FIFA Bans Muslim footballer for Showing “Allah is great” on his T-shirt, After goal

1458567_661966393854079_2026559690_nImaam Muslim (rahmatullahi alaihe) narrates on the authority of Anas Ibn Malik in the section of Al-Bir, ‘A person came in the presence of the Prophet Muhammad (sal) and asked: “When shall the Day of Judgement take place?” Upon this the Prophet of Allah questioned: “How have you prepared?”
The person answered: “I have prepared not, with an abundance of Salaah, Zakah or Saum. However, I do bear love for Allah and his Messenger “.
Hearing this the Prophet of Allah stated “You will be with whom you love.”
Anas Ibn Maalik reports upon hearing this statement the hearts of the Sahabah (Companion) melted and their eyes flowed relentlessly. He explains, ‘Since after our acceptance of Islam, we had never been happier then we had been on that day on which the Prophet (sal) stated “You will be with whom you love.”

Alas, if only we could compare to that. Apparently, the great enigma of this day and age is we love everything other than Allah and His Prophet (sal) . The non-believers have enchanted us through their devious tricks. Our hearts have hardened. We do not recognise the truth when in front of us! Contrary to the lives of the Sahabah our lives revolve around everything, but the teachings of the Prophet (sal). Presently, a cancer has infected our youth.

This cancer is football!

Football ?

Football, over the years has expanded. Previously, it had been a harmless sport, in which twenty-two men kicked an inflated piece of leather, and presently it has become a monopoly in which the fan is completely brainwashed, conned and bewitched! Previously, a Muslim would relax by watching a match or two; presently, its an addiction.

To make my point clear on how the football factory’s psychological process in brainwashing the fan takes place, read on. Throughout this year, a satellite broadcasting company has been displaying a billboard in which the slogan ‘Football no longer remains a game. Football is a religion!’ was advertised. Whose religion? Mine? Yours? Negative!

Allah states in the Quran:
‘I have chosen for you Islam, as a religion.’
(Al-Maidah 3:5)

Many may claim that this slogan holds no real relevance. My brothers understand; think; psychologically we are being destroyed!

Islam on the other hand teaches that life is a grazing ground for the Hereafter; a test and a tribunal. By merging the first term (subject) and the second term (predicate) and omitting the syllogism (Had-e-ausat) he came to the conclusion (Major Term) that, ‘Football is life!’
Well, quite clearly this explains the mentality they have for life.

If you were to ask a typical (Muslim) football fan, “Name me your football team’s first eleven?” he would be able to name them with relative ease.
On the contrary, if he was to be asked far more serious Islamic matters, such as, “How many compulsory acts are there in Salaah and what are the consequences if you fail to comply with them?” The response would be a muted silence. If you were to ask him, “How many children did the Prophet (sal) have and how many wives he had etc.” the answer again would be a muted silence.

Apparently, these are the most primary and fundamental questions one can ask another. Our love for the Kuffar is manifest even over Islam,

A Hadith which should really soften the heart, is: Imam Bukhari (rahmatullahi alaihe) narrates on the authority of Hadhrat Abu Hurairah (ral),
“That the Prophet of Allah has stated; “I swear by He, in whose hands my life lies, that none of you are true believers until I am not more beloved to him than his parents, children and the whole mankind.”
(Al Bukhari, Kitaab-ul-Imaan)

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Analytical & Creative. --- I'm not a Sheikh or a scholar, I'm just a regular guy in love with this Deen. Don't praise me for practicing my Deen. But pray for me, for the errors, that you haven't seen.

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  1. Our contention should not be the double standards practiced by fifa and longing for recognition as Muslims at the wrong ‘arena’…we don’t need recognition from those who reject Islam…!
    Only approval from all those who accept it…!

  2. Football, games and all forms of tournaments and sports remain mainly as distractions and has nothing to do with Islam…it is we who chase/follow these cultures and blame the manipulators as brainwashing our youths…

    Do not blame others, or your society, or anybody else for what we are…! They (the distractors of Islam) have been successful in alluring our youths and in misleading Muslims because of the decreasing religious awareness amongst us…they have been successful both ‘unknowingly and unintentionally’…they set a trap…and we fell into it…why blame them…when it remains our own fault…!

    We are merely trying to enjoin two uncompromising concepts…game for fame thro wasting precious time…! There is nothing wrong in games/playing…but only with the intention of keeping fit…not for admiration which creates avarice for fame…which is the present trend in all games and tournaments…and above these games has been made an illegal betting ground…

    Our downfall (Muslims youths longings) is the longing to prove their talents in the material world…which is against the purpose of creation…we have not come here to proof anything to anybody…! The ‘fall’ of Ummah is the ignorance and lack of understanding and adherence on the part of the Muslims which has left us in this sordid state…

    The reason being…Islam has not been presented in an acceptable way to the present youth lifestyle…no detailed methods have been derived by the modern Ulamas to accommodate the thinking of the contemporary youths…! Not changing Islam to accommodate ‘ignorance’ but creating the awareness for the purpose in creation…i.e…Knowing HIM and willful submission to HIM alone…

    All action depends on intentions…if it is not correct…say goodbye to your practice…

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