How do you establish or deepen your love for the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ?


a) Be around the company of lovers (those who love Rasulullah ﷺ)

b) Invoke a lot of prayers (Salawat) upon him ﷺ. it is recommended to recite at least x300 per day.

However you should recite with your heart present and when it is present it will make your heart connected to him ﷺ. When your heart is connected to him ﷺ, it will keep your strong and free from any type of anxiety.

c) Serve the ummah of the Prophet ﷺ and by doing so you have a shared love with Rasullulah ﷺ

d) Magnifiy and honour the Sunnah (Do not underestimate or undervalue it)

From the lecture ‘Does Religion Still Matter’?

Have a beautiful day wherever you are and more gems from Ustadh Usama to follow…


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Analytical & Creative. --- I'm not a Sheikh or a scholar, I'm just a regular guy in love with this Deen. Don't praise me for practicing my Deen. But pray for me, for the errors, that you haven't seen.

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