What did Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) desire? – Islamic life


Praise to be Allah (God), the Lord of the worlds, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful! In sha’Allah (by the will of Allah (SWT)), in this article I’ll expose the hypocrisy of Islamic haters and debunks their false allegations against the noble character of al-habib (the beloved, may Allah’s (SWT) mercy and blessings be upon …him – Prophet Muhammad). Mocking, insulting, rejecting and accusing the Prophets (Peace be upon on them) is not new. It is an old habit of disbelievers. Allah (SWT) is telling Prophet (Peace be upon him) (interpretation of the meaning): “Mocked were (many) Messengers before thee; but the scoffers were hemmed in by the thing that they mocked” [6:10] and “And if they reject thee, so were messengers rejected before thee: to Allah go back for decision all affairs” [35:4] and “And if they reject thee, so did their predecessors, to whom came their messengers with Clear Signs, Scripture and the Book of Enlightenment” [35:25].

Concerning this issue, all the haters, accusers and rejecters are the same, whether they are Christians or Jews or Atheists or Hindus etc. It is very interesting to note that Christians, who say that they believe in all the Prophets (AS) of God and respect them, not only mock and through garbage at the character of Prophet (SAW) but they also do the same to the Prophets (AS) mentioned in their own bible. We read Genesis chapter 19 verses 30-40: these verses accuse Prophet Lot (AS) of committing incest with his two daughters, who later gave birth to two children from their father. We read 2nd Samuel chapter 11 verses 2-27: these verses, the so called “beautiful word of God”, accuse Prophet David (AS) of committing adultery with another man’s woman, conceiving her of his child, sending her husband to death and marrying her. We read 1st King chapter 11 verses 1-13: these verses the “beautiful word of God” utter a bogus lie that Prophet Solomon (AS) worshiped idols when he turned old. Astegfirullah (May Allah forgive me)! We learn two things from here. First, Bible is indeed “word of God” because God Himself is telling the whole world that His Prophets were so great that they committed incest, committed adultery and worshiped idols. Second, Muslims need not to worry too much about a Christian mocking Prophet (SAW) because their own Bible, the “word of God”, does it very informatively to the Prophets mentioned in the Bible. I advice my good Christian friends to read Bible and learn about the garbage it teaches.
Truth about the false accusations against Prophet (SAW)

If we read many articles and books about Prophet Muhammad (SAW) by Islamic haters, we notice that none of them bother talking about his early life in Makkah and the first 13 years of Islam. You will not read a single comment about the troubles and hardships Prophet (SAW) went through. Off course, this would debunk their false accusations. This is clearly hypocrisy! Islamic haters accuse Prophet (SAW) of followings:
He desired status or leadership or power to dominate/rule the Arab
He desired wealth
He desired beautiful young virgin women

These accusations are no more than one or two centuries old because we learn from the history that no enemy of Prophet (SAW) accused him of such things, while he (SAW) was alive, because they knew his noble character. The first two accusations have been refuted by Allah (SWT) in the Qur’an (interpretation of the meaning): “Say: Whatever reward I might have asked of you is yours. My reward is the affair of Allah only. He is Witness over all things” [34:47] and “Say (O Muhammad, unto mankind): I ask of you no fee for this, and I am no impostor” [38:86]. If, for the sake of argument, we assume that Prophet (SAW) did desire wealth and status, then his enemies would have made big fuss about these verses, or similar ones for that matter, because in that case the Messenger of Allah (SAW) would have been contradicting Allah’s (SWT) words. However, we find no such historical evidence. Therefore, it is only logical to conclude that he (SAW) never wanted such things. Let us read a small passage from Tafsir (commentary) Ibn Kathir to further analyze the truth and the reality of these accusations. This should be more than enough for people who seek guidance. It is obvious that no matter what we do or say the haters will never accept the truth.

