Situation on Gaza and demonstrations for Gaza around the world!

South Korea,

Glasgow, Scotland,


Darkness falls in Los Angeles on huge rally for #Palestine #Gaza

Cork (Ireland), this evening. Protest against the Israeli attack on Gaza

#Milano #Italy in solidarity with #Palestine #Gaza

Protest against Israel in Canada,

Libyan protesters hold up signs as they demonstrate against Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip, at Martyrs’ Square in Tripoli November 16, 2012. The sign reads, “We sacrifice for the first Qiblah (jerusalem).”

‎# GazaUnderAttack – Protest in Birmingham – UK,
By David MitchellPrincess Street, Edinburgh, Scotland stands with you GAZA
U.S., BOSTON: Protest against israel for bombing Gaza,



208 Palestinians were murdered last night after 77 Israeli air strikes, but the main stream media is reporting the death of the 3 Israeli. It’s like a 208 Palestinians are nothing. What king of…… we live in ?!

A picture taken from the southern Israeli town of Sderot shows smoke billowing from a spot targeted by an Israeli air strike inside the Gaza strip on November 15, 2012.

We fell the pain 😦 The father of Palestinian baby girl Hanen Tafish, whowas killed in an Israeli air strike, carries her body as he sits in a car during her funeral in the northern Gaza Strip November 16, 2012 😦

IN Gaza : We Palestinians Wake up every morning to teach
the rest of the world life, sir

Israel is not the settlement of holocaust survivors… it’s an apartheid settlement to make holocaust of the Palestinians….

Gaza Now ..
4:17 AM .. Saturday , November 17, 2012



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  1. I would like to ask the world who is real terrorist > Time to wake up and try to make a peace and free the land of occupation not to take any side and do the right things.

  2. Who ever killing the Innocent, people and Children thy are the one is the real terrorist? And they have to answer some day to god.

  3. to kill innocents is not a war.if suspect of any against than only ground action to save such.i condemn such air attacks by any country or see such human rights violations.r we going back towards barbarism of stone age.even in swords age war innocents never killed.its only to create horror and havoc.Islam zinda hota hai har karbala ke bad.insan bano Israel America.

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