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Why not Pork?? Do you know why Muslims do not eat pork ?

Do you know why Muslims do not eat pork ??? 🤔🤔

German person, asked me why do not you eat pork? Why do Muslims not eat pork? He asked me to explain to him one reason scientifically and not religiously, he asked me to have a convincing answer if I can!
I said to him: Give me one hour and give you the answer in German and explain the reason scientifically, God willing. So I searched the Internet and browsed a lot of scientific pages English, German and international ..
And if shocked by a report I found at the German site:
The source is the German Commission for Food Standards Control. The following is a useful summary of pork:
* The pig eats the dead (his wound) and if his father.
* Pig eats almost everything: urine and even your urine! The residue of other animals, the dirt that was wet, the swollen Jeff eating, the raw plants and wet wet.
* Pig percentage of body toxins more than 30 times of lamb meat.
* Pig does not sweat! Wipe it like sponge absorbs all dirt! This is a disaster in itself.
* When eating lamb meat takes from 6 to 9 hours to digest it when the liver absorbs a small amount of toxins in a large time, while pork takes from one to two hours and in this the liver is covered and soaked in toxins!
* The male pig is homogenous with any daba and if it is male, which makes him pregnant.
* After 3 hours of killing pig only worms come out of his body!
* There are worms in the body of the pig does not die even after cooking or roasting!
* Cooked pork takes 6 hours. Pork can not be roasted where it continues to melt until it disappears, and this is similar to human flesh,
* Pork is used in cosmetic surgery as an alternative to human skin, and those who do the tattoo (tattoo) tattoo on the skin of a pig before the skin of the customer.
* There is blood coagulated in the head of the pig because he is the only creature who does not lift his head up.
* Pig hair is still only burned! Roast!
* Pig does not smell jellied before eating it! But empties the nostrils of his nose to eat if it is clean, then eat it.
I sent this report to him with his source to this person and if he refrains from eating pork again ….. And if he also publishes this report in all German pages under the title Why do not Muslims eat pork!

This publication discusses scientifically the one who is not a Muslim, but we do not read the text of the readers …. God Almighty said ((deprived of dead and blood and pork)) Please commented admirably to the grain until the continued arrival of publications to your page if Blake to Jarob (Abdomen worshipers of God) 👍👍👍🌹🌹🌹👍👍👍

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