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How to Control Sexual Desires before Marraige?

Question: I have strong sexual desires but can’t get married at the moment. I try to fast but I keep having these desires and sometimes feel like acting on my desires. Can you advise me how I can stop?
Answer Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh May Allah Almighty keep you in His protection. Here below are some suggestions in your dilema:
• Try to be punctual with Islamic injunctions such as daily prayers, Quranic recitations, dhikr and duas
• Abstain from all forms of obscenity, nudity, pornography and sinful interaction with the opposite gender
… • Attempt to fast constantly in the proper sense by not only abstaining from food and drink, rather all sinful activities
• Stay in the company of the pious as much as possible
• Keep yourself occupied in good so your mind does not drift off to something impermissible
• Make duas and efforts to get married at your earliest May Allah Almighty keep us all protected with morality, modesty and guidance. And Allah knows best.