Before I move on, one of the Trinitarian believers, follower of Paul’s words and worshiper of Satan, Sam Shamoun writes in one of his articles: “The citations are taken from the Arabic version of Ibn Kathir’s Commentary, since the English translation omits these traditions. As the readers begin to read them it will become obvious why these tales were omitted from the English version” [The Quran and the Shape of the Earth]. Note the emphasized part. Insha’Allah, I’ll post a rebuttal to his whale nun article in near future. Fortunately for Sam, the whole Tafsir Ibn Kathir was not translated in English; otherwise, if not all then most of his false accusations would have been debunked. Here is an example of it. Imam Ibn Kathir (RA) writes in his tafsir:

“In Musnad ‘Abd Bin Hameed, Hadhrat Jabir bin ‘Abdullah (RA) reported that one day Quraysh gathered and consulted. They decided that we should take one person, who is better than everyone in magic, and poetry and is a soothsayer, to this person (Prophet Muhammad (SAW)), who has caused separateness in our jama’t (team) and disintegrated our work and started to criticize/condemn our religion. He should debate him (Prophet Muhammad (SAW)) and win against him and leave him unanswerable. All of them said there is none like this among us except ‘Utba bin Riba.

So they all went to ‘Utba and told him their unanimous wish. He agreed with them and came to Prophet (SAW). ‘Utba asked: ‘O Muhammad (SAW), tell me, are you better than Abdullah (Prophet’s (SAW) father)?’ Prophet (SAW) did not answer. He asked the second question: ‘Are you better than your grandfather, Abdul Mutlib?’ Prophet (SAW) remained silent again. He started saying, ‘if you think your grandfather was better than you, then you know he worshiped the same idols the ones we worship and you always criticize/condemn them. If you think you are better than them (father and grandfather) then talk to us, we will listen to you. I swear by God none like you has born who has hurt his own people. You have broken our jama’t. You have replaced our unity with disunity. You have criticized and condemned our religion. You have defamed us in the whole Arab. Everyone is saying that there is a magician in Quraysh. There is a soothsayer in Quraysh. Now, there is only one thing left and that is we start quarrelling and pull swords on each other; do you want us to destroy each other by fighting among ourselves. Listen! If you want money then all of us will gather so much money that no one will be compared to you among Arabs. If you wish for women, so whoever’s (from among us) daughter you like tell us, we’ll marry you off to not only one but tens (many) like her.’ He took a breath after saying all this and Rasoul of Allah (SAW) asked, ‘Have you said all?’ He said, ‘Yes’! Prophet (SAW) said ‘now listen to me’! Then, Prophet (SAW) recited Bismillah (In the name of Allah) and recited till ‘I warn you of a thunderbolt like the thunderbolt (which fell of old upon the tribes) of Aad and Thamud;’ [13 verses of this Surah (Chapter) – interpretation of the meaning]. After listening this much he said stop this, stop this. He asked ‘do you not have anything else [to say] except this?’ Prophet (SAW) said ‘NO’! So he left.

A throng of Quraysh was waiting for him. They asked him, how did it go? He replied, I told him everything that all of you together could have said. They asked, so did he say anything? He replied, yes he said something but by God I did not understand anything except that he warns us of heavenly ‘azab (dreadful torment) that came to Thamood and ‘Ad. They said you Arab person did not understand what he said in Arabic. He replied I am speaking the truth; I did not understand anything except that he warns us of ‘azab.

