the tightened sky

1526361_819712688054256_1743420685_nAllah be he exalted says:
(by the tightened sky, certainly you have different ideas) [Surat Az-Zariyat, verse: 7, 8].
Great and Almighty God swears by the tightened sky that those liars and ungrateful people for Gods’ signs, their speech is full of differences and contradictions and that all the false accusations they say on Allah, his prophet and Quran is such an illusion with no base….
In 1999, a group of scientists in Britain, Canada, USA and Germany have done a planned design for the universe to show the points of the galaxies on it. It was shown that the galaxies are spread and distributed on threads that look like the web. Therefore the scientists considered that the universe has a tightened texture.
The miracle in this verse is related to astronomy as it talked about a scientific fact that wasn’t discovered except at the end of the 20th century which is the reality of the tightened universe texture.See More

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