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From a dark life to the Light (Must Read)

(From being a Drug dealer, Drug Addict, abusive and a Gang Head to a good Muslim)

Asalum Alukum brother and sisters.

I am Samuel Omar Wong I recently accepted Islam during this past Ramadan. I’m originally from Puerto Rico I’m Hispanic. It’s been a great blessing know Allah has been great to me. I come from a Christian background I just to be a Pastor from a Pentecostal church. I’m going to tell my story its a little bit long but inshallah I hope that everyone will read it and don’t make the mistakes I made in life.

I was born in Pennsylvania in United States. At the age of 3 months my family moved to Puerto Rico. I don’t remember very much stuff but I remember all the bad stuff I was doing.

I started to be a very bad boy at the age of 4 years I was stealing things from my parents and doing sexual things with my body. I just to see pornagraphy at a very young time of my life. I just to enjoy watching and thinking about doing those things to other female.

I remember how I just to go to girls and ask them to do those things with me I was very young and my family could not control me. I was out of control I remember I had my first drink of alcohol at the age of 5 I just to hide from my parents and drink in the living room. My grandparents just to take me to church and I just to hide in the rooms they have for bible studies and I just to take my friends so we could experience things with our bodies remember I was only 5 years of age.

I remember my parents were having a lot of problems in there marriage my father was drinking a lot of alcohol and he was abusing my mother emotionally and physical. My mom diced to moved out the house to Milwaukee Wisconsin I was 8 years at that time.

I was still doing all the sexual stuff to my self but I was feeling like something was missing I felt lonely depressed I did not care for no one not even to my self. After 1 year living in Milwaukee Wisconsin my parents got back together and we moved back to Puerto Rico that’s was the biggest mistake my mother made. I was very angry living Milwaukee Wisconsin so I diceded to be a very bad person i told my self I’m going to get payback at my parents. As soon has I got to Puerto Rico I started stealing money from my father to buy things I really did need. I was stealing big quantities of money.

I did that for a while. Also I was going to the Christian church my grandparents just to go and also I was stealing the money that was giving at the service.

By that time I was 9 to 11 years old and I did not stop my mother just to hit me but I didn’t care. I was turning 12 years old and started to go to middle school I was very rebel I started using marijuana and smoking cigarettes and having intercourse with females. I was getting into fights stealing I was addicted to marijuana I was with people that sell drugs and kill people I wanted to be like them I did not care if I die or go to prison for the rest of my life. I wanted to be a gangster.

I wanted to be know as a violent person someone with power I wanted people to fear me I just to think I was better than Allah that I was God. I was using a lot of marijuana I was stealing money from my family I was a disaster and I was only 12 years old. Because of my addiction and problems my parents started having a lot of problems again and my mom decided to moved back to Milwaukee Wisconsin I did not want to go she force me to go I wanted to stay I had plans I wanted to do.

I got to Wisconsin at the age of 14 I was very rebellious and angry as soon I got to Wisconsin I started looking for the bad peoples I wanted to accomplish what I had in mind so I did I found some people that were gangsters so I started being around them. As weeks past I started to get more close to them until they ask me if I wanted to be part of the gang and I said yes.

I became a Latin King I was a member of one of the most dangerous gangs in the north part of United States I was very excited in my mind was I finally going to do what I always wanted.

So I did I started tattooing my body stealing robbing older person using drugs having sex I had money power people fear me. I remember I was in high school and there was this girl I really like I was a total disaster and I came to this girl and became friend with her she was a Christian girl and she invited me to her church so I went I was 15 years old at that time I just went because I wanted her that day I accepted Jesus Christ but I only did it so I could be around her but something on me said that’s this was not right.

So I stop going and keep doing was I was doing. Sometime pass and I decided to leave my parents and I left the house and I was on the streets gang banging doing really bad stuff. One day a Christian family accepted me on there house and started showing me Christianity and I decided to change my life and I did.

I started going to church and I was changing my life suddenly the pastor from that church came to me and ask me to be the pastor of all the young. It was a hard decision but I said yes. So I did my life was getting better but after sometime the church was going bankrupt members were not coming to church so they decided to close the church and move to a different state. So I was feeling bad I need to do something in my mind I need Jesus Christ so I went to the first church I found and started attending a church call The light Of The World this church believes in Jesus Christ and there follower is a Apostle they worship this person like he was God they said he’s the only one who could take you to God if you don’t accept the apostle you will burn in hell.

I was young I was 17 years old desperate. So I decided to follow then that’s went everything started going down the hill.

I meet this girl from that church and marry her at the beginning everything was good until I started doing wrong things again. I started drinking cheating partying. I did care for her but she was to attached to that church I couldn’t take it anymore I know it wasn’t right about that church I knew inside of me that the only one who deserves worship is God. So I walk away and left everything behind. I had 2 beautiful daughter with her.

