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This book, available in hardcover, is a comprehensive guide towards improving interpersonal skills and hence, enjoying life. The author has cited multiple examples from the Prophet’s biography as well as his own experience to illustrate the use of specific skills and the impact they can have upon others.

Enjoy Your Life: The Art of Interpersonal Relations as Exemplified in The Prophet’s Biography is a comprehensive guide towards improving interpersonal skills and hence, enjoying life. The author, Dr. Muhammad ‘Abdur-Rahmân al-‘Areefy, writes:

An enjoyable life entails learning and practicing multiple skills; the few who truly apply them savour the success that comes with it. Of course, atop the list of the successful is the chief of humanity, Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him). His entire life was an ocean of pearls that I have scattered throughout the pages of this book.

Enjoy Your Life! is not the product of an effort of a month or a year. Rather, it has resulted from the research that I devoted myself to for twenty years. I inscribed it with my tears, pouring my soul and squeezing my memories into it. I penned down various incidents involving the joy of our eyes – our first teacher, Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him). I highlighted his exceptional talents; his skills in dealing with people and enjoying his life.

Enjoy Your Life! contains personal memories, real-life experiences, and incidents that I have publicised for the first time – praying that Allah, the Exalted, makes them a source of benefit for you.

Enjoy Your Life! contains words that are straight from my heart, hoping to find a place in yours. It is the dearest and most beloved of my books. I ask Allah, the Exalted, to benefit others with it, make this effort solely for His sake, and amply reward all those who have contributed to spread it.

This book was translated into English for our readers by Mohammad Elshinawy.

Free Islamic Pumphlets


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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1- What is the Purpose of Life?
Text Version :
PDF Version :

2- Islam Q&A
Text Version :
PDF Version :

3- About Islam
Text Version :
PDF Version :

4- The Concept of God in Islam
Text Version :
PDF Version :

5- Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
Text Version :
PDF Version :

6- Jesus (PBUH) in Islam
Text Version :
PDF Version :

7- The Qur’an – The Final Revelation
Text Version :…
PDF Version :

8- Prophethood in Islam
Text Version :
PDF Version :

9- The Five Pillars of Islam
Text Version :
PDF Version :

10- The Hijab
Text Version :…
PDF Version :

11- Misconceptions About Islam
Text Version :
PDF Version :

12- Women’s Rights in Islam
Text Version :
PDF Version :

13- Science in Islam
Text Version :
PDF Version :

14- Islam is not a Religion of Extremism
Text Version :…/
PDF Version :

15- The Burqa & Niqab
Text Version :…/
PDF Version :

16- Death & the Hereafter in Islam
Text Version :…/
PDF Version :

17- The Mercy of Allah (God)
Text Version :
PDF Version :

18- The Importance of Prayer
Text Version :
PDF Version :

19- The Dangers of Riba (Interest)
Text Version :
PDF Version :

20- Islam for Kids
PDF Version :

21- Traps of Satan
Text Version :
PDF Version :

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10262195_472037989595988_3277870380215769959_nDESCRIPTION OF PARADISE
What is in paradise and what have been said about paradise?
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The Muslim Home – 40 Recommendations In The Light Of The Qur’an And Sunnah

1146517_433012996801567_1243719047_nThe Muslim Home – 40 Recommendations In The Light Of The Qur’an And Sunnah by : Muhammad Salih al-Munajjid
This booklet presents the necessary advice about building up such a home. Acquiring this information would enable you to make of your home the most enjoyable place for yourself and your family. … download from here
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Deeds Of The Heart – Reliance Upon Allaah (SWT)

1656125_433021586800708_715548696_nDeeds Of The Heart – Reliance Upon Allaah (SWT)
by : Muhammad Saleh al-Munajjid
The issue of the deeds of the hearts is an immensely important subject, and this is why many scholars have written countless books on the subject – in order to remind and encourage people to perform them. These deeds require sacrifice and exertion because one’s salvation is dependant on them; moreover, the deeds of the limbs will not be performed if these of the heart are absent. …
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The Garden Of Abu Talhah

1920112_432687086834158_1995092949_nThe Garden Of Abu Talhah
by : Muhammad Saleh al-Munajjid
When the verse“Never will you attain the good reward [or righteousness] until you spend [in the way of Allaah] from that which you love” was revealed, Abu Talhah, may Allaah be pleased with him, went to the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam and said: ‘O Messenger of Allaah! Allaah has revealed this, and the dearest of my wealth is Bayr-Haa’, (which was a garden that the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam like…d to visit, sit in the shade of its trees and drink from its well) I am giving it up for the sake of Allaah and His Messenger hoping for its reward in the Hereafter, so use it in whichever way Allaah likes.” …
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[The Jinn & Human Sickness] Remedies In The Light Of The Qur’an & Sunnah

