Islam and Extremism

On Extremism
“Islam as an ideology is a uniquely modern phenomenon. In the 20th Century, the century of ideologies, imitation took on a new form within the Islamic world. Communism, Socialism, Nationalism and even Fascism all became fashionable and all failed to restore the greatness of the Ummah. So there was nothing left but to transform Islam into an ‘ism’ and men without an ounce of piety (let alone humility) in their makeup and who disdain spirituality became fanatical …‘Islamists.’”
“Muhammad condemned extremism with the greatest severity. Today’s Muslims have a greater need to be reminded of this than ever before, as they do of his saying that ‘anger burns up good deeds just as fire burns up dry wood.’”
“Those who refuse to listen should not expect to be heard.”
“Human nature does not easily adapt itself to the requirements of faith or, indeed, to the requirements of truth. The Prophet is reported to have said that, out of a herd of a hundred camels, you are lucky to find one good riding beast. It is therefore misleading to judge any religion by the behavior of the majority of its official adherents.”
“Muslims are required to follow the Prophet’s advice and ‘consult their hearts.’ Those who search the Qur’an for solutions to contemporary problems must learn humility. False certainties are the curse of the Islamic world today, hence the bitter divisive conflicts.”
“Hatred breeds hatred, just as love engenders love, and too often we take on the colouring of our enemy until we are caught in a vicious circle.”
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