How to learn our kids 5 Daily Prayers?

482920_4122342023576_593329225_nYou can stimulate young children’s understanding and practice of prayer they are already inclined to by involving them in prayer through playful/fun activities and by simultaneously talking to them about it according to their level of understanding. The following are some practical tips to do so:

Teach cleanliness and relate it to Salah

1. When you put the washing machine on say: ‘’We’re washing the clothes.’’ Let your toddler also join in this by putting clothes in the washing machine or in a little tub for doll clothes.

2. Tell your child that we use water to clean ourselves after the toilet. Say ‘water’ many times and the word ‘clean’. Also say: ‘’(name of the toddler) is clean! MashaAllah nice and clean!’’

3. The Wudu is also an opportunity to bring toddler with you, so that he can see what you do. Let your little one touch the water and repeat the word ‘Wudu’ and make it a nice moment of sharing, so the child feels this is special.

4. Let your toddler help in keeping the room where you usually pray tidy and talk about this. You can give your toddler a small brush or a cloth to clean the room with.

5. Volunteer to clean the local mosque and let your child help in his or her own way and share the excitement of keeping the place of prayer clean.

Involve your toddler in prayer1. Make sure a Topi or Hijab for your toddler is always nearby, so that it’s easy for your toddler to put them on at the time of prayer.

2. Make a fixed place for storing the prayer rugs.

3. When you get ready for salah observe if the little one takes the initiative to get the prayer rug. If he does, say: ‘’JazakAllahu Ghair.’’ When you get ready point with your arm in the direction of Qiblah or mark the Qiblah direction. Lay the prayer rug down slowly in the direction of the Qiblah and say the Adhan or listen to the Adhan (you could use your phone or a special Adhan clock). Eventually the child will learn the words of the Adhan by heart.

4. Before you start praying, point to your clothes and say that everything is clean and that you are ready to pray now.

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