sisters souls RIP. Ameen. And may Allah distroy any Body that surport this or knows a bout it and keep quite. Ameen. I will for islam, no going back. Allahuakbar! Allahuakbar!! Allahuakbar!!!

  301. Mohamed Ibrahiem

    How the Hell can They kill innocent Children ? Where’s The Media ? For everything Else they are there When a Christian or Jew or any one else from any other religion they are stabbed or hurt they are there to spread it to the world but when Muslim People are killed for no reason they don’t do anything ? They always saying bring peace in the World ?But how can you bring Peace to this world if you’ll Are making it Such a bad place ?WHERE IS THE MUSLIM UMMAH ?????Why isn’t Any one Helping ? Muslims with the most amount of money Do nothing to help our Ummah ?They would rather have fancy fancy cars and house’s and things on there Body but not Help those Who really need help ? They don’t want To strike back we don’t have to sink to the level of incompetence and be Violent ,we can do something peacefully but we have to do something to help them !!!!! If you are a Muslim you would try and help !!!!!! We Muslims Must Unite and stand together and fight BACK!!!!!!!

  302. Please stop kiling muslims

  303. Where are our ar our arab leader pls, they kept quiet just becos they afraid of the west. They only looking for power and wealth tru there freemansory and illuminaty cult. If they are not willing to protect our intress, they should step down. Islam is the only religion that promote peace, but we don’t have leaders, to hell with any islamic leader that do not say anything or don’t want to say anything to promote islam.. Amin

  304. This is insane.It should not be due to religion that these people are killed.Please we should be more Humane.Where is the UN now.I’m a proud Muslim and I’m disgusted with these images.

  305. May God Almighty Allah protects muslims where ever they are, amen Ya Allah

  306. Allahu Akbar. May Allah be funished the burma army ya Allah disroyed all the army of burma. Subuhanalillah. May Allah to put deserter in burma against they army. Amiiin yarabil alamin. We.will revenge soon. Buddist any way they are. we muslim we revenge they will never see peace. Peace peace

  307. This injustice against Muslims all over the world will not stop until the so called rich Muslim countries realise that non-muslims will stop at nothing to destroy Islam,but in the end Islam shall triumph….The Western powers could fight for Aung Sui Yi but pretend ignorance to mass killing of Muslims

  308. lnnalillahi wa’ina illaihi raji’un surely d messenger of Allah is right; d world is prison to muslims while its paradise kufr (unbelievers). To our brodaz nd sisters in Myanmar, they r martyrs nd Allah Al Azeez wil give them justice nd paradise in return Allahu Akbar … Laillahailallah


    We are calling for jihad in burma for the entire musulims of world. Organisations of human rights are decivers, useless & stupids.

  310. May Allah protect us and guide us. May He protect our religion nd destroy dos who dnt wnt us 2 progres.

  311. muhammad esper

    Munsheda god iz 1 an muhammad iz d messinger of god 2 d people go wil tk revenge on u muslim kidai cigaba da hankuri

  312. Americans started this Hate which is globally displayed through other nations …they consider themselve to be a “great nation ” …and to hold the highest form of education …thinking they’re “educated” ….right ? … so so …wrong …truth is …have they ever tried to befreind a Muslim ? … ….they too scared regarding their so called “status” … What status is the question ? …americans are considered the lowest form of humanity …with power offcourse …they seen globallly as the daftest bunch of crossdresses lost in Whirlwind of stupidity …and as resourcefull as they claim to be …still haven’t gathered this liitle opinion taught about them ….globally …..the burmuse army general I would bet is another retarded midget with anal issues ….. Smelly feet … Probably an obese hairy faggot with low self esteem …..they can continue picking on our holy Muslim people ….not realising the breed of Muslim they gave birth to ….,there’s the breed who are not holy, the breed who don’t do the five time a day prayer …but have Islam deep in their hearts ….people like me …you should fear ..not all Muslims are defenseless ….time has come to either cure your stupidity…or reap the havoc you gave birth to …..educate yourself …god created all humans …not you …you have no right to take human life …no matter how powerfull you think you are …..again I urge you … Cure you’r ignorance …for future peace …

  313. May God save these people!!!

    Just wondering the sources of these horrific images? Are they recent? Thanks.

  314. inalillah wa inna ilahin raju’un… Please we have to pray for them. Oh Allah help them bring peace and justice for them….

  315. Mohammed Buhari

    Oh my God is the holy month of ramadan where they so called UN what about our rights may God help us all

  316. may god protect u burmese 4rm dis evil buddhas

  317. AllahHooAkhbar….. All those Innorcent Children… “YA ALLAH … YOU ALONE… CAN GRANT YOUR SERVANTS JUSTICE”. InShaAllah…

  318. fatima Sulaiman

    Innalil lahi wa inna ilaihir rajiun
    May Allah punish them with his severe wrath,n may the muslims soul rest in peace in sha Allah

  319. What hell is happening in Burma, please non muslims stop doing that and remember you will all dead and ALLAH is here and watching!!!

  320. mustapha Abdulsalam.

    Ya Allahu ka isa ma su . Why this massacre ? Muslims are not coward but the International Community should be aware of what is happening in Burma . Ya ALLAH grant my dead Muslim brothers and Sisters eternal bliss and aljanat firdausi.

  321. Salmz. Its a terrible catastrophe. I wasn’t aware of such atrocities. Allah Swt have mercy on them. Our duas are with them

  322. Oh Allah destroy these people that did these to our fellow muslim brother and sister and may Allah mercy and blessing b with my fellow muslim brother and sister kill by the haters of islam.

  323. Olaadua moriam T

    Subuhallah Is painfull,

  324. umar Abdullahi

    Allah would deal with all the ventures in this burma country..what it this fucking government with black mind with bad smell of mouse. I pray with the names of Allah 2 distroy them and protect them from any development and reward them with hell fire

  325. abdur rahmaan loonat

    What kind of sick people do this. Inshaallah Allah protect them and give these terrible people hidaayat and if not Allah must destroy them. inalillahiwaina ilaihi rajiun (Disgraceful Kufaar )

  326. this is inhuman, it is babaric and its pure cannibalism

  327. Inshallah allah will teach them lesson one day , who against muslim . If not here dan in KAYAMAT . INSHALLAH , N ALLAH will save our muslim . Aameen

  328. Subahanallah….only God almighty can judge

  329. Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un.

  330. May good make you understand the things you are doing is wrong and understand the truth is islam.

  331. Wat I belive is evry1 must eventually die, we are going to account 4 our deeds, the end of d world?

  332. I see how muslims where been slaugthered shot to dead the siteotion is redicolous ,even dore those killed there souls will be excellently rest in peace. no dout …our muslim should be calm we know it from the holy qur’an that “the ending of the world will be crises, and the good ones will die and only less will leave” we all muslim believe that ,but the world wide countrol should do something generous about it …even dore it is known that the crises is plane from the head!!! ….HUWALLAHUL LAZILA’ILAHAILLAHU ARAMANUR RAHIMUL MALIK,AL QUDUSUL,SALAMUL MUMIN ,AL MUHAIMINUL,AZEZUL JABBARUL MUTTAKABBIR, AL KALIQUL JABBARUL MUTTAKABIR ……with the might names of yours ya ALLAH not b’coz of our deeds not because of our ibadat but because of your holy prophet prophet MUHAMMAD “swa” the holy month we are we seek for your guidance and we are reporting this killing in BURMA to you ya ALLAH we seek for your help you alone “crying”

  333. اَللَّهُ اَكْبَر
    This has always been happening frm beginning for all the humans who have believed in one اللّه , اللّه says in da quran the miscief makers on earth are dwellers of hell, so on this short tym on earth dey do wat dey please but by اللّه der is no gettng away اللّه wil deal wid dem justly n may all our muslim brothers n sisters who have died in da path of اللّه have high stages in jannah, آمِّينَ

  334. this is sad. . .and unnecesary,

  335. Fear the Almighty and stop this.this is so inhumane.fear for wat is goin to happen in hereafter.whoever is doing dis is goin to be answerable and punished severely by Almighty.Ya Allah make it easy for these people dat r being killed and tortured Ishah Allah Ameen

  336. Allahumma a izzal Islama wal Muslimin wa a Dhillar Shirka wal Mushrikin

  337. This treacherous world we live in wid lack of justice due to religion!!!! Hate Islam all you want, We will command as Allah has decreed.