1959356_432690996833767_1046975640_n[The Jinn & Human Sickness] Remedies In The Light Of The Qur’an & Sunnah by : Dr. Abu’l Mundhir Khaleel
The subject of the jinn is one which is of interest to many people. Folk stories abound, and many superstitious practices have arisen in Muslim cultures with regard to protection against the jinn. … download from here
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[Al-Istiqaamah] Uprightness & Steadfastness

1794617_430930593676474_918200845_n[Al-Istiqaamah] Uprightness & Steadfastness
by : Taalib ibn Tyson Al’Britaanee
a topic which we all are in need of ; due to our slack and laziness we have with regards to our Deen (Religion.) Due to the importance of the topic, I don’t think that my Khutba even covered even half of the topic and even gave the topic its due right, due to the topic being lengthy.  …
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[Al-Qadaa And Al-Qadar] Fate And Destiny

1907575_430169807085886_771619833_n[Al-Qadaa And Al-Qadar] Fate And Destiny
by : Muhammad Metwalli Al-Sharawii
The meaning of Al-Qadaa and Al-Qadar: when mentioned separately both mean the predestination (pre-decree) of an action or event. When used together Al -Qadar refers to the pre-decree of an action or event before it occurs and Al-Qadaa refers to the act or event after it took place. If our actions are already pre-decreed, where is the free will? Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala sent Messengers to guide ma…nkind to the truth, and we are given the choice of believing and obeying the command or rejecting the truth. Allah already knows which path we will take, as it is recorded in the Lawh Al-Mahfuz.
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Our Belief Concerning The Sahabah

1924589_429383093831224_1049082387_nOur Belief Concerning The Sahabah
by : Abdul-Muhsin Al-Abbad
Allâh (SWT) chose for accompanying him and taking knowledge from him a people who are the best of this nation, which is itself the best of all nations. Allâh (SWT) honored them by allowing them to ac-company His Prophet (saw). He favored them in this worldly life by giving them the opportunity to see him and hear his hadîth directly from his noble mouth… …
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Help Yourself In Reading Holy Qur’an (Arabic – English)

1899907_427556744013859_632913651_nHelp Yourself In Reading Holy Qur’an (Arabic – English)
by : Qari Abdussalam
It is a guide for learning to read the Arabic of the Qur’an in a simple way through transliteration without a teacher. After mastering this guide , one will be able to read Qur’an without any difficulties  inchAllah. …
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40 Hadeeth On The Islamic Personality

1656299_427902583979275_351817976_n40 Hadeeth On The Islamic Personality
by : Shaykh Alee Hasan Abdul Hameed
This is a concise book which contains forty authentic ahadîth from the fine sayings of the Chosen Prophet (salAllâhu ‘alaihi wa’sallam) which I gathered as a reminder for myself and my brothers. They contain guidance for cultivation of souls, purification of the hearts and refinement of character….
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The Sword Of Allah: Khalid Bin Al-Waleed

1013307_426942247408642_1033157006_nThe Sword Of Allah: Khalid Bin Al-Waleed
by : Lieutenant-General A.I. Akram of the Pakistan Army
Khalid bin Al-Waleed was one of the greatest generals in history, and one of the greatest heroes of Islam. Besides him, Genghis Khan was the only other general to remain undefeated in his entire military life….
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The Message Of Islam

1800300_425907794178754_1026901739_nThe Message Of Islam
by : Abdurrahman al-Sheha
Islam is the religion which agrees with the natural disposition of man. It urges Muslims and calls them to ask about things that are incomprehensible to them, through the consultation of competent and knowledgeable authorities. In Islam there are no obscure or mysterious things; it allows us to ask about everything. By nature, humans have many questions in their minds that require logical and clear answers, and the Qur’an pro…vides such answers.
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The True Religion Of God

1907586_425911547511712_522288502_nThe True Religion Of God
by : Dr. Bilal Philips
A beautiful book for non-Muslims which takes a look at the criteria used to find the true religion of God. …
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What Must Be Known About Islam?

