what Eid Means?

1069369_597999143591909_1877214257_nEid means “repetition” because it comes every year for many reasons/things. It is a time for ‘new resolutions’ because the beleiver lives by his intention. We should make our intention to better ourselves from the previous year, in terms of praying on time, fasting etc, and if we die with this intention, Inshallah, Allah (subhanahu wa ta alaa) will reward us for our intentions.

Muslims are also in different situations worldwide, so it is a time for us to remember those less fortunate and remember the suffering of other Muslims in the world, who probably even haven’t got a place to do Wudu or pray Eid.
We have people standing all over the world for Eid, on the plains of Arafah, so bearing this in mind, it gives us an opportunity to think about planning to go there. Look at all of us gathered, this is a cross section of what you see in Makkah. People from every walk of life, every direction, rich or poor, tall, short, black , white everything gathered there. This shows the emphasis of Islam on equality.
Another aspect of Eid is that we dress nicely, as it is a Sunnah to dress beautiful. But at this time , we should think about those who could not find money to dress beautifully.

Eid is also a day when we remember the rights of ourselves and others. We are all humans and we make mistakes and commit injustices towards others. Sometimes others commit Zulm or aggression towards us, this is the day where I would like you and everyone to see someone who wronged you, or took a right off you, to please forgive them first and say “Assalamu alaykum , Eid Mubarak to you”. If they are not here, then please pick up the phone and congratulate them Eid Mubarak, forgive them in your heart and make Dua for them. When you forgive, it is not a sign of weakness, as some people say, but Allah (subhanahu wa ta alaa) gives you a palace in Jannah.

Among the Muslims we have our fathers, forefathers who passed away, please make Dua for them today, they need your Duas.

We are all needy to Allah (subhanahu wa ta alaa), may Allah(subhanahu wa ta alaa) give shifa to the sick, may Allah(subhanahu wa ta alaa) give help to the needy, may Allah(subhanahu wa ta alaa) give happiness to the sad, may Allah(subhanahu wa ta alaa) give assistance to the stressed……………. Ameen

Shaykh Muhammad Bin Yahya Al Husayni (Hafithahu Allah)

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Analytical & Creative. --- I'm not a Sheikh or a scholar, I'm just a regular guy in love with this Deen. Don't praise me for practicing my Deen. But pray for me, for the errors, that you haven't seen.

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