    Burma Muslim Slaughter will be avenged by Allah, Himself. Ameen

    • disgrace to the muslim countries whome leaders are sat back and doing nothing at all. Islam is a cursed religion and absolute failure.

  338. Lukman Isiyaku Lukman

    Ya Allah save our muslim ummah there in Burma remove them from the situation which they are in help them out of the critical condition which they are in Ameen summa Ameen

  339. We the ummah have to fight thede ruthless people

  340. Islam for life

    To Allah we belong and to him we shall return. Allah is in control of all things, were are muslim countries let fight these people to the. The word of Allah is always on top, you can’t fight islam, may Allah SWA safe muslim umma all over the world. Ameen

  341. This is fucking shit man……wat the hell is this..this is not gud….god

  342. I will kill the monks in india

  343. this is not a muslim christain thing fool….thye are human and no one deserves to die be christian or muslim or wat ever

  344. Innalillahi wainnailaihiraju’un

  345. Akeem oyeniran

    This is too bad

  346. Where are all the Muslims. Please awake and take some actions.

  347. Ya Allah! Pls dnt let d perpetrators of dis act go unpunished, let their punishment start right from dis earth. Pls do not give dem d oppurtunity to even think of repenting!

  348. Innalillahi wa inaillihi rajuin wats this 4 cry out loud were are d international organisations nd human rights,should it b christians killings r d jews this will have being d latestest headline in d media sector bt because they r muslims every1 is quite.I knw my Lord Allah is nt asleep he sees what happens nd he will make an eassy way out 4 them.ohhh Allah I pray you help them.

  349. Inna lillahi wa inna illaihirraji un. Allah help islam and muslims ameen

  350. This is just putrid civilians being killed publicly by other muslims allah grant those who have been murderd and executed jannah inshallah I believe that this should also be seen by major cities and countries and to see the reaction ov these millions of people these pics just sends chills down my spine inocent kids I believe that the stories should be to the point that’s being told due to misleading information and images I’ve seen a image of people skinning these people wtf is behimd that disgusting and revolting actions and what is gng threw their Conscious and what’s their point they are tryng to make ? I belive that this should be publisized and should not be unseen Muslim or not my question is are these executions still hapening ? If so what can I as a human being do to help I am muslim but is disgusted by these images

  351. We have 2 kip prayin in dis holy month so dat Allah (SWT) wil bring an end to dis violence.May Allah (SWT) guide nd protect islam nd muslims where ever they are.


    Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji un, is dat hw muslims pple re be killin nd dey re nt doin nt 2 stop dem, dis iz incredible dat nobdy cn do anyth

  353. mainasara lawal zauro

    Firdausi is for the real muslim and shuhada Insha Allah we die not but muslms alway proud to be one.islam for live

  354. Subhanallah! May Allah bring an end to this! Amin!

  355. ya ALLAH kai kake rike muslincinka, ka kare mana muslmai na duniya gaba daya amin

  356. Abdurrahman B. Isah

    Laa yaqtul mu’minan muta ammilan fajaza’uhu jahannama khalideena feeha abada… (Qur’an)
    This ‘ll never go unpurnished, God ‘ll never allow it. U ‘ve promised 2 protect your religion oh lord. Save us from these hypocrites. Uphhold Islam above all.
    On account of this, we question the integrity of the UN and other international community groups who would stop at nothing in making us believe that they are after social justice for all regardless of religious, racial, ethnic or political differences.

  357. Is the world seeing all what is going on in Burma? What has this muslim faithful done that deserve to be slaugtherd like this! Nd d so called international media nd d burma govt. Kept silence!! My muslim brothers nd Sisters in burma kip on to ur faith for verily Allah is al hearing Al seeing. Asalam aleikum wa rahma

  358. Innalillahi wainna ilaihir rajiun….m speechless infact tears r rollin dwn ma cheeks now dat m writin dis piece…bur Allah won’t spare dis tyrants killin innocent pple..wah av dey done wrong?? is it only bcz dey r muslims??so its now a crime bin a muslim..Our Lord! Bestow on us endurance, mek our steps firm n help us against dos dat reject faith..Ameen

  359. huzaifa hartley

    Ya AllAH save these people or brothers and sister inshaAllah

  360. Let them finish eating felsh ~we muslim we will revange our revange is not kiliing wait and see Allahu Akbar we will never forget this event … Pls take note no peace Allah will revenge of us.


  362. huzaifa hartley

    All we can do nw is pray and strike for or muslimS may Allah help us inshaAllah

  363. All budhhis jst wait…..ur time also comin.insha allah.

  364. Western europian peoples they are a terrorist, ‘cos this west of thousands souls for muslims is not fair at all,
    as the result of that we call the muslims to be unite in the world.

  365. abubakar daninnah

    muslims are brothers nd sisters, let help our coworshippers with d little rights we had, ALLAHUMMA DAMMIR HUM

  366. ALLAHU AKBAR kuntum khairul ummatu ukrijat linnasi taa muruna bil maa rufi watan hauna anul munkar Allahumma a izzal islama wal muslimin fee kulli makhan Allahumma radda kaiduhum alaihim

  367. Why r they cutting up huma parts. Is musli, blood halal for these cannibals? Hasbunallahuwani’mal wakeel. See innocent kids. Its horrible!!!!
    Wickec world!

  368. Muslim we have 2 wake up there is justice through this people,Allah is behind us. should See in the of jugement

  369. Pls and pls muslim ummah help burma with du’a

  370. Allah ya isar musulunci da musulmai

  371. Innalillahi wa’inna ilaihi raji’un

  372. May Allah help our Mislims in Burma soon. Insha-Allah Ameen. Come on Muslims wake up our people are suffering.

  373. May Gods wrath fall on them shameless people Aameen. There eternity will be hell. Blind fools.

  374. chizaram vincent

    Just short of words,but this is wickedness,God almighty have mercy on ur children.

  375. This is not fair!! Killing fellow human beings like fowls just like that? Where are the Media, NGO, Red Cross, Word Power Country’s? Oh! Allah! Let your justice befall on them, if they are the wrong dooers (Budhist). Amin.

  376. May Allah intervene in this situation and bless the affected muslims with jannah

  377. May Allah (SWA) in his infinate mercy reward the victims with Aljanna Fidaus and inflict a terreble calamity over the perpetuators, the executors and those that support this act, AMIN!!!

  378. Innanillahi wa inna ilaihi raju’un, from God we belong and to Him we shall return. Where and what are the human right organization doing, where and what the united state saying about this matter, where are the muslim ummah, what would you says about this crimal act and blood shared. May Allah lets thier gentle soul rest in perfect peace Ameen.

  379. O Allah d one that knw best av mercy on ur slaves in #Burma!! I

  380. Ya rahman will continue to spread islam far and wide until he reaches his climax satisfaction ameen

  381. Ya Allah ya Allah ya Allah, plz plz plz plz infavous of those inocent kids plz help the Burmaz muslim protect them

  382. Hasbunallah wa nimal wakil. Where r d govt of dis burma pls help d muslims brothers n sisters there. Ppl hv now turn to cows

  383. May ALLAH protect all muslims in this world…. amin

  384. Hajiya habeebat

    Innalillahi wa inna elaihi rraji,un. ya ALLAH.YA ALLAH: HELP THE MUSLIM UMMAH IN BURMA.YA SUBHANALLAH!

  385. Inalillahi wa inailai rajiun.wat a detstbl act & un4tunate situatn,bt no mata hw hrd they try wit their mutilatn violatn & njstce ISLAM cn neva b obltratd nsted bcums more prpagatd al we need do is kp d faith patience & rmain stdfast.may Allah guide us 2 d strte path.Ameen

  386. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un! Yaa Allah! Laa ta’akhudhuhu sinatun wa laa naum! Allahumma a’izzal islama wal muslimeen! Wa adhilla sh shirka wa mushrikeen! Insha Allah they will pay in this life n The hereafter! La haula wala quwwata illa billah! Laa ilaha illa anta subhanaka inniy kuntu minazzalimeen birahmatika ya arhamar Rahimeen! Ameen ya Rabbil aalameen!!!

