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How do young Muslims get married in a halal way?

546030_780863645262083_1440589871_nHow do young Muslims get married in a halal way? It is a hot topic amongst youths and undoubtedly the focus of many gatherings of young brothers and sisters.

“What should I be looking for in a prospective spouse? Should I involve my parents and can I be alone with this individual?”

What does Islam say about getting married?

Actions are done by intentions:  Read the rest of this entry

FIFA Bans Muslim footballer for Showing “Allah is great” on his T-shirt, After goal

1458567_661966393854079_2026559690_nImaam Muslim (rahmatullahi alaihe) narrates on the authority of Anas Ibn Malik in the section of Al-Bir, ‘A person came in the presence of the Prophet Muhammad (sal) and asked: “When shall the Day of Judgement take place?” Upon this the Prophet of Allah questioned: “How have you prepared?”
The person answered: “I have prepared not, with an abundance of Salaah, Zakah or Saum. However, I do bear love for Allah and his Messenger “.
Hearing this the Prophet of Allah stated “You will be with whom you love.”
Anas Ibn Maalik reports upon hearing this statement the hearts of the Sahabah (Companion) melted and their eyes flowed relentlessly. He explains, ‘Since after our acceptance of Islam, we had never been happier then we had been on that day on which the Prophet (sal) stated “You will be with whom you love.” Read the rest of this entry

Authentic Sunnah Dua (s)

403719_240819489321016_100001789004550_566827_834699948_nDua # 1 :

الله أكبر


Allah is the Greatest

[Ref : – Sahih Bukhari, tirmidhi, ahmad, Muslim]

Narrated Ibn ‘Abbas: I used to recognize the completion of the prayer of the Prophet by hearing takbir. (Sahih Bukhari, Book #12, Hadith #803


DUA # 2 :

أَسْتَغْفِرُ الله

Astaghfirullaah ( 3 times minimum )
Oh Allah forgive me

[Ref: Muslim 1/414 or Muslim,Book #004, Hadith #1226)] Read the rest of this entry

Laa ilaaha ill-Allaah wahdahu laa shareeka lah, lahu’l-mulk wa lahu’l-hamd yuhyi wa yumeet wa huwa ‘ala kulli shay’in qadeer

لاَ إِلَهَ إِلاَّ اللَّهُ وَحْدَهُ لاَ شَرِيكَ لَهُ لَهُ الْمُلْكُ وَلَهُ الْحَمْدُ يحي و يميت وَهُوَ عَلَى كُلِّ شَيْءٍ قَدِيرٌ.

Laa ilaaha ill-Allaah wahdahu laa shareeka lah, lahu’l-mulk wa lahu’l-hamd yuhyi wa yumeet wa huwa ‘ala kulli shay’in qadeer* 

* = 1 time after every fardh prayer, except Maghrib and Fajr wherein this has to be recited 10 times) 

There is no God but Allaah alone, with no partner or associate, His is the Dominion and to Him be praise, He gives life and gives death, and He has power over all things

[Reference: Muslim 1/418, Ahmad, At-Tirmithi 5/515, Ahmad 4/227. See its checking in Ibn Al-Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah’s Zddul-Ma’ad 1/300]  Read the rest of this entry

Subhaanallaahi, walhamdu lillaahi wallaahu ‘Akbar ( 33 times)

1459120_272430409571024_1041894299_n“سُبْحَانَ اللهِ، وَالْحَمْدُ للهِ، وَاللهُ أَكْبَرُ (ثَلَاثاً وَثَلَاثِينَ 33 times)

لَا إِلَهَ إِلَّا اللهُ وَحْدَهُ لَا شَرِيكَ لَهُ، لَهُ الْمُلْكُ وَلَهُ الْحَمْدُ وَهُوَ عَلَى كُلِّ شَيْءٍ قَدِيرٌ”.

Subhaanallaahi, walhamdu lillaahi wallaahu ‘Akbar ( 33 times)


سُبْحَانَ الله Subanhallah (33 times)

الْحَمِدُ للهِ Alhumdulillah (33 times)

اللهَ اَكْبَر Allahu Akbar (33 times)

After you complete the above (i.e 33+33+33 = 99 times) then say :
Laa ‘ilaaha ‘illallaahu wahdahu laa shareeka lahu, lahul-mulku wa lahul-hamduwa Huwa ‘alaa kulli shay’in Qadeer

Virtue :

Whoever says ‘Glory be to Allah’ (Subhana’llah) thirty- three times and ‘Allah is Greater’ (Allahu akbar) thirty-three times and ‘Praise be to Allah’ (al-hamdu lillah) thirty-three times, and seals the hundred with ‘There is no god but Allah, alone without any partner. The Kingdom and praise belong to Him and He has power over everything’ (La ilaha illa’llah, wahdahu la sharika lah, lahu’l mulku wa lahu’l hamd, wa huwa ala kulli shay’in qadir) after every prayer will have his wrong actions forgiven him even if they are abundant as the foam on the sea.”

[Ref: Muwatta Malik Book 15, Hadith 22, Bukhaari, Muslim 1/418, and Others]