Dis-advantages of not performing Zikr (Remembrance of Allaah)

1203_515673375121560_223345352_nDis-advantages of not performing Zikr (Remembrance of Allaah)
“Believers, do not let either your possessions or your children divert you from the Remembrance of Allah. Those who do that shall be the losers”. [The Noble Qur’aan, Chapter 63: Verse 9] … “Whosoever turns away from My remembrance, his life will be made tight and narrow on the Day of Resurrection We shall raise him blind” [The Noble Qur’aan, Chapter 20: Verse 124]
“Satan has mastered them and caused them to forget the Remembrance of Allah. Those are satan’s party; and satan’s party shall assuredly be the losers” [The Noble Qur’aan, Chapter 58: Verse 19] “Woe to those whose hearts have hardened against the Remembrance of Allah! Those are in clear error”. [The Noble Qur’aan, Chapter 39: Verse 22]
“Whosoever blinds himself from the Remembrance of the Merciful, We shall assign for him a evil satan who will be his (ever misleading) companion” [The Noble Qur’aan, Chapter 43: Verse 36]
Those who do not engage in Zikr are classed as being hard hear-ted losers who are clearly in the error and in the group of Satan… and as such, they will be made to live a tight and narrow life, full of misery and woe, punished in this life as well as being risen blind in the next and who will be remorseful of all the time not spent in the Remembrance of Allaah Subha’natalah.
So exactly how important is zikr? Basically put, for a Muslim, zikr is a matter of life and death:
“The likeness of the one who Remembers his Lord and the one who does not Remember Him is like that between the living and the dead” (Sahih Bukhari).

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