  387. muhammed aadil

    السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ
    To All Muslims Please answer the Call of islam. Our Muslims brothers and sister are been masacared and we sit @ home comfortably. It is time to strive in the path of Allah with our Health,Wealth,Time and Weapons. Please answer the Call of Jihaad in the path of Allah agianst the Mushriks idiolators and infidels

    • muhammed aadil

      We have started Aayat-e-Kareemah……..


      for peace everywhere…

      Esp BURMA</3
      Just recite ONCE and forward it

  388. And everything else relating to them. Nothing is hidden from him.

  389. Killing of any kind is evil. People that are throwing bombs in Church-Nigeria shud learn frm ds, d pain Christains goes through in their hand.

  390. Is this humanity.just think if your family member is slaughtered what will be your situation.what is the point in killing people who has not done anything wrong.please STOP DOING IT. SHAME ON BUDDHISM

  391. I feel like fighting the Burmese tyrants. May Allah use me to defend the innocent and protect our sisters and brothers.


  393. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun………surely ALLAH will purnish who ever participate in such dubios act….ALLAHU AKBAR


    May Allah bring calamity and destruction on the Budhist ant all their allies all over the world for these crimes they are commiting.IOH ALLAH we ask this in the spirit of this holy month,amen

  395. innalillahi wa’inna ilayhir rajiun

  396. Where Ϊڪ †ђξ indian government and †ђξ S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ called international community. Forget about †ђξ religion for now but this in-human.

  397. Our sins! Others payin for our sins!

  398. Auzubillah,Allah will surely judge

  399. Innalillahi wa’inna ilaihirraji’una. This is bad.

  400. To God we Defend and to him we should return

  401. Surely Allah won’t let this go in vain,Allah will reward all those who have been killed & tortured with Jannah InshaAllah & those who inflicted that upon our fellow muslim brothers & sisters then they will surely be punished on the day of judgement.

  402. a HURT muslim :(

    May the Almighty DESTROY these killers,we muslims might not get what is due to us in this world,but these killers REALLY donot know what they are in for ,after all, اللَّهُ’s the most powerful 🙂 …keep praying oh u muslims 😉

  403. In this h0ly m0nth the people wh0 started this will pay dearly!!!!!n0t 0nly wil they see what allah does to them but we as musilms showed stand up and fight!!g0verments are controlled by people who want this to happen…it show power over us as musilm but I don’t think so..

  404. Now muslim in the world they have been very poor people so help us god becouse of prophet Muhammad s.a.w

  405. Ya allah that almighty will 4give u u did this to my brother n sister u will die like just that u will never serveve

  406. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajiun….Who are the people behind his conspiracy,O God!How many innocent people were killed?How many sacrosanctities were honoured?How many sacred precincts were debased?How many time~honoured mosques were demolished?How much precious wealth robbed?How many homes~indeed whole cities ~were wrecked on their inhabitants?How many men,women,and innocent children were subjected to atrocities…By Allah even if we were torn into pieces by wolves we would never doubt the truth po our convictions and the falsity of your claims…

  407. Allah ya saka masu,but dis is really shocking,ma dear Muslims justice must be done.Allah is all seeing all hearing.

  408. Inshaallah allah will show these culprits their actual place we just pray for our muslim brothers n sisters allah save them..

  409. May Allaah (SWT) help these poor muslims and may He grant them victory!! May Allaah (SWT) let them die as Shaheeds!! Aameen Ya Rabb!!

  410. nura bala abdullah(ventola)




  411. Wa’iyazubillah *crying* oh our dear muslim brodas and sisters.OH Allah protect dem 4rm does devils

  412. Abubakar Barde


  413. Allah will protect his religion and the muslims from freemasonic agenda

  414. Allah have mercy on these people

  415. What is happening in the world now is really fritenen, Muslims killing Christians in Nigeria, and here they are killing Muslims. We are all human created by one God. Preach peace and love anywhere you are, show example with the kind of life u live and a lot of life will be changed

  416. Where is alqaeda, where are the taliban ? Where the hell r they wen all of this is going on? Innalillahi wa inna ilaihilrajioon

  417. May Allah bless d souls of the innocent Ameen!

  418. comr Aminu Gamawa

    Innalillahi Wa inna ilaihiraji’u. Lahaula wala quwata illabillah…. Ya Ziljalali wa ikhram, ya Allah, Come to the rescue of your faithful servants and bring the end of this mayhem so as the culprits behind it… May

  419. ruQayya indabo


  420. Daoud ibrahim Danjuma

    ina lillahi wa ina illaihi rajiun, may allah reward my muslim brothers n sisters who were killed in this massacre jannatu firdausi ameen ya rabb, n shame to orl d rich arab nations its accertained that they have now joined forces with the shayatin. SUBHANALLAH

  421. sabo sani labaran

    We muslums are not terories.

  422. mohamed S Jalali

    YA Ilahi destroy all dushmana of islam specialy israil America

  423. ramzaan shaikh

    Ya allah yeh kya ho raha hai.all minister r sleeping facking parties.if MANMOHAN SINGH wants the vote of the people he can save the muslim people.if he do this then whole assam whole india whole world will vote only congress.assam is a small country.if Manmohan while send the army then he can capture assam n assam people lifes.sallah harami minister only they need votes.every dogs has a tail mind it.

  424. aliyu muhammed

    Innalilllahi wa’inna ilayhi raji’un…. I wish I hav the power 2 take care of ol this… But I think together we have that power…. Please and please my fellow muslims let’s make use of this holy month… Allah shall see us through…

  425. Salam alaekun,may Almighty Allah con’t 2 protect us we muslim ummah.they won’t see this now.when we make d revenge,it was then they will see thing i know is that,our God dosen’t sleep He sees everything & surely knows what 2 do.may God almight accept their sow & grant them aljanat fridaoz.jazakun lahi khaira 4 d infomation.

  426. ramzaan shaikh

    Plez help some1.plez pray every body.fack the goverment of assam.fuck u millatary.fack u minister.
    Inilillahi wainnilil lahay rajaoun

  427. Oh ALLAH. . . !! Please come save our brothers and sisters from this Torture….

  428. Innalillahi wa inna’ilaihi raju’un may Allah protection be with us alwayz amin summa amin.

  429. HASBUNALLAHU WA NI’MAL WAKEEL! Ya ALLAH, grant them homes in JANNAH. Help us to help our Muslim brothers an sisters!

  430. Abdulmalik B.Ajiya

    Innalillahi wa-inna ilaihi raji’un!!!. Islam is from ALLAH (SWA) and its Perfect.

  431. Nuradiene bn Ali

    What is really going on in Burma is that they are followers of tha new world Order, so I see no reason why this animals callad the Illuminati still try to show concern on media to make people believe that they are against the devilish acts done to please them and the very Devil they call god( Satan)…….

  432. Harun Ibraheem

    Are human being so barbaric like this? My Lord Allah! Save this people from the hellish condition.

  433. hassan mohd tom

    La Haula Wala Quwwata illa BILLAH…why muslims,d religion of islam always encourages peace,it calls to d very right of everybody.Buhdist are very wicked n ve no respct 4 humanity nor Islam.when will people come to realise Islam calls 4 peace……may GOD bring an end to this insanity.

  434. hassan mohd tom

    Inna LILLAHI WA INNA ILAIHI raji ooon,May GOD bring an end to dis,Islam is no enemy to all religion buh yet sm religions fail to understand ISLAM.well GOD will surely deal with dem ISA.may it come to an end.

  435. Allah is the almighty and he will help us through this generation of disaster Ameen

  436. Innalillahi wainnah ilahi raji’un

  437. If its not Palestine its other muslimz!!!! Muslims are alwys targeted yet do you see them killing other races just because they feel like it or coz others are not muslim!!! Remember Allah sees and knows evrything, all you non-muslimz who kill n hurt others YOUR TIME WILL COME!

