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Music In Islam


Alsalam aliekom wa rahmatouAllah;

Today I’m going to open one of sensitive topics spreads in Ummah wither Music is Haram or Halal, should I listen to the Nasheeds with Musical instruments or not ? for briefly, clearly , Mind to Mind and Heart to Heart chit chat lets begin

BismAllaher rahmaner rahim 🙂

Musical instruments are: the use of music, either alone or with lyrics does not violate the law and displeasing Allah •swt•

Scholars did not differ on Singing Itself, because the Prophet •pbuh• heard little girls were singing during days of Eid in Aisha’a house… but they spotted the light of using the Musical Instruments itself as subject

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European Council for Fatwa and Research & thier fatwas on different issue and topics

Fatwas issued in the First and Second Sessions of the

European Council for Fatwa and Research

Da’wa and Muslim Affairs

Fatwa (1)

Q) Could the Honourable scholars, members of the ECFR give us their Fatwa on whether it is permissible for a Muslim to settle and reside permanently in non-Muslim countries. We would be grateful if the answer was supported by evidence from the Holy Quran, the Prophetic heritage (Sunna) and the statements of scholars and individuals of knowledge.

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