Umar Mita -Rahimahullah- : First-Ever Muslim and Translator Of The Quran In Japanese!!


Umar Mita -Rahimahullah- : First-Ever Muslim Translator Of The Quran In Japanese!!
Mita was born as Ryoichi Mita on Dec. 19, 1892 in a Samurai (warrior) Buddhist family of Chofu town in Yamaguchi, Japan. He graduated from the Yamaguchi Commercial College in March 1916, at an advanced age of 24, because of his ill health. He visited China and learned the Chinese language. There he came in contact with Chinese Muslims and liked their way of life. He was impressed because he saw no such community life in Japan. In 1920, when he was 28 years of age, he wrote an article “lslam in China” in a Japanese magazine called “Toa Keizai Kenkyu” (Far-East Economic Research Journal). This was the first impact of Islam upon him.

Mita met Haji Omer Yamaoka, the first Japanese Muslim to perform Haj in 1909. After returning to Japan the following year, Yamaoka embarked on an extensive travel across Japanese islands introducing and explaining Islam. In 1912, Yamaoka wrote and pub1ished a number of books on his journey through Arabia and on the grand spectacles of Haj in Makkah. In 1921 Mita again met Yamaoka to learn more about Islam.
Finally, Mita embraced Islam in 1941 at the age of 49.
Three Japanese translations of the Holy Qur’an were published in 1920, 1937 and 1950, respectively. A fourth translation from the original Arabic was published in 1957. But all these Japanese translations were rendered by non-Muslim Japanese scholars. Mita was the first Muslim to translate the Qur’an in Japanese language.
On June 10, 1972, the printing of the translation of the Holy Qur’an in Japanese was completed and its first edition was published after 12 years of strenuous efforts. It was a joyous occasion for Mita as his efforts were crowned with success at the age of 80. He died in 1976 at the age of 82. May Almighty Allah rest his soul in peace.

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