  438. U races…yah Allah that’s so sad thoughs poor children

  439. if u were all matured enough then this would never happend! U never think of the kids! U were a kid 1ce how ur parents grew u up! Now that u r grown! U don’t even bloody fill pain for the kids! U r worse than animals! U r kaafir! U all can never be Muslim! Muslim religion never teaches any1 fighting or taking revenge! U have insulted religion Islam! I AM PROUD TO BE A MUSLIM!!!!!!!!!

  440. zainab s shanono

    Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un,where are we heading to for Godsake.where are our muslim leaders and Islamic countries,where r d believing brothers nd Sisters? Why don’t we join hands together and put an end to this horrible situation.if our hands can’t reach atleast our prayers can.

  441. Its the saddest thing that no1 is willing to do anything…
    Its time for us to stand together as muslims and let us be heard…an must come of this!!!

  442. May God grant. Dem aljannar fidaus an we thank a lot there’s here after

  443. May Allah funish those people


  445. What was their crime?
    Simply the utterence of the phrase “Lailaha illallah, Muhammadar Rasulullah”.
    Allah is sufficiently enough for Us.

  446. May ALLAH’s wrath fall on them. May ALLAH destroy Burma, may there be terrible floods, forest fires, tornados and tsunamis and plenty other natural disasters to destroy them Ameen. May ALLAH make it possible for the Muslims to escape.

  447. why pls ol dz. Wr r d muslm leadrs pls ix dz hw r we goin 2 liv in dz world

  448. Subhanallahi wabihamdihi subhanallahil azeem This trabbly wourse,plz w’r r the muslim,ok God knows everything.

  449. dilshaad banu shaik

    Most gruesome and upsetting visuals coming out øӺ the massacre øӺ Burmese Muslims.AllahuAkbar, إنا الله وإنا إليه راجعون BUT WHY is the World SILENT??? ESPECiALLY the ARAB KINGS,QUEENS,PRINCES ………..How would u Feel ΐƭ it was ur kids ån∂ family that see being slaughtered?

  450. sohail mansoor

    Plz to all Muslim all around the world I know we can’t do anything but we can do something for this innocent Muslim aur brother and sister we can make duva for them that’s our best weapon today the in troubles how knows that 2morrow our turn wat the r falt because the Muslim the following trhu religion………gar Muslim won gone do nothing we have to halp our pepol the just watch and get happy

  451. Ya Allah yakawo musu saukin halin da suke ciki yakare musulmai da kuma addininsa

  452. Many muslim in the world? Why burma kill muslim children please burma people stop do this kind of ignorance people?

  453. ebrahim shaheed hamiff

    If this is what the buddist is doimg to islam. We meed to make am example of them

  454. Don’t expect them to do anything favourable. Cuz we know for certain at end there is going to be a fitna. All organisations & agencies are against islam & muslims. A non-muslim can do whatever he wishes noone will call him a terrorist but reverse is always the case if is an act made by muslims.

  455. Please stop this. Please please please

  456. May the soal of the those who lost their life rest in peace. Weather they report or not, we all know what is happening and that is satan have come in persons to claim more soal for himself. He is seriously using his followers (the unbelievers). Allah Akber

  457. Hasbunallahu wanimal wakil,I pray in this holly month of ramadan that the killing of muslims in any part the world would stop

  458. Wow, dis is really devastating. May almighty Allah take control

  459. My shirt is drenched in tears … can the world sit by and allow this to happen? Where is the value for human life? Have we lost all our compassion …..surely the higher powers of the muslim world can unite to stop this massacre ……..ya allah please forgive us for whatever we have done and save our ummah

  460. SubhanaAllah May Allah Forgive All tha muslim that Gone,And Allah see Us thr this shit that is hapenin Ameen

  461. Dear mujahid

    May you rot in hell !!

    Those who show no mercy,allah swt will show no mercy unto them!

    Hope you have a pigs life!

  462. This cruelty should be stopped immediately. We as fellow muslims feel the pain and suffering these poor soles have to bear. Something needs to be done to stop these killings. Really we do not treat animals like this. It is a major crime and the Government should pay for the loss of innocent lives

  463. Mymona Ariefdien

    Let’s ask Allah swt for help every muslim Tabier Allah Hoe Akbar Allah Hoe Akbar Laa ie laa ha ielalla…

  464. The law of equality in punishment for wounds etc. in retaliation is really constant by Allah. Burmese do not think of you killed muslims and peace comes to you in life, never happen before and will never again. Allah bring with them a disaster of disastrous kind to them. Ameen

  465. Stop this senseless killings of our muslims

  466. Allah! This is sinful…Stop this barbaric senseless killings please…help somebody anybody

    InshaAllah something can be done soon.

  467. Subhanallah! Ya Allah protect the muslim ummah, amin

  468. What is this world coming 2?? Brings tears 2 my eyes. No women, child nor man should go through this. God, pls help Muslims in Burma!!

  469. inalillahi wa’inailaihiraji’un!! We seek refuge 2 dis evil deed, n hu so eva is behinde dis shall account 4 it in d here afta…..(RIP) fellow brothers n sisters in islam……


  471. All muslims the best thing to do is to cry to Allah Ta’allah & ask 4 help!Allah Ta’allah is da only 1 dat can help! We shud all read 2 rakaats of salaat & beg Allah Ta’allah 4 help

  472. Stop killing innocent people ! Please stop . Be God. Fearing ! God will do justice!

  473. It is very surprising to be withnessing this type of scene on the net.How on earth will this kind of things be happening and we could not profer solution to it.where are the world the leaders?where are the muslim leaders and the Arab countries of this world.My prayer to those who have lost their life is that,May Allah give them rest.

  474. C’mon dis is inhuman

  475. Ya Allah save your religion

  476. firdaus ansari

    allah plz help n save our ummah…
    they need ur almighty power as d big big muslim countriez fail to even take sm actionz….

    plz shower ur extrem power on those evil people.


  478. Awwwww! Ma’shaAllah! This is huge! No! This is bad! And thi Genocide has to stop for Allah sake! See what humans are doing to their fellow humans. Gosh! Even to kids! Don’t they have hearts again??? Ya Allah I’m putting the Muslims in Burma in your merciful hands. Please save them!
    I can’t assure you(muslims of Burma) of nothing more than my prayers. Allah will be with you!

  479. Plz pray for this.

  480. May God deliver us, I have a feeling that this is has some connections with d socalled stupid world power(america), may GOD perish them in d name of his blessings

  481. Stop the killing

  482. Alllah please save them we knw u will give them justice please allah save our brother

  483. Gaironeesa Zimri

    SubhanaAllah…what possessed these killers to kill innocent ppl…and not just any ppl, these ppl are our Muslim ‘Ummah’s future. Are they scared that the population of Islam will prevail because if that is the case Allah is the Almighty and Most powerful. Nothing these Kaafirs do will change the future and the FUTURE is Islam and the last BOOK is the Holy Quran…May Allah grant all the innocent children and adults that were killed in vane Janatul Firdous inshaAllah ameen…

  484. Allah please save them

  485. Mahmood Namallam

    Its really horrific and sad, where is the so called international community that liberates oppressed people, are these people not in dear need of liberation, than the people of Libya, Syria, Iraq and more? What a selfish world, western and european countries shame on you all, now who are the terrorrist? Muslims or who? Amnesty International Shame on you, red cross society shame on you, unicef, united nations, the entire media shame on you.

  486. Why are we turning to the media n d UNN? We don’t need them,we have our Allah so let us put our hands up n cry to him to expose these barbarians n Allah himself should punish them. After all d UNN n media are kuffar that njoy muslims being tortured n mutilated.we have the best help in d most beloved month so let’s turn to our Almighty Allah!!


  488. Subhanallah! Ya Allah, ya Rahman, Ya Rahim, Ya Akramal Akrameen, ya Zaljalali wal Ikram i ask u wit ol ur beautiful name to have mercy on this innocent muslim ummah and shower them with ur peace and blessing fa innahu la yasma’a du’a illa anta. Ameen! Dat pics realy touch me that am shedding tears.

