Riba/usury/interest is haram [forbidden] and a major sin

1463333_10151817995424891_64098823_n“Undoubtedly, riba/usury/interest is haram [forbidden] and a major sin, and if we have engaged in it then we must repent. We must remember that the life of this world is short and fleeting, and that the purpose of our existence is not to lust after beauty and wealth, but rather to worship Allah correctly and live in obedience to Him Subhanahu wa Ta’ala. Just because riba [usury/interest] is widespread and common, like zina [fornication], pork and alcohol is nowadays, does not make it permissible. When the haram in this dunya [world] seems easy, a productive Muslim should remember his ultimate goal and objective in life.”
Click to read the article, ‘How can we avoid Riba?‘:http://proms.ly/1bgDUf1

O Allaah! Help us stay away from Riba [usury/interest] and also help us to eradicate this evil from society. Aameen!

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