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“The Office”-Poet Joel Hayward

The Office

My car windscreen grill too full of nature

Collects blossoms pink from a shadowless tree

The shortest of brothers shoulder to shoulder

Where I park in the mornings and prepare

For my day with unspoken prayer and a glance

In the mirror from which deep blue and gold

Hangs a pendant with two names in glass

Yours and his and a blizzard-blue tassel

Almighty and Prophet etched in elegance

Meaning known to me and no other parkers

My symbol of belonging, for me not for them

My thoughts walk from my car to my office

With the day and the names two steps ahead

And I sit at my desk and gaze at the book

Words climb from two flower-framed pages

Politely letting a black ribbon rest for the day

While they nudge each other from right to left

And I lift my eyes from Your gift to us all

Through glass still wearing winter’s stains

To where pink popcorn droops above the car

A sweet taste of the creation made in six days

Planned wisdom fills my mind in the morning

Yet drips wasted from my mouth as a leak

I sigh prayers to replace it whenever I notice

My humanity and the whisperer darkening

Dreams of Jannah in all-year blossom

And I walk at the end with smaller thoughts

To the car bursting with names (and a tassel)

And drive to where they ask what I did

The reply, oh you know, same as always,

Is truer than they could possibly know