I meet this other girl she was young and beautiful and party person like me so we started dating that’s went I started using very hard drugs.

I got addicted to cocaine and crack I was smoking and snoring a lot I was drinking taking extasis I was worst that before I was sleeping with prostitution I was turning very violent of the drugs I was using I was hitting my girlfriend I was coming back to the way I was before.

I became very Inresponsible I did not care I just wanted drugs party alcohol and girls. On day I came home from partying went I got home my girlfriend at the time left me she took my son and all of her stuff and left me she had a reason for leaving me I was very bad I remember that day I wanted to kill my self and I almost did something inside me told me not to do it that I was better than that I was being a coward I could not end my life just like that that God has something plan for me.

I said to myself I need to leave I need to start all over again. So I did the next day I pack all my stuff and left Wisconsin and drove all the way to Texas.

I had family in Texas I could start all over so I did. I got to Texas with a different way of thinking I told myself I was going to work change my life finishing school and become a better person.

I remember I got to Texas on June 25 2009 my family welcome me and told me all the opportunities I have to succeed I was exited ready but there were still something inside me that was missing.

So I started working thinking on the future and the thing I want to accomplish but here we go again I started knowing people and started partying and drinking and all the things I wanted to do got forgotten and my life took another fall down. I was the one with the problems I was the one that did not wanted to change but I did want to listen all I wanted once again is to have fun.

I was 25 years old with nothing accomplish in life just failure and failure one after another. I continued that life for a long time drugs alcohol partying. I meet my wife now and my relationship with her was full of lies I did not what her to know my life because I did not have a place to stay I had nothing left.

She open her heart to me and we started to be together we got married on December on 2012. She was by my side at all times supporting me but I did not see that all I saw was doing all the things i always do. She got pregnant of my daughter and I was very happy but I started cheating on her with another women that I meet. My wife found out and we got in a big argument and I accidentally hit her and she call the police and I got arrested and send to jail.

I was in jail for 30 days. I was in jail before but it was only for hours or couple day this time it was a whole month. It felt like I was there forever my days were long all I was thinking was in revenge.

I finally got off jail and I went to my family’s house. There my family talk to me but I did not listen. My now wife give me a chance to get back together and start all over but inside me all I wanted was revenge.

I did not saw my daughter being born. So we moved back together I started working to support my family and to look for a way to get revenge on her so I did I work hard and then I started having financial issues and problems in my marriage I wasn’t drinking or using drugs I was trying hard not to do it my wife and me lost everything we did not have anything so I decided to steal I started stealing and getting money I started buying stuff for the house for the family and I got caught I was send to jail but got out the same day. All the stuff I bought once again I lost it I was leaving in a hotel with my family we did not have no place to stay.

I was working in a restaurant making little money enough to buy food and pay the hotel. Then I found a better job and we got out the hotel to a apartment and we did not have nothing we lost everything all we had was our clothes.

It was very hard for me to pay all until this day is being hard. So if you remember I had a case open for the money I stole I was in probation and I had to make payments every month but I couldn’t pay it because off all the bills I had.

So I got arrested and send to prison I spend 6 months in prison.

It was very hard for me so hard I wanted to kill my self.

But God had something stored for me. Went I got there all I was thinking was my family and how hard was going to be for my daughter and wife.

I got there and meet some people inside prison that help me and show me how to survive.

I always was that person that tough I was tuff but there I felt nothing all the gangster I thought I was nothing inside there. I meet a young men he was a good person that just made a mistake he was a Muslim. I just to see him pray 5 times a day and I always admire him. I always thought Muslim was bad peoples who kill innocent person who don’t care for other life’s but I was wrong he was different than other.

He was there for a mistake but he was always happy trusting God that everything was going to be fine.

We became good friends and he spoke a little about Islam to me.

People just to judge him inside prison but he didn’t care he’s devotion was to God and only God.

Like I said before I thought all Muslim were bad person but I was wrong. I got out one year ago and that time God was working on me. I never forget my friend praying. Inside me for a long time I knew that all the prayers had to be to God that it wasn’t right to ask other characters of the Bible for salvation or other things. One year past and I was working on a restaurant and the owner is Muslim and I ask him were I could got to learn about Islam and he told me where to go.

So I did I took Shahada during this past Ramadan and is the best decision I could had made my life is changing my way of thinking my marriage change my love to other has change my way of looking at life has changed.

Now I want to go to school I want to become a Imam Mashallah I want to take Islam everywhere I want to speak of Islam to everyone my life is changing Inshallah I haven’t been so happy and peaceful in my entire life.

I will like to everyone to hear my story and I want to share with everyone so they don’t make the same mistake I made in life.

Please keep me in your prayers I really need them I’m still struggling on some issues of my past but there is nothing impossible for Allah.


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