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Symbolism of the Masjid


By Maulana Achmat Salle,Cape Town. Presently, a residing Imaam in Mitchigan, USA.

There is a mosque whose foundation was laid from the first day on piety. It is more worthy that you stand forth therein for prayer. In it are men who love to be purified and Allah loves those who keep themselves pure (al ayah). In order to build a mosque on taqwa (GOD consciousness) the builders must also be GOD-fearing. In another verse ALLAH (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) mentions how Nabi Ebrahim and Ismail” (alayhis salaam) lay the foundation of HIS House in Makkah. One can hear them making thikr and duah. ‘0 Allah, accept from us, YOU are All Hearing, All-Knowing.

Some say a building is a building, but a building can be either an architectural masterpiece like the Taj Mahal or a monstrosity. When we plan our house there is a reason for every object, every plug, window or door we put in. Every adjustment we make we have a reason for it. Similarly, every part, object or style of a masjid carries its own symbolism. Very often we neglect the principles of traditional mosque architecture. These principles are high-lighted in Lings book on “Symbol and Archetype”.

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Intercession (Tawasul) In Islam




 Is it true, as some people say, that tawassul or “seeking means” through the Prophet and the awliya’ such as seeking their intercession is not necessary nor a priority in Islam, because Allah said that He is near and answers whoever calls Him directly?

  What about the statement in al-Wala’ wal-Bara’ according to the `Aqeedah of the Salaf whereby among the “ten actions that negate Islam” is “relying on an intermediary between oneself and Allah when seeking intercession”?

            What about those who compare tawassul and asking intercession to the Christian worship of Jesus and the saints, those who reject tabarruk bi al-athar — getting blessings from the Prophet’s relics — as being outside Islam, and those who put limitations on invoking salawat — blessings and peace — on the Prophet?

            And what about Albani’s claims that tawassul is not through the person of the Prophet even after his time, but through his du`a and only in his lifetime?

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Quote of the day

“Sell this present world of yours for the next world and you will gain both in entirety, but do not sell the next world for this world,
for so sall you lose the two together.”

Imam Hasan Al- Basri


“you are nothing but a number of days, and whenever a day passes away, aprat of you passes away.”
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