Does man have free will or not?

Question asked to Seyyed Habib Umar bin Hafidh and his answer

Does man have free will or not?

Man’s Creator request things from him and decrees things to occur by him. He has a choice in that which is requested from him but he has no choice in that which is decreed to occur by him. Our role in life is thus to perform that which has been requested from us to the best of our ability, using the strength and ability which we have been given.

Anyone who has intellect can distinguish between someone who moves their arm out of choice and someone who has a twitch and whose arm moves without his control. This shows us that some things are within our control and some are not.

A man once stood in front of Seyyiduna Ali and ask him whether a man has free will or not. Seyyiduna Ali said:

“Lift your foot” and the man did so

Then he (Seyyiduna Ali) said: “Lift your other foot”

“I am unable to” the man said

“That is your answer”, said Seyyiduna Ali.

Thus to say that mankind has complete free will is incorrect and to say that he has no free will is also incorrect. In reality man has free will in some things and not in others..

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