UK gets first Muslim bodybuilding champion

Man-mountain-who-eats-eight-meals-a-day-becomes-first-ever-MUSLIM-British-bodybuilding-championLONDON: Zack ‘King’ Khan, has won top national title of bodybuilding across the United Kingdom and became the first Muslim champion at the age of 33.

‘King’ Khan of Sheffield was a former boxer who diversified his attention on weightlifting following an injury which toured him to the World competing personality.

The boxer-turned-bodybuilder weighs 310lbs have fitness fanatic with 32inch thighs and daily intake of 5,000 calories lead him to win UK’s title after three-year returned followed by an injury after winning International Federation of Body Builders title in 2009.

He spends hours in the gym with tough exercises for maintaining his physique as it is not just a game of diet which keep his muscles in peak condition.

The British champion observes the laws of his Islam faith and said that he has never missed Friday prayers but always felt challenging condition in Ramadhan month when he has to consume the 5,000 calories he needs each during the hours of darkness.


He said that the hardest challenge of combining his faith and his career comes during Ramadan, when he has to consume the 5,000 calories he needs each during the hours of darkness.

Khan is currently present in Las Vegas for the Olympia Fitness and Performance Expo weekend.

Zack ‘King’ Khan’s vital statistics:

  • Off-season weight: 280lbs
  • Competition weight: 310lbs
  • Waist: 34″
  • Thigh: 32″ (each)
  • Chest: 61″
  • Height: 6ft
  • Training regime: Hours in the gym every day
  • Diet: Five 1,000-calorie meals every day


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