  489. Islam simply means peace,, it is the beginning and the end.. Allah has marked the jews,, Allah has scattered them all over the world,, they do not have a homeland.. Allah has cursed them.. They deny the truth,, islam teachers us truth and they deny Allah.. This is all about religion!!! Is it not clear..?? I don’t have to explain anythin but I would not want to die at the hands of these pigs but I would kill as many of them before the end of my existance.. What we can do is make dua cozZ these people are gone straight to Allah no doubt.. As for the others their nothin but firewood for hell..

  490. JIHAD JIHAD JIHAD dis is my calling,we can’t take krap like dis,had enough and 1 muslim is gona make a diif,gona kill dese flipin pigs,bbm me we make a group and go out in da name ov allah and help our brothers and sisters,

  491. Being a muslim is nt a crime I think islam is da best religion n m proud 2 b a muslim muslim rockz!!!!

  492. This is rediculas …was these humans or canabils who did this 2 our muslim brothers n sisters…mayb they don’t know which side they whr born bloody rubbish dogs…Allah has watched wat they hve done to his servants…n judgement is near 4 them…but still I will make duaa 4 them…dat allah show them da rite way 2 islam…notthng is impossible wit Allah (swt) ….freaks of da world…but Allah will make us muslims mre stronger Insha~allah Ameen

  493. Bbm pin 22569cfa

  494. How evil this is ! GOD does Not sleep I pray to end the killing and if Not then GOD must grant the umma to make intention to assist in anyway possible to rid ourselves of all evil by Dajjal Ameen Ya Rabbul Aalameen !

  495. As salaam wa alaikom…infact we has muslim r stronger than those animals…we should b making duaa…not crying like cowards …these people r cowards 4 killing our muslim brothers n sister along wit our children of islam…today they killed 20000 tomorrow Allah(swt) willmake millions more to accept islam…Ameen

  496. Suleiman Lawan Kolomi

    Oh! Allah save all Muslim ummah from those devil, ya Allah grant them with jannah, ya Allah make their perfect soul rest in peace, oh Allah eradicate those devil from Burma, oh Allah make jannah Haram to those devil.

  497. what doing our international comunity if we indian muslim came there god promise we kill all burma who was killing muslim

  498. May ALLAHs Khallaam come over the mother fuckers (jews)

  499. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, is dis real? God hv mercy

  500. SUBHANALLAH….indeed to Allah we belong and indeed to Him is our final return. Oh ALLAH help this people for you are the best Helper and the best of judges…

  501. Ya Allah,when is all this conflict going to end.its really sad that nothing is being done for this to end!

  502. Wat did dis inocent soil did. It inhuman and annoyin .

  503. Aun sui was given a noble prize,yesterday.International community are happy because of her orders to massacre innocent muslims men,women nd children….This enemies of Allah know that Islam is a true religion nd many are embressing it,thats why they want to put a stop to it…I just applied for visa to Burma if I get I will go nd fight to dead!!! We are westing TIME ya ummah

  504. God will defenately fuck then who is doing this bastard what the hell goverment is doing there they are sucking their cock or those who is doing this

  505. Rrrraaaammmm!I agree with u,dis is wickedness

  506. O… god……subhanallah….

  507. Ameen and those people that killed the muslims will face what they have done

  508. This is bad very sad to kill human being children and mothers where are we going

  509. yahya collector

    It is time muslims created a universal army funded by muslims all over the world and volunteers, who we know we will never be short of, should be trained and based in a muslim country and ready at all times to be deployed and carry out necessary assignments to safeguard muslims all over the world, this should include peace keeping in situation like currently in Syria.Dalai Lama and Aung San Suu Kyi should be a target for all sorts of abuse and harassment wherever they go, time to unite, stand up and put those against us to bed, make plenty duas as it is the best weapon for a muslim. AllahuAkbar, long live the Mujaheed, may Allah make every muslim successful against the enemy, Ameen.

  510. Humans are killied like animals,Who is supporting goverment of Burma? Why muslims are crushed! Where are muslim country of d world.At d back yahud ^ Nasara plaing d game to check wether muslims blood is still Hot or Become cold,.May Allah help all muslim bro n sistr of Burma safe frm Violent Buddist.AameeN

  511. innalillahevainnailayhirajiun
    ya burma ke muslamano ki hifajat farama or kafiro par tu apna ajab najil farma

  512. Save muslims in burma

  513. Subhanallah

  514. ya allah burma ke musalmano ki tu hifajat farama or
    kafiro par tu apana ajaab najil farma

  515. Inna lilahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon!!!(Cry)

    Wish I had the finance power like the arab tycoons in dubai and all across the world to combat against these attacks on islam. They pay millions of pounds to buy soccer teams instead of helping our people. Where are yourll!!! Allah has given this wealth to yourll and he can take it away In the blink of an eye!

  516. اللهم أعز الإسلام والمسلمين!

  517. This must be exposed to this blind world they see what they want to see where are our so called islamic countries ? ALLAH save people AMEEN

  518. So sad but one should sit still and think why this is happening to these people and wat there lifestyles are inorder for them to be punished in this holy month. Only allah can relieve them of there suffering if they obide by the rules of our creator

  519. Wat the hell is going on.y can’t the jews leave the muslms.ya allah plz destroy all dat haraam evil people dats killing our muslims all over the world ameen.y can’t the rotten jews leave all the muslims and inocent kids alone.jews are rubbish basterds.may urll roth in hell.people let’s all get together fyt and kill for our inocent people nd kids

  520. May اللَّه destroy these ppl, the worse death ever imaginable. {̶»̶̲̥̅̊(̥̊‎‎​♡ آمِيْن يَارَبَّ الْعَالَمِينْ ♡)̥̊«̶̲̥̅̊}̶

  521. subhanallah,where are the muslimun of world?remember we were brothers.wallahi ALLAH S.W.T WILL JUDGE US.

  522. I won’t b surprised if this was planed… Inha-liela-hie-wa-inha-hielay-hie-raajih-uhn.

  523. Ya subahanallah

  524. Abdullah Abdullah

    The Almighty Allah is Us we Muslims.

  525. Plz brothers nd sister pray for them…. may allah gv them strength nd justice. Nd make all those ppl suffered who are doin unjustice.. nd killin innocent ppl…

  526. R u really complaining? What have u done to ur muslim brothers killing christians nd burning churches in d north Nigeria. So another religion is killing ur people and u are lamenting

  527. Muslim should open there eye

  528. It doesn’t matter whether they are muslims or not. They are Humans first and most importantly and it is horrible that they are being murdered. This world will never learn. Why do we insist on killing each other in the name of religion. If God is able to create the earth and all that dwell therein, isn’t he able to fight his own battles? This is wrong and the international community needs to do something to stop this madness.

  529. I’m shocked at the genocide committed against our brotheren in that part of the world may ALLAH AZA.WAJAL grant all the decetased JANATHUL FIRDOUS inshalla ameen .This should be a reminder to myself and the umah at large to leave our petty differences aside and stand together under the banner of ISLAM then only will ALLAH help come and then only we can take care of these KUFAAR ameen

  530. sheyaam jacobs

    Nothin of value in dat country, dats why no1 is attemptin to do anything. As Allah is my witness der abode will b in jahannam.

  531. May almighty Allah save muslim umma in burma and world in general

  532. May allah swt grant them jannah ameen,shaheeds

  533. Ebrahim S Badat

    Oh اللَّهُ سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَا help our Muslim brothers n sisters who r suffern all over da world n grant us victory over these zalimeen,oppressers. آمين. Plz make دُعَاءُ fr dem every day. Wherz da MEDIA?. N da so called HUMAN RIGHTS?. Wherz da UN?. Wherz ALL our MUSLIM LEADERZ? DA LEAST WE CAN DO IS MAKE دُعَاءُ!!!

  534. My heart goes out for the little children lying there! It is heartbreaking! Is the world coming to an end? Jesus, please help!! That children did nothing wrong, they are Angels in Gods eyes! What is happening!!!

  535. Stop posting fake pictures from old tragedies to incite hatred!!!!!!!!! these are old pics from thailand and indonesia and some even from kazakhstan!!!!!!!! just search the picture in google image search and you will find these pictures are more than 4 years old and some dont even involve muslims!!!!!