1901658_425910497511817_1594084145_nWhat Must Be Known About Islam
by : Muhammad Bin Ali Al-Arfaj
This beautiful book goes over the fundamental five pillars of Islam in detail followed by the …Tafsir of certain chapters of the Noble Quran and a discussion about marriage.
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The End of the World ( Signs of the Hour _ Major and Minor)

1555428_420677678035099_890924270_nThe End of the World ( Signs of the Hour _ Major and Minor) by : Dr. Muhammad Al-Areefi
In recent times things have become very confusing and we have begun to see in book stores and on websites speculations about future events, based on ayah and hadeeths which refer to these future events concerning the signs of the Hour. Sometimes you hear about the appearance of the Mahdi, sometimes you hear that the final battle between the Good and the Evil is close at hand, other time …you hear some thing happening in the East or in the West. So, learn about the Final hour and it signs by reading this book which is backed by proofs from Quran and Hadith.
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Love of Allah

7743_416744915095042_429304909_nLove of Allah

by : Mashari Al-Kharraz

As the author notes about our Creator, ’The sweetness of this life lies in remembering Him, the sweetness of the next life lies in seeing Him! The next time you proceed for prayer, go because you love Him, go because you miss Him and long to be with Him. Feel your heart flutter. Only then, will you be on your way to attaining that inner peace and comfort Salah was prescribed for.’

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The Foundations of Faith in the Light of the Qur’an and the Sunnah

untitledThe Foundations of Faith in the Light of the Qur’an and the Sunnah
by : Group of Scholars

This is a summarized book in which the Muslim finds the rules of the Islamic faith which he has to know. It is prepared by many sheikhs as Sh. Saleh As-Suhaimi and Sh. Abdur-Rrazzaq Al-Abbad. It is reviewed by Sh. Ali ibn Muhammad Naser Faqihi.

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Hifz Memorization of Qur’an

1560667_416167071819493_1117481423_nby : Dr. Safwat Mustafa Halilovic

Translated from Bosnian by Tajib Pasanbegovic

Why does one memorize the Qur’an? Who was the first hafiz of the Qur’an?
Do the people who have memorized the Qur’an possess some special characteristics?
What are the obligations of the hafiz towards the Qur’an and the Ummah?
How can one become a hafiz and how much time does he/she require to accomplish that?
Does the method of memorization in Bosnia differ from the method practiced in other parts of the world?
The answers to these and many other questions, along with specific advices and examples, you will find on the pages of this book.

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A Mercy for all That Exists

1468534_402172576552276_1009240033_nProphet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is the best role model for all humankind. Among his outstanding virtues and characteristics, he was an extraordinary husband, a perfect father, and a unique grandfather. He was also a great statesman, judge, and spiritual leader. His most distinctive quality, however, was the fact that he was a blessing to all in both word and deed.

by : Al-Tijani Mohammed Siddique 

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You Ask and the Quran Answers

1463765_401976756571858_1853244809_nThis is a small book in which it answers 32 questions through Qur’anic verses. It answers questions about Allah, the true creator, previous nations, meaning of worship, saving Quran from corruption, Prophet Muhammad and Prophet Jesus (peace be upon them), the Hereafter and destination of both believers and disbelievers.

by : Mohammed Bin Yahya Al-Taum

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What You Should Do In The Following Situations?

1477949_399931493443051_346760098_nWhat You Should Do In The Following Situations?
by : Muhammad Salih Al-Munajjid

The Muslim may be faced with a number of emergency situations in his life, where he needs an immediate answer as to how he should act in that particular situation. In most cases, however, it is not possible to look for or ask about the appropriate Islamic rulings at that time.

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Fundamental Shi’ite Beliefs

1460246_397644580338409_2071643073_nFundamental Shi’ite Beliefs
by : Abdullah ibn Muhammad As-Salafi

An important book shows the corrupt belief of Shi’ites. The author said in the introduction, “I wrote this book for a number of reasons including: (1) The increased efforts of the Shi’ites to spread their ideology in the Muslim world. (2) The danger of this deviant sect poses on Islam. (3) The ignorance of many Muslims about the danger of this deviant sect. (4) The corrupt Aqeedah (belief system) of the Shi’ites, which includes polytheism, defamation of the Quran and defamation of the Companions of the Prophet, may Allah be pleased with them all. (5) Their extreme beliefs in relation to their imams.”

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The Key to Happiness

1471946_397646880338179_2063069949_nThe Key to Happiness
by : AbdulRahman Bin Abdulkarim Al-Sheha

This book addresses an important subject, The only way to achieve true happiness is Islam and call for the faith in Allah and His angels, His Books, His Messengers, the Last Day, and destiny.

