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Warning Signs of Riyâ’ (Showing Off)

Certain actions do not directy fall under riyâ’ (doing good deeds to show off, instead of for the sake of Allah) but are the preliminary steps leading to it. They are like signs warning of the impending arrival of riyâ’. If a person finds himself involved in any of these actions, he should honestly question his motives in doing them in order to avoid actually falling into riyâ’. The following are some of the warning signs of riyâ.

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UK gets first Muslim bodybuilding champion

Man-mountain-who-eats-eight-meals-a-day-becomes-first-ever-MUSLIM-British-bodybuilding-championLONDON: Zack ‘King’ Khan, has won top national title of bodybuilding across the United Kingdom and became the first Muslim champion at the age of 33.

‘King’ Khan of Sheffield was a former boxer who diversified his attention on weightlifting following an injury which toured him to the World competing personality.

The boxer-turned-bodybuilder weighs 310lbs have fitness fanatic with 32inch thighs and daily intake of 5,000 calories lead him to win UK’s title after three-year returned followed by an injury after winning International Federation of Body Builders title in 2009. Read the rest of this entry

Duas for times of hardship and stress

By: Shaykh Abdul Karim Yahya

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