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The lover of this world…

1184863_664468870247516_752313635_nThe lover of this world is like the lover of a wall on which the sunbeams strike, who makes no effort and exertion to perceive that the radiance and splendour do not proceed from the wall, but from the orb of the sun in the Fourth Heaven; consequently he sets his whole heart on the wall, and when the sunbeams rejoin the sun (at sunset), he is left for ever in despair, and a bar is placed between them and that which they desire. ~

Mawlana Jalaluddin Muhammad Balkhi/Rumi

Parts of Bible may have been written by fake apostles

1238077_716477281700274_1368727967_nParts of Bible may have been written by fake apostles
– The Times of India March 28, 2011.

LONDON: A US scholar has claimed that the Bible may have been forged as several New Testament books were actually written by people who lied about their identity , pretending to be the apostles Peter, Paul or James. Read the rest of this entry


The Prophet (SallAllaahu ‘Alaihi Wasallam) said: “Is anyone of you incapable of earning one thousand Hasanah (rewards) a day?” Someone from the gathering asked, “How can anyone of us earn a thousand Hasanah?”

Prophet (SallAllahu Alaihi Wasallam) said: “Glorify Allah a hundred times by just saying “Subhanallah” and a thousand Good deeds will be written for you, or a thousand sins will be wiped away.” [Muslim 4:2073]

Highlights On The Meaning Of Al-Fatiha, The Opening Chapter Of The Muslims’ Glorious Book, Al-Qur’an – Free Download

1392094_384856851617182_1439577441_nHighlights On The Meaning Of Al-Fatiha, The Opening Chapter Of The Muslims’ Glorious Book, Al-Qur’an
by : Dr. Salah Edin A Nefeily

This book on the Opening Chapter of the Muslims’ glorious book Al-Qur’an is a serious attempt to approach a great task. It deals with the chapter or ‘sura’ known to Muslims as ‘Al-Fatiha’, which is described by Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) as the greatest sura of the Al-Qur’an. Al-Bay’haqi, one of the greatest Muslims scholars explains that Al-Fatiha sums up the Qur’an and the Qur’an sums up all the books revealed to prophets before Islam. In this sense, the sura introduces the basics of belief, worship and conduct, which lead to the betterment of human beings at large.

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