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Assalam Alaikum Warahamatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

“La ilaha illallahu Muhammadur rasulullah”.

“I bear witness that there is no deity (none truly to be worshipped) but, Allah, and I bear witness that Mohammad is the Messenger of Allah.

‘The true servants of the Most Merciful are those who behave gently and with humility on earth, and whenever the foolish quarrel with them, they reply with [words of] peace.’ (Holy Quran Sura, al-Furqan 25: 63)

Dear Respected Sisters and Brothers, May Allah’s peace and mercy be with you;

This weblog is designed to help us insha Allah, to get through life in the way of Islam.

By expressing and sharing our thoughts, we can learn from one another about our beautiful religion.

i hope also, to help all our brothers and sisters in humanity find out more about Islam.

Please feel free to leave comments on our Posts.


We ask forgiveness from God for any errors we make.

May Allah guide us all in the best of ways, Ameen.

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  1. I Believe in ALLAH

  2. Assalaamu alaikm warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh.I hope that through the will and mercy of Allah Ta’aala you are well.I would like to commend you on an excellent site.I found your articles to be very informative and thought provoking.May Allah Ta’aala accept your efforts and continue using you for the benefit of mankind.

  3. Jimoh Tajudeen Olawale

    Salam Alaekun, please what cause the killing of muslims in Burma?

  4. Jimoh Tajudeen Olawale

    Salam Alaekun, please what caused the killing of muslims in Burma?

  5. adewole abolore

    Let be patient with all this trials insaAllah Allah will reward us with aljanna fridous beacuse this is a text from Allah is not while d enemy of Allah have power over us when we know that d only religion eccepted by Allah is islam, so with is killings every were no rest for muslim just let stand farm it shal be well.

  6. muhammad sani salisu hassan (gifted) @kano nigeria

    May almighty ALLAH keep their soul in rest @ jannatul firdausi amin !

  7. As salaam wa alaikom…to my respected brothers n sisters…after reading this sad news abt our shaheed brothers n sisters …I’m proud to say alhumdulillah I’m proud to be a muslim n Islam is the religion of peace….today we hve seen wat these not so humanbeings can do for power but….. they don’t realise da person who has real power is our…. most beneficent Allah(swt) ….may Allah(swt) gve our brothers n sisters Jannatual Firdous….alhumdulillah…..ameen

  8. ALLAH AKBAR.there is no God but ALLAH.

  9. We muslims in the world wide we have already knew that: there is no any supporter of us xcept God of mercy.
    May Allah subhanahu wata’ala to continue guide us and assist at any condition.
    Thanks to my brothers in law for share there contribution muslims!

  10. Am vry happy 2 cm alng dis link nd I pray dat Allah hlp us all.

  11. abdul hamed Akinsolugba

    O allah come 4 d rescue of u savant this is too much 4 us, allah u are d only helper

  12. allah sab ki min nate puri kare……

  13. ………. What must I say just make dua for our all muslim brother and sisters allah make easy for him/her insah allah

  14. As salaam wa alaikom…2 my muslim brothers n sisters…alhumdulillah da least we can do 4 eachother is make lots of duaa’s…but still most of our muslims don’t stand 2geather…if 1 hand clap u will neva hear any noise …but if 2 hands clap u’ll hear noise …wat I’m tryin 2 say is dat we should b proud of who we r ….n we as muslims should stand 2geather …when thr is any problem against our muslim brothers n sosters…insha~allah …ameen.May allah (swt) guide us all trough our hard tyms in our life…especially when it comes 2 da enemies of islam ,we should stand 2geather wit eachother….may allah(swt) protect us all…Insha~allah ….Ameen

  15. feal sorry inshallah alah will make them better so they can carry on with they life agian

  16. Ismail muhammad

    salam . all my islam brothers and sisters. this time we need real taqwa ( fear from Allah).
    reduce love from wealth and think for akhirat. then we will feel something and we will be helped . when these things come in our heart , then we can build a good muslim unity, which can grow islamic tree. inshallah.

  17. islam religion
    always hai insa allah ba kayamt tak baki rahega.duniya ke her kone me aaj islam hai kya chand budh parsto ke dam par jo apni bujdili or banduk ke dum per jo islam majhab ko clean karne ke liye o hai vee apni auukat ko na bule

  18. wa g wa kia daleree ki baat kee hay,,,,, sirf taqwa chahiyay, Allah say khof aur paisay aur makhluq say nafrat>>>> kionke ye mussulman ko kamzor kar daita hay….. bas itna ke guzara ho time pass ho. Raziq to Allah hay…

  19. Mashallah. As we know from the history, that if every muslim just pray to Allah , fear Allah and believe and tawakkal Allah, can get the success of life and akhirat. may Allah give us all muslim the right path. (aamin)

  20. wa alaikum assalam. may our Allah give us the right path. (Aamin)

  21. ya , sure. we have to believe truly on Allah swt. then i tests come.. we should nt worry, it will make us more powerfull.

  22. thanks brother , we are agree with this to keep in touch with islamic awareness and following regularly.

  23. Walekumas-salam.,

    We all must understand Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W) Sunnahth., Kindly share few of those which all of could follow.,

    In’sha Allah all of us must get the blessing of Allah.

  24. Gorgeous site mashallah

  25. Over time, I’ve begun to learn the process of linking from other articles to my blog and vice versa, as well as the ways to promote my blog from other sites. Are you intending for people to learn about your business primarily through your blog.

  26. Assalam ‘alaykum…Very beneficial site Ma-shaa-Allah 🙂

  27. I need to ask about fatwa concerning divorce

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