Daily Archives: February 6, 2015

Islam, beyond religion (in the modern sense)

Islam, beyond religion (in the modern sense), is a complete way of life (personal, social, civil etc.). Thus, how then can one be naive to assume that it can be contextualized to conform to a culture that is based on secularism as a way of life. The problems Muslims face in the modern world are not due to the need of ‘reform’ and ‘contextualization, but rather because Islam does not concur with the modern world of secular standards. For a Muslim to assume that Islam needs reform because it does not conform with the secular standard of the ‘modern world’ is a dishonor to Allah and His Messenger (pbuh). These times call for a lot of seeking forgivness from Allah for our shortcomings. I would rather go to the grave knowing that I had shortcomings than thinking Allah’s religion needs reform because the Godless culture of the modern world doesn’t see Islam as keeping with their standards.

Practice Islam the way it has been passed down to us. As for those things we have difficulty practising, let us ask Allah for forgiveness and the ability to become better and do as much as we can. Lets us attribute the shortcomings to ourselves and not the din of Islam. Allah knows best.

You cannot hide from Allah, although I’ve worked with many coaching clients who have tried. Let me explain…

You cannot hide from Allah, although I’ve worked with many coaching clients who have tried. Let me explain…

Rationally, you understand that you can’t hide from Allah, and you believe that He knows and sees everything.

But on an emotional level, and even a spiritual level, many people attempt to say all the “right things” to Allah, and never open up their hearts to Him.

Afraid to address their fears, their wounds, their doubts, they make du’a year in and year out, but from an almost empty place.

You could sit at the feet of the best and most humble scholar on the earth and take very little from him because you are not able to authentically speak to Allah when you pray or call out to Him.

We need Allah, and we need to learn how vulnerable in front of Him by our own choosing.

There is no barrier, no wall, no costume you have between you and Him except for the one you construct.

Take it down. And speak.