Who is Recep Tayyeb Erdogan?

1530559_639446496096992_1955807798_nThe Erdogan You Don’t Know No doubt Recep Erdogan is the most successful leader so far after the fall of Ottoman caliphate. His party, the AKP (Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi, the Justice and Development Party), won its third consecutive election in June 2011, securing approximately 50% of the vote. During his term, Turkey has seen unprecedented economic growth, constitutional reform, Islamisation and a re-emergence as a major global power. This success added to his personal charisma and hard-work have made Turkey a model to emulate for many Muslim countries. Under his watch Turkey has become the 16th largest economy in the world and a member of the G20. Realising a decades-old objective amid protest from the secular opposition, Erdogan has pushed through a reform today that favours the Quranic institutions, introduces an hour of Muslim religious instruction and exposes girls to danger of being kept at home away from school. Under Erdogan’s rule Masjids and Madrasas re- opened. Many no longer felt the need to hide the fact that they prayed Jumuah from coworkers and employers. Life got better in Turkey in many ways. The hyper-secular Attaturk Kemalists remained in a state of paranoid alert for the most part, screaming bloody murder anytime the AK Party did anything that could be considered vaguely religious. After almost a century of kemalsim he has a mammoth of a task before him. He may not be perfect but he is certainly a breath of fresh air for Muslims.

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Analytical & Creative. --- I'm not a Sheikh or a scholar, I'm just a regular guy in love with this Deen. Don't praise me for practicing my Deen. But pray for me, for the errors, that you haven't seen.

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