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you still sad!? let’s have faith ♥


Are you going through a difficult time in life? Stressed about work? Marriage? Parents? Money? We all stress about different things. That’s just life. The important thing is how we deal with it.

“Allah puts no burden on any person beyond what He has given him. After a difficulty, Allah will soon grant relief”

(The Holy Quran 65:7)

What a beautiful and comforting Ayah. Let’s have faith 🙂


One thing you have to accept is that
when you strive in the path of Allah,
there will be many tests. Regardless of
what it is that you are doing, you will
always have critics. Reason being, they
… know that you’re doing well and thus
they dislike your success. People are
going to hate, they’re going to argue,
they’ll try their best to discourage you.
But don’t become light hearted.
Remember they are a tool of shaytaan,
more than anything shaytaan dislikes
your striving in the path of Allah, and
so he will also try his best to prevent
you from attaining Allah’s pleasure.
Don’t give up. Allah is with you, and
He’s your strongest defense. Push your
worries away and learn to have faith in

Stressed about work