  536. Ya ALLAH is mubarak mahine k sadke me hujur s.a.w vasile se. Burma k musalmano ki hifazat farma or musalmano par julm karne valo ko halak karde. Ya ALLAH in marne valo ko saheedo me samil farma or jannatul firdos me aala makam aata farma amin amin summa amin

  537. Ibrahim Abdullahi

    We claim to love the creator but we don’t love his creation! How in Gods name would u kill innocent lives and you want to live after this were not your creation. May God inflict pain on these murderes.

  538. Inna lillah wa inna ilaihin rajii’um! Wat d hell iz dis where are d muslims leaders doing

  539. They kill that people as if they dogs but just do it to them then its as if the world is coming to the end. Its as if they don’t have a heart because the way they can kill the small kids it is very sad to look at that pic it make my heart so broken but they will get there day one day is one.

  540. Nang Su Lwin Myint

    Ok…first of all I am a Burmese Buddhist, and I would like to say that these people violating human rights by killing innocent people are in no way TRUE Buddhists. They have sadly misrepresented what Buddhist culture is, which is to be absolutely tolerant of all individuals irrespective of their religion as well as to cherish all forms of life. Secondly this has been happening in Burma for the longest time, it isn’t only Muslims who have been victims of this senseless act, but also ethnic minorities, democratic movements and even student and yes Buddhist monk protestors. In the article it refers to how appalling Aung San Suu Kyi won a noble peace prize while all of this was going on. I would like to point out this is exactly why she won the prize. She had held the people of Burma’s hopes because they believe that she can bring the international attention that Burma needs, and that she can free Burma from its present isolation. She represents the oppressed and really is an advocate for human rights, she speaks for ALL of Burma which includes the Muslims who call Burma home. Just like the ethnic tribes; Karen, Kachins and people who just want to live their lives peacefully. You ask where the Media is? Burma has been on and off the news headlines sporadically for multiple offenses against human rights…but sadly A LOT of people are still ignorant. The media has been suppressed there and not a lot of people have the access to understand what is really happening. I understand that you are angry and hurt that your fellow Muslims have been slaughtered like this, I am too. I am in anguish to see these photos too! Please, before you are take the rash decision to despise all the people of Burma or the Buddhist community, I urge you to realize that it is the few who are found in every country, every religion and every community who commits these atrocities. And it is up to us to really understand what is happening and to make a knowledgeable and informed decision as to how we should act and what should be done to stop these acts of violence.

  541. Shanice Moodley

    May god be with all of those families killed in this brutal massacre…I am hindu and yes I agree where is the media??? Why on earth is no1 putting a stop to this??? Those are innocent kids:( they don’t deserve to die in such an indecent manner!!! All of those kids are in my prayers “JUSTICE FOR ALL”

  542. faseeg arendse

    How can the world stand by while this is happenning.ya ALLAH damn and condemn all who condone this

  543. This is terrible and inhuman,why are they maltreating the muslims in cold blooded.Ya Ilahy take revenge over the souls of d innocent ummahs.

  544. Muhammad Bello

    Since they cannot cry for JUSTICE, we up our hands in prayer, for Allah to bring to book anyone with a hand in the carnage.!

  545. abdurrahman asvat

    Wtf are they doing!!!! Messing with the wrong people Allah is on our side freedom will come oh muslims have no fear WALLAHI Allah will distroy the kuffaar

  546. sharifatu usman

    Oh my God this is so sad,killin innocent people for no reason.

  547. shabir ahmed mayet

    Burma you have just given birth to anothere 100,000 terrorists.Stupid,imbeciles.I thank AllAH for being a muslim.

  548. Umar musa hassan

    May god punish the government of burma

  549. INNA-LILLAHI-WA-INNA-ILLAYHI-RAAJIOON.Those who were so brutally killed have gone to a better place. As for the burmese authorities, HE will MOST DEFINITELY DEAL WITH THEM

  550. Inalilahi WA inailaiyin taju. UN may soul rest in perfect peace insha Allah Allah will intervine since our Muslim leaders can’t do anything

  551. Hasbunallahu wa ni’imal wakeel..Allahummah ajirni fii musbatii.waklufli khairan minha

  552. Ya allah

  553. Dis is inhumanity to humanity,burma executive shld be meant to face d world court! And they be used as a detterent to others.dis is carnibalism in action.wao is just beyond religion, lool dis is 21st century madness!it has to stop the world must rise up to it, an say no with one voice!

  554. This is so nt fair dat d entire world kept quiet n watchd fellow humans die,lemme ask wat did they do 2 deserve this,budhist n jews shud knw datt they ll olso die 1 day n wateva u do is wat u’ll get,this is outrageous.even animals do show care 2 thr own kind

  555. The stiuation in bama is a massecre of muslims,which it carried out by budhist.iam sure if this senseless killed coutinue it will generate into a war which will esclate.because muslims world will not fold there hands nd see their brothers nd sisters been killed by unhuman enough is enough,we are equal to the task.

  556. Just wait and watch guys ?allah is still there no one can kill 100% Muslims on the earth tomorRow it’ll be our time

  557. Allah will c us tru,and for those infidels that dear lay their hands on the belivers must surely pay

  558. If the international community remind silent on this crimanal act our muslim blood will no go on Airly, they most Account on it, even if the western namely our response as terrorist act

  559. This is awful…

  560. ALLAH help our brother in Burma!YALLAH You are our only hope,its so sad wat we see in the pics 😦

  561. Stop killing innocent people in Burma

  562. Stop killing muslims in Burma

  563. Ibrahim Abdullah

    I want the fools(budhist) of burma know that there is no deity save Allah, and Muhammad is His Messenger. The likes of pharoah(fir’awn) and other tyrants have being destroyed. So the idiots of burma are no exception. May Allah The Most High One God destroy burma and its unbelievers(budhist), Amin.

  564. altaf umer kashmiri

    Please stop killing humanity

  565. May Allah protect Muslims from those devil all over the world

  566. this is just begun,for the muslims.
    They also kills christain like dogs here in nigeria.
    I like what has happen.

  567. May Almighty Allah lead us through with dis tough life we ar living on earth…….Yah Allahu,Yah Lateef….pls hv mercy on us all.’ameen’

  568. Mother fuckn fucker why childrens and woman if youl really want to cause awar go fuckn give tham weapons so that they can atlest fuckn protect tham self youl fucker are like rats basterds

  569. Let them do whatever they wants to Muslims, but God will destroy them more than what they did to Muslims

  570. mangesh kamble

    Wat the hell is this going on…….
    This shows there r no human being in burma apart from muslims…
    Fuck u burma……


  572. When Muslim defense then all bloody Jews
    And many of them rascal exposé Muslim as terrorist.
    Yes wait for a biggest terror.

  573. Is that true?

  574. Mother fuckn fucker why woman and childrens

  575. Abdulkarim aishat

    Oh lord come 2 there rescue.

  576. Mother fucking fucker why woman and childrens youl fuckn basterds

  577. ibrahimusmangalle

    innalillahi wa’inna illayhin raju’un

  578. zainab s shanono

    Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un,where in this world r we heading to pls.Where are our Muslim leaders nd Islamic countries where r our muslim brothers nd sisters?Why can’t we give a helping hand in this horrible situation.Remember if we can’t reach them our prayers can.

  579. innalillahi wa innailaihi rajiuun

  580. God knows all they do he will take vengeance inshaallah.

  581. Musa Audu Farafara

    Muslims are killed every where. Its time for the muslims to forget their sect differences and work together for their betterment. The love of Allah, His Prophets and love for one another should be paramount in the minds of muslims. Allahumma Ajirna wa biladina haza minal qaumiz zalamiin.

  582. I’m happy that the truth is being exposed
    How do people do this to innocent kids!!!! And garanteed if the muslims fight back they gonna say they are terrorist!!!

  583. LOOK AT THESE PICS, WHO ARE TERRORISM AND ANIMALIST ?. We are created by Allah to live humanly, he who kill human is mentally wAorst than animals. How comes in this world something been made by some piece portion of muslim is related to Islam, while several jews, christian and buddhist, and many more of them are committing genocte to muslim but western world remain hiding it, but in the case of some muslim portion they keep repeating it in media for decade until they acheive a certain target. What so ever they will be doing ISLAM must dominate the world. History had shown that islam is rapidly spreading and sooner it get to their houses beside the hatred they put upon it.

