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How do we get love of Allah in our hearts and lives?

969201_492351717516630_380932004_nFinally, knowing that love for Allah brings about happiness, His pleasure, and keeps us from indulging in temptations, we can focus on factors that increase our love for Allah in our hearts. Ibn Al-Qayyim had indicated 10 such ways to bring about the love of Allah and they are mentioned below:
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Jihad against the hypocrites

553082_581244671938082_932158523_nThe hypocrites still raise their ugly heads from time to time, whenever they get the opportunity, in order to attack the basic and fundamental beliefs and practices of the ummah, or to cast doubts on its basic tenets, or to strip the community of its Islamic identity. What should we do about them, and how can we protect the ummah against their evil?.
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