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Islam Is Easy – Don’t Make It Difficult

1604629_625049607531642_521218483_nI remember a conversation I recently had with my neighbor and friend who happens to be a non-Muslim.

I had just returned from an Islamic conference, but when I mentioned that to her, she looked at me with worry and asked:

“No one advocates extremism at these sorts of things, do they?”

I almost laughed, but realizing the seriousness of the situation, I reassured her that no, advocating extremism was definitely not on the agenda.

          Living the Balanced Way of Life

– Moderation as an Agenda of the Muslim Community

 Observing Moderation in Worship

– Fairness in Difference: One of the Pillars of Moderation

 Moderation and Recreation: The Perfect Solution

– Tips for Keeping a Balance in Life

I was struck by the unfortunate irony that extremism is often associated with Islam when in fact, moderation is supposed to be one of the most fundamental aspects of the Muslim’s creed. The Quran clearly states:

{Thus We made you a “wasat” (moderate) nation, that you might be witnesses for all of humanity, and the messenger a witness over yourselves.} (2:143) Read the rest of this entry

What Must Be Known About Islam?

1901658_425910497511817_1594084145_nWhat Must Be Known About Islam
by : Muhammad Bin Ali Al-Arfaj
This beautiful book goes over the fundamental five pillars of Islam in detail followed by the …Tafsir of certain chapters of the Noble Quran and a discussion about marriage.
download from here: Read the rest of this entry

Hadith of the day

1609836_556330201132329_17281391_n Read the rest of this entry