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294827_2085052886973_1264653589_31863895_285931352_n“Allah enjoined His worshipper to perform prayer, work and remember Him. Therefore, it is desirable to remember Allah in places such as markets, because people always forget to do so in these places. Abu’ ‘Ubaydah bin ‘Abdullah bin Mas’ud said, ‘As long as a man’s heart remembers Allah, he is just like a person performing prayer even if he has been in the market. If he moved his lips with the remembrance of Allah, it is even better.’ One of the Pious Predecessors used to go to the market in order to remember Allah among those who did not.

Two men met in the market and one of them said, ‘Let’s remember Allah while people forget Him.’ They sat alone in a place and kept on remembering Allah. Later, one of them died. The other saw him in a dream and the dead man said, ‘Did you know that Allah has forgiven our sins when we met in the market?”

Ibn Rajab, Jami’ Al-Ulum Wal-Hikam, Page 625/626