  584. allah help us………

  585. allah inshallah inqlab laega aur kafir dekhege.

  586. Allah Will do justice , Allah apne bando ki madat farma . Amin….

  587. Ya ALLAH……………. Save muslim umma from this demissss !

  588. Allah ya isaaaaaaaaaaaa……. Puck xristian and jaws

  589. ….and the whole world thinks Muslims are terrorist, what is this called?

  590. Farouk Suleman Abdullah

    I think muslims all over the world are not entitle of the so called Human right claim by western world. Every person is going to taste this death. To Allah we all return. May their gentle souls rest in peace, nd jannatil firdaussi be their home there after. Ameen

  591. Yakubu adamu bajoga

    The whole world is watching thousand of innocent muslim are sluttered everyday where are the world and muslim leaders

  592. Abdulsalami Ibrahim

    Let them continue and they shouldn’t stop. For every Mujahid the life in the hereafter is far better than this useless life in this world. Allah will continue to protect his religion wether the so called Muslim leaders like it or not. Allahu Akbar, may the souls of the deceased innocent Muslims continue to RIP.

  593. Oh Allah those that are engaged in this stupidity,madness,ignorance,morons.Allah collapse that city

  594. Mohammed Yasin Yusuf

    Laa Ilaaha Illallah Muhammadur Rasool ullah…..!!!!
    Those budhist……did like did with Muslim….they hv to give…..they hv to give otherwise…..them families hv to give……our Own life to Islam..! Aaj Ye Nahi toh Inki aane Waali Nasle Islam qabool karengi…!!

  595. May allah give them shahadah

  596. What the hell know there no human rights no human right community is working in world ….is the world bilnd please join the protest against it i have arequest … Developed muslim countries please look into it stop them .

  597. Brothers and sisters in islam, lts time we beg God to intervene in our affairs especially that of Burma. May HE come quickly to rescue us particularly the Burmese as they are the subject of discussion here. World bodies/organization this is a clarion call to you to serve humanity and may Allah reward you as you act swiftly to end this genocide in Burma.

  598. Muhammad Farhan

    Allaha will do the justice. Koei be muslims ka sat galt nai kr sakta ku k Allaha un k sath ha laqin wo be to apnay Rab ke sunanay walay banay ya jo pori dunia ma muslims ka sat zeyateyan ho rai han ya sirf islami talimat ko choor danay ke waga sa han (Allaha tmam Insanu ko hadayath day Ameen)

  599. innalillahi wa’inna ilayhir rajiun. Allahumma aizzal islama wal muslimeen, wa a’zillar shirka wal mushrikeen……

  600. Ya Allah Ham aazmaish ke qabil nahi

  601. Get prerared Oh yeh ‘(Innalillah Wa innailahirrajun) we will all get there for judgement a lot were there so shall we.

  602. mustapha Birniwa

    Innalillahi wa innailaihi rajiun! Innalillahi wa innailaihi rajiun!! Innalillahi wa innailaihi rajiun!!!

  603. This is totally unacceptable respect religions of all people live in peace.Now who are the barbarians and extremist!

    How could people be so heartless?!they are Human beings like us for God sake!
    May God punish Whosoever has a hand in this.
    Fuck the MEDIA and HUMAN rights,they are useless to the entire world

  605. Ths is so nt fair 2 all muslim…something should be done about this..omw I can’t believe this!!!!!

  606. YA ALLAH……
    Jo gujar chuke unki magfirat farmaiye….. Or jo abhi zinda he…… Unki hifazat kariye…… Or jo ye kar rai he unko rokiye….. Or unsabko aesa aehsas karwaiye ki….. Jin jin k sath inhone julm kiya wo har julmo ki kadar ho k ha hamne julm ki masumo par……. YA ALLAH insab ki hifazat kariye……. AAMEEN…….

  607. Inhumane Allah watches and those in power who can change things but just watches because these are Muslims are partners in murder it is Ramadan they are all bound for heaven life is short end is if not in this life hell awaits the murderers for enternal life not long


  609. muhammed aadil

    السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ
    To All Muslims Man And Women Please answer the Call of Allah. The Call Is Now for Jihaad to fight for the cause of Allah agianst the idiolators Mushriks and the infedels. So please contribute to jihaad by encouraging one another to wage Jihaad agianst the kuffars. From the soldier of اللَّه. Muhmmed Aadil

  610. what the hell where are the muslims ulma even president of all muslims nations are they sleep on the pillow of money . LA ILLA HA ILLAL LAH , wake up muslims wake up Pakistan they are your bothers, sisters even innocent childern help them .. we have to fight for our justice …. may MY ALMIGHTY ALLAH bless them ,, iam here to fight for them and iam going to prove that iam muslim a real muslim and i proud on that ,,, INNALILLAHI VA INNA ILAHI RAAJION…ALLAH HO AKBAR

  611. Inna lilahi-wa-inna-ilaihirrajiun…Ya Allah You know more than we do,Ya Allah bring the end of this…Ameen

  612. rustam chopdar

    Where gon muslim country ?Allah boddhisem ko halaq farma,ameen

  613. rustam chopdar

    Where are muslim country?

  614. No one will stand for muslim..!! dey wanna kill every muslim….Everywhr in every country muslims r treating like a slaves nd killing dem like a dogs…
    Dnt accept anythng frm India,pakistan,america,Arab countries or Bangladesh…Dey r gettng entertainment nd dey r enjoying it….
    Anyways May Allah Rest der soul in peace >>>..!!
    May Allah bless every muslim frm such bastrds..
    May Allah Bless our islam nd imaan…
    Love 2 b a Muslim nd ready to die fr it…

  615. very very sad news!!! but to all muslims put there, we should turn to Allah and pray for tjem and surely he is in control pf the universe and whoever is behind this will pay dearly. Its a test for all us muslims in the world but Allah has taught us through the Prophet (pbuh) to be patient and to turn towards Allah not only in times of need but even when there is happiness amongst us. So lets all make dua and pray for the victims. Now that is something that cant be stopped. sorry if there are any errors commited,may Allah forgive me. Aameen

  616. This is tereffic and I’m suprised no one is taking action on this we all muslims should protect our brothers nd sisters who r being killed alive in the stupid country burma where r the rich arabics where are the rich gulf contries where r all the rich muslims please its a request 2 all take an action protcet our mulisms friends ALLAH wil reward you

  617. Its sad seeing humans being massacred. Even animals ain’t treated this way. I feel like crying here, but then I remembered they’re muslims…..and then I ask myself, so there is a people that can actually play this game the islamic way? So there is a religion that can declare jihad on muslims? Wow! Kinda feels good! Come to northern nigeria and see what muslims are doing to christians. So really, am not interested in these burma slaughters. Kudos to the bhudist guys man!

  618. I can’t believe what I see with ny own naked eyes , there is no words to describe this feeling , I feel like a useless because I can’t help enough , I am heart broken for Burma , I am in tears , Just pray for them !!! I never seen things like this in my entire life , I am speechless.

  619. U monks are sick disgusting murderers,how can u justify kiling innocent people esp children?may u rot in hell!!!!!

  620. THE News need 2 get a FUCKING lifE and aware da world about it????where da fuck are ur human rights gone????!there innocent kids…..fucking spare dem 4 gods sake!! WE NEED PEACE IN THE WORLD..what are so called “budist” peace worshipers messing about with lifes!!!FUCKED UP bhudists!!!:p

  621. Atiku Abubakar

    Oh Allah Wat is happening in dis world?the problem is dat even though u kill or not u’re defntly going 2 die one day,so its upto u ppl.Where are d so called American and co that are fighting against terrorism woe unto u ppl,may Allah bring nemeses 2 all ur family so that u’ll fell d lost of a love ones.Mtsw

  622. They said these days will come.
    Then dont realise that a war will soon break out.
    I cant believe people will do this to people, this world has some uterly sick people.
    I hope the fire in Hell in boiling for these sick people.

    May ALLAH forgive you all !