[Imam] Baghawi (RA) reported the same narration with the addition that when Rasoul of Allah (SAW) started reciting this verse ‘Utba put his hands on Prophet’s (SAW) mouth and started beseeching (to stop) for the sake of ties of kinship. He immediately left from there and stopped meeting rest of the Quraysh (locked himself in his house). On this, Abou Jahil said to people ‘I think ‘Utba has bowed to Muhammad (SAW) (became his companion) and he was tantalized by Muhammad’s (SAW) offer of money. After all, he was needy of it (looking for it). Anyway, let’s come with me; we’ll go to ‘Utba and correct him.’ So they all came to ‘Utba and Abou Jahil said ‘o ‘Utba you have cut communication with us and there is only one reason behind it: you have been tantalized by Muhammad’s (SAW) offer of money and therefore has become soft to him. Indeed, penury is very dangerous. I think we will collect donations for you to free you from this calamity and disgraceful life. You do not have to fear him [Muhammad (SAW)] and accept his new religion.’ On this, ‘Utba got very angry and said ‘Why would I care about Muhammad (SAW)? I swear by God, I will never talk to you people. You people say such humiliating things about me, even though you know there is no one richer than me in the whole Quraysh. I only went to see him because you asked me to. I talked to him (bribed him) and heard him. In reply what he recited by God it was not pottery and neither it was oracle/omen or magic. When he reached the part ‘But if they turn away’ [verse 13 – interpretation of the meaning], while reciting this surah, I put my hands on his mouth and asked him to beseech for the sake of ties of kinship. I was so scared and afraid that the ‘azab will fall upon us right away. And you all know that Muhammad is not lying.’” [Tafsir Ibn Kathir – Surah Fussliat 41: Verse 1-13]

In sirah Ibn Ishaq this incident has been reported slightly different. It is narrated that one of the bribed offers of ‘Utba was not only handing over the leadership of Quraysh to Prophet (SAW) but also promising him that they would make/accept him the king of the WHOLE Arab, if he (SAW) desires and stops preaching Islam. [Excerpted from Tafsir Ibn Kathir – Surah Fussliat 41: Verse 1-13]

How many non-Muslims have ever read or heard this incident from Islamic haters? So I ask haters: if Prophet Muhammad (SAW) desired what you accuse him of, what made him not to accept the offer of Quraysh? They offered him everything, which you accuse him of desiring and doing everything for. If he (SAW) wanted, he (SAW) would not have to go through any trouble, calamities and physical abuse. He (SAW) could have lived his life so easily, without being forced to leave his country and suffer. He (SAW) would not have to fight Jews to take their possessions and marry their beautiful young princesses, as you haters accuse him of. He (SAW) could have got all of it without any trouble! So why did he not accept the offer, I ask the second time? The answer is obvious! It surely makes whole lot of sense to say: a person wanted something so badly that he did everything to get it but once it was offered to him and he could have obtained it, without any struggle, but he did not! Islamic haters’ accusations against the character of Prophet (SAW) has been clearly refuted and flushed down the toilet. Let us learn about the true character of al-habib (SAW).
Who was Prophet Muhammad (SAW)?

He (SAW) was mercy for mankind and we learn this from throughout his life and Qur’an. He was Muhammad (SAW) who forgave his enemies who hurt him. He was Muhammad (SAW) who was known as an honest and trustworthy in the whole Arab. He was Muhammad (SAW) who went to preach the people of Taif but in return they ordered street boys to attack him; however, he (SAW) forgave them all. He was Muhammad (SAW) and his companions (RA) who were forced to stay in a small valley for three years and were boycotted from getting anything. As for food, they had to rely on grass and likes to survive. He was Muhammad (SAW) and his companions (RA) who were forced to migrate, first to Abyssinia and then Medina, without taking any of their belongings. He was Muhammad (SAW) and his family who, many times, had nothing to eat for months except water and dates (talk about someone who desired and had wealth and status). He was Muhammad (SAW) who loved, and worried about his ummah (people) and cried and prayed day and nights for our forgiveness. Sometime at nights, he (SAW) used to make his prayers so long that his feet would crack.

I ask what for? Why did he (SAW) had to go to that extent for someone like me or us, for that matter? How exactly I am benefiting him in regard to worldly possessions? Can mankind produce one example of a king, who was greedy and desired worldly possessions but he suffered like al-habib (SAW) and cared and worried about his people like he did? The fact is that the selfish and greedy people only care about themselves or maybe their family.

Return to thy Lord, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala, before it is too late: “Their reckoning draweth nigh for mankind, while they turn away in heedlessness” [21: 01 – interpretation of the meaning]. May Allah (SWT) give us the strength to seek guidance and may He (SWT) guide us on to the straight path, Ameen! This concludes the refutation, alhamdulillah (praise to be Allah).

Wallahu a’lam (and Allah knows best)

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