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Colonel Amiruddin Sahib (Amir of Canada)


Colonel Amiruddin Sahib R.A the Amir of Canada, passed away at the age of 99 in Toronto (Innaa Lillahi Wa Innaa Ilayhi Rajioon).

He converted over 5500 people to Islam and said he stopped counting to maintain his sincerity.

He was a man of complete sincerity, a shining light in these dark times. For over 55 years of his life he traveled more than 72 countries, spending whatever he earned in his life in the path of Allah .He practice was to go in the path of Allah for about 8 months in a year and spends 4 months with his family.

Colonel Amiruddin Sahab RA born to a Scottish lady, Ella Allen later to become Halima Farid ud-Din, who converted to Islam when she was 16 years old after dreaming of the Kaaba. she married Nawab Farid ud-Din Khan a descendent of the prophet SAW two years later while he was in Scotland.

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