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40 Hadeeth On The Islamic Personality

1656299_427902583979275_351817976_n40 Hadeeth On The Islamic Personality
by : Shaykh Alee Hasan Abdul Hameed
This is a concise book which contains forty authentic ahadîth from the fine sayings of the Chosen Prophet (salAllâhu ‘alaihi wa’sallam) which I gathered as a reminder for myself and my brothers. They contain guidance for cultivation of souls, purification of the hearts and refinement of character….
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Dimba ba (chelsea football player) at Jummah prayer

1621696_650424355023555_1340427438_nSo do you guys recognise this football player?
Man plays for Chelsea, makes millions a year ما شاء الله but prays at the FRONT of the masjid when it’s jummuah, he doesn’t fail to pray fajr and isha in the masjid whether he has a game or not! In fact when he scored the winning goal against Manchester United in a final in the afternoon he still made it to the masjid for Maghrib when everyone else was most likely partying. Oh, and he helps out with the youth every now and again…
My young brothers… Here is a true inspiration in this day and age, his name as you have probably clocked by now… Is Br Demba Ba
Oh and don’t ask me what masjid this is. You will never know lol
I’m only sharing this with you coz it’s a TRUUUUUE inspiration ما شاء الله. Make dua for him and learn from him . Allah SWT has given him the dunya… Yet he didn’t sell that for his akhirah