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Knowledge of Ghayb (Unseen) In Islam


The Omnipresence of the Prophet Mohammad (salalahu alaihe wa salam)

Dawah Training Course

TOMORROW Saturday 24th May

Dawah Training Course

What you will learn In shaa Allah
1. The etiquette’s of being a Da’ee
2. How to address difficult questions
3. How to give Dawah to Christians and Atheists 
4. How to present Islam in an intellectual manner.

Begin After Maghrib and continue after Isha 
Location: IDCA 361 Chisholm rd, Auburn
Nearest station Regents Park, 15 min walk. Australia
A must attend course 
Register on the day
Bring pen and notepad

This will In shaa Allah prepare you for the What’s Your Goal Dawah Initiative.

(continued via  Street Dawah Australia)


Who is the Almighty Allah | Powerful Speech

Shahadah Social (@ 31 May 2014)


Avoiding anger for the sake of Allaah is a sign of the people of Paradise

10365957_10152409886709089_4892211034837866045_nAbud-Dardaa related that on one occasion he asked the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), “Messenger of Allaah, show me a deed which will put me in paradise.” Prophet (pbuh) replied, “Don’t get angry and paradise will be yours.”Majma’ az-Zawaa’id, vol. 8, p. 70.