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Diseases of the Hearts & Their Cures

524045_397642610338606_436523438_nDiseases of the Hearts & Their Cures
by : Sheikh-ul-Islam ibn Taymiyyah

Actions are distinguished, one from the other, with respect to their excellence in the Sight of Allaah in accordance with the condition of the heart, not by their number or form, but rather due to the strength of the caller, his truthfulness, his sincerity and the extent to which he prefer Allaah over himself…

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The Evil of Craving For Wealth & Status

1472810_397631930339674_2028626856_nThe Evil of Craving For Wealth & Status
by : Ibn Rajab Al-Hanbali

An excellent book , warning us about the dangers of expending our energies in chasing after the transitory things of this world at the expense of the rewards of the Hereafter.

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Forty Encounters with the Beloved Prophet (Blessings and Peace Be upon Him): His Life, Manners and Characteristics

1460014_396272877142246_1558435833_nForty Encounters with the Beloved Prophet (Blessings and Peace Be upon Him): His Life, Manners and Characteristics

by : Adel ibn Ali Al-Shiddy

these encounters in a brief and simple way in order to present Muslims with a glimpse of Prophet Muhammad -pbuh-, his guidance and some of the aspects which made him a role model

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The Muslim Creed – ’Aqeedatut-Tahaawiyyah

1456619_395446107224923_300413527_nThe Muslim Creed – ’Aqeedatut-Tahaawiyyah

by : Abu Jafar at-Tahawi

This is an exposition of the beliefs Of Ahl us Sunnah wal Jama’h in accordance with the way of the jurists Of Islam: Abu Hanifa al-Nu’man bin thabit Al-kufi, Abu Yusuf Ya’qub bin Ibrahim AI-Ansari, Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin AI-Hasan Al-Shaibani (May Allah be pleased with them all) and this is what they believe about the fundamentals of the religion and the belief they profess about the Creator of the worlds.

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The Wisdom behind the Islamic Laws Regarding Women

1150347_393764664059734_1902160178_nThe Wisdom behind the Islamic Laws Regarding Women
by : Abdur-Rahman Abdul-Khaliq

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Human Rights in Islam and Common Misconceptions

1454833_393765444059656_218395353_nHuman Rights in Islam and Common Misconceptions
by : AbdulRahman Bin Abdulkarim Al-Sheha

In this booklet the author address human rights in the light of perfectly balanced system of laws and principles of Islam. These rights are bases on revelations from the Divine Book of Muslims, the Glorious Qur’an and from the Sunnah, the practice of Allah’s Messenger -pbuh- the two main sources of Islamic life and jurisprudence.

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Don’t be Sad

1385381_393765950726272_832084638_nDon’t be Sad
by : Aaed ibn Abdullah al-Qarni

At a time in which the Muslims are beset with trials from every periphery and within, comes this heartening book rooted in the commandments of Allah (swt), the Sunnah and the excellent guidance and examples of the Muslims that have come before us.
Don’t Be Sad is an absolute must-read for all people. It is full of practical advice on how to replace sadness with a pragmatic and ultimately satisfying Islamic outlook on life. It exposes to the modern reader how Islam teaches us to deal with the tests and tribulations of this world.

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How Do I Repent?

1013356_391827624253438_880408244_nHow Do I Repent?

Prophet Muhammad –pbuh- said: (All mankind are mistaker, and the best mistakers are those who make repentance) narrated by Al-Turmuthe.
This booklet is small in size yet it is great in value. It shows the reality of repentance and the way leading to it.

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Ways to instigate the Love of Allah

1380267_391826797586854_2108826036_nWays to instigate the Love of Allah

How we can be loved by Allah?

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Who Wrote The Quran?

603137_391812604254940_14365134_nWho Wrote The Quran?
by : The Memphis Dawah Team

A proof that the Qur’an is from God and that Muhammad is a Messenger of God.

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The Bible, The Qur’an and Science

1385943_391236077645926_79518812_nThe Bible, The Qur’an and Science
by : Dr. Maurice Bucaille

In his objective study of the texts, Maurice Bucaille clears away many preconceived ideas about the Old Testament, the Gospels and the Qur’an. He tries, in this collection of Writings, to separate what belongs to Revelation from what is the product of error or human interpretation. His study sheds new light on the Holy Scriptures. At the end of a gripping account, he places the Believer before a point of cardinal importance: the continuity of a Revelation emanating from the same God, with modes of expression that differ in the course of time.

