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Will Christians enter Paradise or go to Hell?

Are You Ready For Islaam
Will Christians enter Paradise or go to Hell? Sura 5:69 says “Yes”, Sura 5:72 (just 3 verses later) says “No”.
The first says that those who “believe in Allaah,” i.e. became Muslims, shall be saved. This is explained in sufficient detail by the proceeding verse, verse 68, which requires them to first accept the Noble Qur’aan and “stand straight” (Arabic: “Tuqeemoo”) the Bible before they shall be considered in possession of any portion of guidance…. Strange how the author of this list managed to side-step the requirements that are presented and which first must be present in them in order for them to be saved. All he reads is the word “saved.” The stipulation that they must first follow the Noble Qur’aan is for some reason conveniently disregarded. Read the rest of this entry

Quoting a verse of Qur’aan as a proverb

1507948_699088106790459_78279281_nQuoting a verse of Qur’aan as a proverb
We hear many people using Qur’aanic verses as proverbs and the like, such as the verses (interpretation of the meaning): “Which will neither nourish nor avail against hunger” [al-Ghaashiyah 88:7] and “Thereof (the earth) We created you, and into it We shall return you, and from it We shall bring you out once again” [Ta-Ha 20:55]. That includes Qur’aanic verses which cannot be uttered except for beneficial purposes, not for mockery and …making fun, as it is commonly quoted by some people, either verbally or in writing. Is that permissible or not?.

Islam and Extremism

On Extremism
“Islam as an ideology is a uniquely modern phenomenon. In the 20th Century, the century of ideologies, imitation took on a new form within the Islamic world. Communism, Socialism, Nationalism and even Fascism all became fashionable and all failed to restore the greatness of the Ummah. So there was nothing left but to transform Islam into an ‘ism’ and men without an ounce of piety (let alone humility) in their makeup and who disdain spirituality became fanatical …‘Islamists.’” Read the rest of this entry

Quick evidence that Jesus is not God

Quick evidence that Jesus is not God – by Dr Shabir Ally

Often Muslims ask me how they may quickly show their Christian friends that Jesus is not God. Show them Mark 13:32 where Jesus is reported to have said about the end times: “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” Christians generally believe that “the Son” in that verse refers to Jesus himself. In that case, it is his confession that there is something that he does not know, and therefore that he is not the all-knowing God.

Islamic Extremism

Arizona State University’s Center for Strategic Communication’s report on Islamic Extremism
Islamist extremists make heavy use of the Qur’an (Islam’s most sacred  text) in their strategic communication. This study analyzed the most
frequently cited or quoted verses in the Center for Strategic … Communication’s database of over 2,000 extremist texts. Read the rest of this entry

Ruling on reciting Qur’aan and blowing into water

Some people who recite ruqyah for those who are possessed or who suffer epilepsy recite Qur’aan over water and blow into it, then they tell the sick person to wash with this water. What is the ruling on doing that?. Read the rest of this entry

the tightened sky

1526361_819712688054256_1743420685_nAllah be he exalted says:
(by the tightened sky, certainly you have different ideas) [Surat Az-Zariyat, verse: 7, 8].
Great and Almighty God swears by the tightened sky that those liars and ungrateful people for Gods’ signs, their speech is full of differences and contradictions and that all the false accusations they say on Allah, his prophet and Quran is such an illusion with no base….
In 1999, a group of scientists in Britain, Canada, USA and Germany have done a planned design for the universe to show the points of the galaxies on it. It was shown that the galaxies are spread and distributed on threads that look like the web. Therefore the scientists considered that the universe has a tightened texture.
The miracle in this verse is related to astronomy as it talked about a scientific fact that wasn’t discovered except at the end of the 20th century which is the reality of the tightened universe texture.See More