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Strengthening Of The Faith

1897009_430927350343465_1202062841_nStrengthening Of The Faith
by : Dar-us-salam Publications
The author refers to the Quranic verses and Ahadith by interpreting them in a very simple and comprehensible style, and also brings to light the true status of all the unlawful customs and rituals which are commonly practiced in the society and are detrimental to the faith of Tauhid. Tauhid (Oneness of Allah) is the basis of the Islamic religion. …
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[Al-Istiqaamah] Uprightness & Steadfastness

1794617_430930593676474_918200845_n[Al-Istiqaamah] Uprightness & Steadfastness
by : Taalib ibn Tyson Al’Britaanee
a topic which we all are in need of ; due to our slack and laziness we have with regards to our Deen (Religion.) Due to the importance of the topic, I don’t think that my Khutba even covered even half of the topic and even gave the topic its due right, due to the topic being lengthy.  …
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Answering Those Who Altered The Religion Of Jesus Christ (PBUH)

1619359_430915550344645_689510438_nAnswering Those Who Altered The Religion Of Jesus Christ (PBUH)
by : Sheikh-ul-Islam ibn Taimiyah
This book is one of the most important Islamic books which gives right answers about Christianity….
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Answers To “Born-Again” Preachers

fffgfgfdAnswers To “Born-Again” Preachers
by : Yusuf Estes
The simple beauty of understanding where people are coming from in their thinking and having proper knowledge of Islam and the methodology of explaining Islam (menhaj ad dawah), is demonstrated here to show how close some of the statements against Islam are to actually in fact verifying the proof that Islam is the only correct religion with Allah….
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