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Promised Prophet of the Bible

1377506_391239647645569_2140522365_nPromised Prophet of the Bible
by : Munqidh Bin Mahmoud Assaqqar

Extract from book, ‘ There is no doubt that the prophet-hood of our prophet Muhammad (saw) is one of two important tasks that the Muslim is carrying to humanity. Muslims believe that to prove the prophet-hood of Muhammad (saw) is one of many essential tasks in their religion; therefore, it is a compulsory duty for Muslims to present this evidence and proof.

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The Qur’an & Modern Science

1382814_391233964312804_1299650920_nThe Qur’an & Modern Science
by : Dr Zakir Naik

Ever since the dawn of human life on this planet, Man has always sought to understand Nature, his own place in the scheme of Creation and the purpose of Life itself. In this quest for Truth, spanning many centuries and diverse civilizations, organized religion has shaped human life and determined to a large extent, the course of history. While some religions have been based on books, claimed by their adherents to be divinely inspired, others have relied solely on human experience and proof.

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The Life of Isa ( Jesus ) -peace be upon him- in Light of Islam

560001_391240254312175_273415158_nThe Life of Isa ( Jesus ) -peace be upon him- in Light of Islam
by : Ahmad Musa Jibril

His personality has impacted the three major religions of this world, namely Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Given the importance of his time on earth, it is critical for mankind to fully understand his pivotal role in shaping history as well as the final days.

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The Evils of the Tongue

1375989_391126410990226_849505813_nThe Evils of the Tongue

Various Prohibitions regarding Speech.

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The Declaration of Faith

1384155_390764451026422_401261149_nThe Declaration of Faith
by : Saleh Bin Fawzaan al-Fawzaan

The testimony of “Laa ilaaha ill-Allah”, its meaning, prerequisites, conditions, and fruits.

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Dealing With Lust And Greed According To Islam

1394450_388540861248781_1425556739_nby : Sheikh Abd al-Hamid Kishk

According to the teachings of Al-Islam, the desires and appetites play a vital part in the makeup of every human being; they cannot be ignored. The children of Adam, unlike the angels, face the challenge in this life of mastering these forces within us. If we fail to do so, then we become the servants of our appetites and thus fall below the level of the animal kingdom.

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Islam Is…: An Introduction To Islam & Its Principles

1391880_388100024626198_1361726207_nThe name Islam is universal in meaning. Islam is not named after a tribe of people or an individual, as Judaism is named after the tribe of Judah, Christianity after Christ and Buddhism after Buddha. Islam is not a name chosen by human beings; it was divinely communicated from God. Islam is a global faith, not of the East or the West. Islam is a complete way of life, implying total submission to God. One who surrenders his or her will to God, voluntarily, is called a Muslim. It was not Muhammad (SAW) but Adam (S.A) who first brought Islam to humanity.

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The Clash of Civilisations – an Islamic View

1383621_10152268483744838_1187045752_n“The Clash of Civilisations – an Islamic View”
Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips
In a time when Muslims in the West live in an environment of turmoil and difficulty facing new challenges daily, they encounter a cultural dilemma, a clash of the Islamic and Western civilisations. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to know the foundations of these cultures, the differences between them as well as understanding Islam correctly taken from its pure sources. In this book, the author highlights these aspects of the two cultures whilst also giving a detailed explanation of the core beliefs of Islam.
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Rulings Of (Udhiyah) Sacrifice

Udhiyah refers to the animal (camel, cattle or sheep) that is sacrificed as an act of worship to Allaah, in the country in which the person offering the sacrifice lives, during the period from after the Eid prayer on the Day of Nahr (Eid al-Adhaa) until the last of the Days of Tashreeq (the 13 th day of Dhu’l-Hijjah), with the intention of offering sacrifice. Udhiyah is one of the great rituals of Islam, in which we remember the Unity of Allaah, His blessings upon us and the obedience of our father Ibraaheem to his Lord, and in this act of udhiyah there is much goodness and blessing. So the Muslim must pay attention to its great importance. This book is a brief look at this important ritual.

by : Sheikh Muhammad Salih al-Monajjid
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Top 10 Reasons Why Jesus Christ Is Not God – Free download

1380330_384867874949413_322390806_nTop 10 Reasons Why Jesus Christ Is Not God
by : Joshua Evans (reverted brother)

A marvelous episode from the about the top ten reasons why Jesus (peace be upon him) is not a god. Brother Joshua Evans confirms that he can mention additional reasons along with what he said and that the reasons are not confined to these ten reasons. They are here in a descending order:

10- God cannot be born.
9- No explicit statement in which Jesus said, “I’m God” or “Worship me”.
8- No one can see God in this life.
7- Jesus never taught the Trinity.
6- God does not sleep, eat, drink, etc. Jesus slept, ate, drank, etc.
5- Jesus does not know everything.
4- Jesus explicitly states that he is not God.
3- The Bible does not call Jesus the son of God alone.
2- God cannot change. He is perfect.
1- God is the essence of the worship. He is the object of worship. Had Jesus been God, he would have told people to worship him. Truly, he did the exact opposite as in Matthew 15:9.

