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Purpose of Sacrifice (Qurbani) + pic


Are you planning to do Qurbani this year?
Let’s check our intentions first!


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Projects for 10 days of Dhul Hijjah+ pic.

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UK gets first Muslim bodybuilding champion

Man-mountain-who-eats-eight-meals-a-day-becomes-first-ever-MUSLIM-British-bodybuilding-championLONDON: Zack ‘King’ Khan, has won top national title of bodybuilding across the United Kingdom and became the first Muslim champion at the age of 33.

‘King’ Khan of Sheffield was a former boxer who diversified his attention on weightlifting following an injury which toured him to the World competing personality.

The boxer-turned-bodybuilder weighs 310lbs have fitness fanatic with 32inch thighs and daily intake of 5,000 calories lead him to win UK’s title after three-year returned followed by an injury after winning International Federation of Body Builders title in 2009.

He spends hours in the gym with tough exercises for maintaining his physique as it is not just a game of diet which keep his muscles in peak condition. Read the rest of this entry

Rain is sent down to Earth in “due measure.” – scientific Miracles of the Qur’an

1385593_10152050840368268_597955489_nAn information provided in the Qur’an about rain is that it is sent down to Earth in “due measure.”

This is mentioned in Surat az-Zukhruf as follows:

It is He Who sends down water in due measure from the sky by which We bring a dead land back to life.

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Anger Spoils faith as aloe spoils honey- Hadith



1385427_10151995539502214_297453623_nLook at your status in Deen since you married your spouse. Look at your knowedge, has it grown? Your character, has it improved? Look at your relationship with your Lord, look at the condition of your heart. Read the rest of this entry

Want to know your position at the side of Allah?

1379897_650067038347941_2105688808_nThe scholars say: if you want to know your position at the side of Allah on the Day of Judgment, look at Allah’s status in your heart. Some of us put their wives ahead of everything, including their parents and claim they love them! Some value their friends, their cars, their jobs and their own whims and desires above Allah! Nothing of these things would ever last. It is a well-known fact: whoever loves something, he will be tortured by it. Yet, whoever loves Allah more than anything else, Allah would make him the happiest person in this life and in the hereafter. These blessed ten days are a good start to evaluate your love to Allah. They are the best days of the whole year. If Allah is on the top of your priority list, offer as many good deeds as you can and stay away from sins as much as possible. If you fail to do this in these beloved days, you are most likely bound to fail throughout the whole year. Now you shall know your position at the side of Allah. O Allah make up better than what people think of us, conceal what they don’t know of us and don’t burden us with what they say about us!

Sheikh Assim Al-Hakeem

How can you gain the love of Allah the Almighty?

994145_10151759853743755_411522313_nAll praise be to Allah the Almighty. none has the right to be worshipped except Allah alone, and peace be upon His Prophet Muhammad, his family,wives, relatives and companions,
the most important thing in the daily life of any muslim is following the sunnah (way) of the Prophet – peace be upon him – in all of his actions, deeds, and sayings in order to organize his life according to the prophetic sunnah, from the morning to the evening.

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Reading and listening to the Quraan at work- Fatwa

553786_518606274891174_750611308_nQuestion: I work as an accountant at one of the companies, and I have a lot of spare time [at work], within which I read the Quraan and listen to the Quraan radio station; However, when the boss comes, I close the Qur.aan. So what is the ruling regarding this act? Guide us and may Allaah reward you with good.

Response: If you fulfill [the requirements of] your job in a complete manner, [such] that you fulfill all the duties required by your boss without delay, then it is permissible for you to read.

Shaykh Muhammad ibn ‘Abdillaah as-Subayyal
Fataawa wa Rasaail Mukhtaarah – Page 501

Source: Fatwa-online.com

Dua seeking forgiveness

1234348_10151944458029766_768118230_n”Our Lord ! we have sinned against ourselves and unless You grant us forgiveness and bestow Your mercy upon us ,we shall most certainly be lost”
رَبَّنا ظَلَمنا أَنفُسَنا وَإِن لَم تَغفِر لَنا وَتَرحَمنا لَنَكونَنَّ مِنَ الخٰسِرينَ
Rabbana thalamna anfusana wa in lam taghfirlana watar hamna lana koonanna minal khasireen

Treaties Zakat and Fasting- Free e-book

1380245_383915881711279_884400563_nImportant Issues On Zakat And Fasting
by : Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz

This is a booklet that briefly addresses the rulings of Fasting, including a clarification of the categories of people relative to the obligation of fasting, the immeasurable benefits of fasting, and things that nullify fasting. We will also address the benefits and rulings pertaining to Zakaah.

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