  624. This massacre is not at all justible,,,,

  625. subhanallah, only ALLAH will definately protect the religion of ISLAM the way the whole western part of the world are against islam

  626. Mulla k Maa k chooth

    Muslims are problem everywhere in this world. God help us to erase them from here…. Aameeeen ka lodaaa 😀

  627. I am a Christian South African mother, I am not Muslim, nor Jewish, but very sure that no God can will condone this butchering. I feel ill when I know my children are safe, warm and cared for, my family fed and happy. I will pray that heads of state take note, and that our God, the almighty, intervenes and brings an end to the tirany. The book of Revelations tells us that the end is near.

  628. Allahu akbar!!not gud @all…may اَللّهُ have mercy on Us all..sadden

  629. The world is against Islam!,what can u call this?,

  630. Shipra Singhal

    Its disgusting…..its beyond Humanity. Buddhist are the terrorist this time…

  631. Where are the muslim men when does it stop
    Oh Allah please save our muslim brothers and sisters

  632. Were is the so called UN!

  633. INNA LILLAHI WA INNA ILAIHI RAJI OON!!! May ALLAH protect his religion & his muslems ummah universaly!

  634. Only almighty lord dat wld jugde

  635. Mustapha Mohammad

    Auung san su kyi should Βε̲̣̣̣̥ charged with war crimes,its obvious she ordered the genocide,bt its a sad and shameful story Τ̲̅ọ̥ the international community,especially saudi arabia,for such silence…may ALLAH help us all,its ..​J̶̲̥̅̊u̶̲̥̅̊ƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇̇τ̣̣̥ a matter of tym…

  636. I think its a disgrace 2 c wat our muslims are going threw, and that their should be more consideration 2 our muslims, because innocent people are getting killed.

  637. This kind of injustice is happening & the neighboring countries are not doing anything about it. Were are the muslim ummah? Killing of inocent lifes is beyond the fundamental human right of a citizens. They are being denied of their rights? Why???

  638. This is really disturbing!
    Inna Lillahi wa-inna ilahi Rajeeoon,
    This is really disturbing! United Nation puppets! People are being slaughtered cant you see!

  639. May allah grant hidayat to these people n if hidayat is not destined for them may the wrath of allah engulf them .

  640. Shaikh Muhammad Hanif Raza Qadri Habibi


  641. Its time to wake up Muslim,..what the hell is this how could they do this?? see the innocent muslim boys they are a terrerist??

  642. Innallilahi wa inna alaihi wa rajio’n,
    Its time to wake up Muslim,..
    what the hell is this how could they do this?? see the innocent muslim boys

    they are a terrerist??
    wheres the Media they cant see whats happening in the World!

  643. fadheema nasser

    Ya Allah may Allah forgive them and make them shaheeds am a muslim and am very proud of that


  645. what the hell are this.
    where is the muslim countries what they are unknow abt it where is banga they can support them why the all are dumb they all are muslim and all muslim are brother & siater & and we must to save them.
    so plz kindly atleast prey for them..
    Saif Rangrej

  646. Why does this happen?? Its horrible this is humans not dogs!!!

  647. what the hell is thiis? were is the so call super power and the media or. Are tellin us that you don’t know what is goin on in the world anyway is becouse the muslims are being killed that is why but if to say its not the muslim the so called super power and the media would have been spreding all the rumors! But remember that God is watching and he wiil surely revenge for the muslim! Allahu Akbar.

  648. This is the very same as the Hitler and the the Jews are still mourning their past. Time has changed and there are still women and children being slaughtered. What do we as human beings have to say about that. We are not living in the past and this the most inhuman thing I have ever seen..Where is the UNO and have we turning a blind eye as the World? Allah please forgive them as they know what they R doing is wrong…
    ” May all that oppose burn in Hell” the media u R the worst..if this was America then this was published World Wide…the Media u remind me of” Bush” one foot in the front and the other in the bush. the lowest scum in da word

  649. Its really surprising to see what is happening with our muslims brothers , sisters and children.allah will certainly punish those ciminals very soon. Let’s all get together n make duas for them and supplicate allah to help the burmish.where is media to show the whole world how those kufars are killing the islam believers.

  650. This is rediCulous allah hu akbar may the almighty put light in the hearts of those affected families inshallah

  651. Subuanalahi!!! this is sorrowful to my heart,ow can we stop this killings,where re we and wot re we doing wot re our brodas who have the power and influence to stop this though the muslims that lost thier lives already in the cause of ISLAM will be granted FIRDAOUS. Allah is the most gracious the most merciful

  652. How can I help to stop innocent people from dying I am pleading to the world

  653. Where is the media and why are muslims from other country not doing anything to help there brothers and sisters in Burma.I’m sure if there was a bomb that exploded in Burma and just 10 budhist die there would be an outburst of terrorism and the accused party would be Muslims. Now the media is quite and no one is actually investigating who is handing out these authorities to budhist to massacre muslims. The big quetion is who and why. Why do people hate the Muslims so much . My opinion is god only knows the answer to this question. Please if there are other people who are reading this please let’s try an get the Media involved as soon as possible

  654. This is rilly discusting and desturbing how can people do something like this it is rilly horable and not right to be killing people for no good reason

  655. Let’s get the fucking Media involved befor the muslims are branded terrorist all over again.let’s try to get the commanding officer locked up for murder.Mayed that bastard should be given the death penalty.

  656. altafchopadiya

    This is wildness …open it has been done..where is America ….who would be a president of peace ..

  657. Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Raajioon. May Allah grant all those who have been killed Jannah. And those that are killing innocent people Allah is great…You people will get what is due to u. Inshallah. All those Buddhists involved Allah will punish them so badly that they won’t know what hit them!

    I am Muslim and PROUD…

  658. Why skin them. Do they eat humans. It is a sick nation. These bhudist have a dark secret.

  659. anisa haffejee

    This is an atrocity that demands immediate attention.if the rest of the world is pretending not to notice and assist then u r just as guilty as the perpetrators. God is watching the perpetrators and a just punishment will be meted out to them.

  660. muhammed hishaam

    Asalaamu Alaykum respected muslim brothers and sisters.. Allahu Akbar.. He has granted our fellow brothers and sisters of burma the status of a martyr(shaheed)I make duah that Allah grant them a beautiful new home in the akhirah and may Allah give them janatul firdows..Allah is oft most gracious.. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaiye rajioon.. In Allah wa ma sabireen.. Allah place patientce in all of us.. Allahs justice will prevail..we muslims mst stand together and be proud muslims and show the rest of the world that we don’t give up that easily.. Ameen

  661. Danjuma umar maduwa

    Inna lillahi wa inna illaihi rajiuun

  662. mohammed yaqoob b.

    every body including islamic nation have not showing any concern, any kind of help, but there is Allah subhanahu tala, who vill take care of all victims nd who is kahar, vill punsh to all those who ever responsible for this ashamed situation in burma. V all indians feel the pain of our bro in burma. Maye allah provide as currage nd petience to move through the worst phase of our life.



  664. INNA LILLAHI WAINNA ILAIHI RAJIUN, Oh My God, dis how d religious started but let d world know. “Allah will fulfil his religion (islam) even if d idol worshipers nd hypcrites denies). Q9 V 33

  665. I’m gona get an army and kill those jewish people dead and. allah put mercy on those poor kids. and as 4 the jewish people allah must give them a dogs death in shaa allah aameen suma aameen

  666. Its true there are some muslims living in this day
    and age tht only care about this life and invest
    all the wealth into their own pockets. Something
    needs to be done from Saudi cannot be
    possible that the once powerful region where
    Makkah is situated, received knowledge from
    all walks of life, surely it should have been the
    most knowledgeable in the Deen and with that
    having the Best of the Best in Universities etc…
    This Nation has disgraced the rest of the worlds
    Muslim popupaltion. It does not pay to hoard off
    money whilst people are suffering.

  667. Ramatu S.Dalhat

    Innalillahi wa’inna’ilaihirrajiun.Ya Allah wit dis blessed month of ramadan,and with d fasting dt is on my mouth,with dis rain dt is falling ol wich u created,I seek revenge from u for ur muslim brothers dt r bn killed by non,YA Allahu mek their life a living hell in dis world and after.And muslims dt condone dis acts throw them a disaster morethan dt of the non muslims.Ameen.