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Ramadhan A date with – Dr. Zakir Naik

Is fasting obligatory upon all Muslims?

Purpose of Ramadan – Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

Forgiving Others – Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

How To Give Dawah To Muslims – Shaykh Hamza Yusuf | Amazing

How To Give Dawah To Muslims – Shaykh Hamza Yusuf | Amazing

Shaykh Hamza Yusuf explains the methods we should implement when inviting others back to Islam. He uses example from the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

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Fasting is a higher state of consciousness

The Comprehensive Fiqh of Fasting

The Reality Of The Music Industry

Who is the Almighty Allah | Powerful Speech

Cure For Pride and Arrogance

Day Of Judgement ᴴᴰ | Powerful Islamic Reminder

Muslim Contributions to the Modern World

Muslim Contributions to the Modern World”, a lecture at George Mason University by the author of Lost Islamic History.

Topics discussed include Muslim scientific achievements, art and architecture, and how Islamic thought influenced the development of the United States.


Seeking Knowledge in the Light of Islam by Dr Zakir Naik

Salaahuddeen Al Ayubi’s Final Moments ᴴᴰ ┇ Emotional ┇


20 Most common questions about Islam | Dr Zakir Naik

Unity in Faith

What is the differences of the Shia and Sunni?

#‎Islam‬ – Reducing Hatred and Bringing Communities Together

time to start forgiving each other and working together so we can create a better world.
Islam – Reducing Hatred and Bringing Communities Together.

The Master of the Kingdom – Powerful Quran

The Master of the Kingdom – Powerful Quran

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Time to wake up! Sheikh Hamza Yusuf

Bible is its own worst enemy , I can’t think of better one – C.Dennis Mckinsey

What If DEATH Texted You – Short Islamic Film [HD]

How to Give Shahadah in 10 Minutes ?

Original Sin – The Islamic Perspective

In this video Yusha Evans discusses the concept of the original sin from the Islamic perspective and the ten ways to expiate your sins in Islam.


Shot Outside The Masjid – Emotional – True Story

Shaykh AbdulBary Yahya relates his personal story about his own father who was shot in front of the Masjid. May Allah (SWT) grant his father Jannatul …

Why Boonaa Mohammed started practicing Islam?

Holy Quran – Surah Maryam (Saint Mary)- English translation

Surah Maryam
In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
Kaf, Ha Ya, ‘Ain, Sad 1 (1) This is a narration of your Lord’s mercy to His servant Zakariyya, 
(2) When he called his Lord in a low voice. 
(3) He said, “My Lord, I am in a state that bones in my body have turned feeble, and the head has flared up grey with old age, and I never remained, My Lord, unanswered in my prayer to You. 
(4) I fear (my) kinsmen after me, 2 and my wife is barren, so bless me with an heir, from Your own side, 
(5) Who inherits me and inherits the house of Ya‘qub. And make him, My Lord, a favourite one.”  Read the rest of this entry

“What is your view on the concepts of Shiite and Sunni, and, what is your view on the Islamic government of Iran?”

Zakatul Fitr an obligation on All the muslims

Is the Bible God’s Word?

A great debate between Sheikh Ahmed Deedat and Jimmy Swaggart and the topic was “Is the Bible God’s Word?” It took place in U.S.A at the University of Louisiana, It’s Worth seeing Don’t miss it. Please Share With Ur Non Muslim Friends

Can one have sex during ramadhan?

Why Ramadhan Is called month of forgiveness?

Abdul Rahim Green, How i came to Islam? – Amazing Journey

Can European Human Rights tolerate Sharia and other religious laws?

The controversial and frank debate on whether European Human Rights can tolerate Sharia, religious conscience and religious practices of minorities living in the West can be seen here:

In case people were having problems viewing the debate video on my website, I’ve reposted this status with a link direct to youtube.

Non-Muslim Rights in the Ottoman Empire – Islamic History

(continued via lostislamic history)

“What’s the purpose of life?”

Have you ever truly asked yourself “What’s the purpose of life?” Every person at one point in his or her life must have thought about this serious question, and if your reading this now is a great opportunity for the most important question in your life to be answered in this weeks episode of TheDeenShow with Eddie’s guest John yahya ederer. Enjoy!

what does being hindu means & the difference b/w Shia and Sunni

Take care of your soul!


Islam & the Modern world – Shaikh Khalid yasin

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The Proof That Islam Is The Truth – Abdul Rahim Green

In this episode  Abdur Raheem Green talks about the proof of Islam, what is proof?, what is faith?, when I say we can prove that Islam is the truth what do I mean by that? Some people would already look at that as a type of oxymoron.

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Passion of Jesus (PBUH): Son of Saint Mary – Questions & Answers

Title: Passion of Jesus (Peace be upon): Son of Mary – Questions & Answers Session
Language: English
The Lecture by: Abdurraheem Green

Short Summary of Lecture:

Excellent talk given by Abdur Raheem Green about the mythological and the historical Jesus. This lecture also sheds some light on how this mythological Jesus, the doctrines of the trinity and original sin came about as well as how the early Christians were not concerned with the alleged death and resurrection of Jesus. The information mentioned in this lecture is from mostly Christian scholars and historians

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Abdul Rahim Green:The Truth About Jesus Christ (PBUH)

The Truth about Jesus Christ (Peace be upon him)

Islam Vs Terrorism

Islam Denounces Terrorism

Those who make mischief in the earth, theirs is the curse.- [The Qur’an, Surah ar-R’ad 25]

Religion commands love, mercy and peace. Terror, on the other hand, is the opposite of religion; it is cruel, merciless and demands bloodshed, murder and misery. This being the case, the origins of a terrorist act should be sought in disbelief rather than in religiousness. The origins should be sought in fascist, communist, racist or materialist outlook on life. The name or the identity of the triggerman is not important. If he can kill innocent people without blinking an eye, then he is an unbeliever, not a believer. He is a murderer with no fear of Allah, whose main ambition is to shed blood and to cause harm.
For this reason, “Islamic terror” is an erroneous concept which contradicts Islam’s message. The religion of Islam by no means countenances terror. On the contrary, terror (i.e. murders committed against innocent people) in Islam is a great crime and Muslims are responsible for preventing these acts and bringing peace and justice to the world.

Reasons and Proof that Jesus Christ PBUH is not God

Islam and the 21st Century [Historic Oxford Debate UK]

Misconceptions and Misunderstandings About Islam

Similarities between Islam and Christianity

Ramadhan Preparation

Islam in the Bible !! Must watch..

Can we celebrate the Halloween Valentine and New year??