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Dis-advantages of not performing Zikr (Remembrance of Allaah)

1203_515673375121560_223345352_nDis-advantages of not performing Zikr (Remembrance of Allaah)
“Believers, do not let either your possessions or your children divert you from the Remembrance of Allah. Those who do that shall be the losers”. [The Noble Qur’aan, Chapter 63: Verse 9] … “Whosoever turns away from My remembrance, his life will be made tight and narrow on the Day of Resurrection We shall raise him blind” [The Noble Qur’aan, Chapter 20: Verse 124]
“Satan has mastered them and caused them to forget the Remembrance of Allah. Those are satan’s party; and satan’s party shall assuredly be the losers” [The Noble Qur’aan, Chapter 58: Verse 19] “Woe to those whose hearts have hardened against the Remembrance of Allah! Those are in clear error”. [The Noble Qur’aan, Chapter 39: Verse 22] Read the rest of this entry

How to Give Shahadah in 10 Minutes ?

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Researching Islam – Suggested Methodology

1560762_416530838449783_1517407033_nResearching Islam – Suggested Methodology
by : Aa’ishah Stasi
The existence of the Quran proves the existence of God. A look at the linguistic nature of the Quran and examining other scriptures predicting the coming of Prophet Muhammad…. A brief look at the traditions of Prophet Muhammad and how they are evidence of the truth of Islam. Questioning minor details can often detract from the true message.
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The Letter of the Prophet to the Emperor of Byzantium

995272_416534001782800_113750081_nThe Letter of the Prophet to the Emperor of Byzantium
by : Jeremy Bolter
The background and context in which the letter was written, the message it contained and how it was received. The portents and news of the Prophet of Islam that ca…me to Heraclius and his checking of the author of the letter’s credentials. The acknowledgement that Muhammad was a prophet, the invitation made by Heraclius to his subjects, and their reaction to it. A discussion of some legends concerning how the letter was handed down as an heirloom.
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