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The physical, psychological and spiritual benefits of Salat (Prayer)


Different postures of Salat. In every posture there are certain health benefits, for example, bowing position tones stomach muscles, abdomen and kidneys and the spine becomes supple and flexible, while the spinal nerves are nourished. In doing Sujud, there is less chance of getting headache, spasms, aches, etc…. due to the fact that the electrostatic charges are dissipated and discharged.

SALA­T has been made compulsory on all believers in all situations. It is an activity which cannot be neglected under any circumstance. This obligation on us should not be regarded as a burden, but rather it should be cherished and appreciated.

The Arabic word “Salah,” doesn’t only mean “prayer,” because “pray” basically means to address a prayer to God or another deity, according to the Oxford dictionary. “Salah,” is a word with a broad meaning, which doesn’t only mean prayer, but also means goodness, righteousness and godliness. In Salah, we not only ask from Allah but we also thank Him, praise Him and at the same time receive guidance from Him. Salah in the true sense is programming or conditioning. Read the rest of this entry