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Truly And Falsely Jesus In The Bible – Free download

1392802_384866661616201_790488379_nTruly And Falsely Jesus In The Bible
by : Saleh Ali Alsobiyl

This book brings together these two biblical images of Jesus, examines them, explores their difference and answers the questions that may rise regarding them such as:

– What are the sources of Truly and Falsely Jesus?
– Why and how did Falsely Jesus appear?
– What title can be given to those who hang the image of Falsely Jesus in their hearts?
– When does the truth come out and falseness come to an end?
– Can the faith in Falsely Jesus benefit the one who believe in such Jesus?
– What is the relation between salvation and Jesus?
– What is the destiny of a person who relies on this false understanding?
– How can we find the correct way to God, And how can we be sure of it?
– What are the conditions of Salvation?

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Allah Exalted Be He And Why Man Was Created ? – Free Download

1374296_384865491616318_1009653025_nAllah Exalted Be He And Why Man Was Created ?
by : Sayed Mahmoud Hamed

Conveying Islamic Message Society has received from some Muslims in the European countries questions asked by the so- called Christian missionaries.

Those questions are:

1. Who is Allah?
2. How to reach Allah and how to be faithful to Him?
3. What is the way to paradise?
4. Have you done all the deeds necessary to enter paradise?
5. How then do we enter paradise by His grace and mercy only?
6. How can Allah be merciful and just at the same time?
These questions were concluded by the statement “Jesus is God’s Sacrifice”

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Highlights On The Meaning Of Al-Fatiha, The Opening Chapter Of The Muslims’ Glorious Book, Al-Qur’an – Free Download

1392094_384856851617182_1439577441_nHighlights On The Meaning Of Al-Fatiha, The Opening Chapter Of The Muslims’ Glorious Book, Al-Qur’an
by : Dr. Salah Edin A Nefeily

This book on the Opening Chapter of the Muslims’ glorious book Al-Qur’an is a serious attempt to approach a great task. It deals with the chapter or ‘sura’ known to Muslims as ‘Al-Fatiha’, which is described by Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) as the greatest sura of the Al-Qur’an. Al-Bay’haqi, one of the greatest Muslims scholars explains that Al-Fatiha sums up the Qur’an and the Qur’an sums up all the books revealed to prophets before Islam. In this sense, the sura introduces the basics of belief, worship and conduct, which lead to the betterment of human beings at large.

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The Easy Dictionary Of The Qur’an – Free download

1374139_384851471617720_1644443281_nThe Easy Dictionary Of The Qur’an
by : Shaikh AbdulKarim Parekh

The Qur’an is the final revealed Book that contains the message of guidance from Allah for all humankind. Accordingly, the salvation as well as worldly welfare of the entire humanity depends upon following the guidance ordained in this Divine Book

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Four Key Concepts From The Qur’an – Free download

1379799_384852421617625_16300281_nFour Key Concepts From The Qur’an
by : M. Mawdudi

Ilah, Rabb, Deen and ’Ibadah, are four terms basic to the whole teaching of the Qur’an

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Treaties Zakat and Fasting- Free e-book

1380245_383915881711279_884400563_nImportant Issues On Zakat And Fasting
by : Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz

This is a booklet that briefly addresses the rulings of Fasting, including a clarification of the categories of people relative to the obligation of fasting, the immeasurable benefits of fasting, and things that nullify fasting. We will also address the benefits and rulings pertaining to Zakaah.

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Choose Your Path – Book

1240169_378985188871015_990917270_nThis book divided into five chapters; as follows: Chapter I: Where Am I Come from? Proof God is One and only.
Chapter II: Proving Prophet Muhammad’s Prophethood
Chapter III: Some Characteristics of Islam
Chapter IV: The Result According to Belief or Disbelief
Chapter V: What Is Next? Concluded this book with an answer.

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