Preparation for Hajj (Pilgrimage)


In sha’ALLAH, many of us may be leaving for Hajj over the coming days and we thought we would share with you some travel tips on what to pack for Hajj which you can share with any friends or family members who are going for Hajj this year (or in future years in sha’ALLAH).

This is not an exhaustive list, mainly the important items that one should not forget:

Extra Ihram Clothes (Male): It’s surprising how many men forget to bring extra Ihram clothes, thinking that they can survive with one Ihram for the entire Hajj period. I highly recommend for you to bring two or three Ihram clothes just in case they get dirty/muddy during Hajj for various reasons.

Toilet Slippers: Yup, for those moments you have to use the bathrooms in Mina/Makkah, the right slippers can ease your experience. Please don’t get the cheap 5 Saudi Riyals slippers: a) they hurt to walk with, b) they are so thin you might as well walk barefooted! Get good quality, waterproof slippers that are thick and durable.

Pocket Prayer Mat: This is again one of those beneficial items that are normally forgotten. Because you’ll be out and about in various locations (Arafat/Mina/Muzdalifah), having a clean prayer mat (even those plastic ones) can be very useful to carry around with you in case you’re caught with Salah time whilst walking between rituals.

Toiletries: Don’t assume you can buy everything you need for personal hygiene when you get there. Just be careful not to use any of the scented stuff whilst you’re in Ihram (most Hajj companies provide you with non-scented soap which are awesome, maasha’Allah!).

Pocket Books: The following pocket books are absolutely essential to make the most of your Hajj: Pocket-Size Quran (Translation of the Quran if you can’t read the Arabic), Fortress of the Muslim Du’a Book, Hajj Guide explaining Hajj rituals, etc. (Alternatively, if you have an iPhone/Android), you can download most of these books to your phone instead of carrying the books).

Notebook + Pen: Hajj is a time of reflection and contemplation, and with that will come loads of thoughts which you wished you could write and record somewhere. Don’t catch yourself off-guard! Carry a pen/paper absolutely everywhere.

A Small Shoulder Bag: On the day of Arafat, you’ll be asked to leave your big bags at Mina camp, this means you’ll need a small bag to carry any personal items/books you need for the day. A small shoulder bag can be very useful for this instead of a plastic bag that can get lost.
Finally, a couple of useful packing tips:

Label Everything: make sure you label everything you have with a unique sign, e.g. a ribbon, white clothe, a massive name tag, anything that’ll distinguish your personal items from others. Since you’ll move in groups, it’s easy to lose stuff.

Be extremely organized: Things can get very messy at camp, especially in Mina and you can start losing things. Make sure you have clear locations where your stuff goes and pack them neatly in identifiable bags so they don’t get mixed up with others. But even if something does go missing, stay calm and take it with grace and patience.

Hope that covers everything, if you’ve been to Hajj before and can think of more essential items, please share with us in the comments below…

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Analytical & Creative. --- I'm not a Sheikh or a scholar, I'm just a regular guy in love with this Deen. Don't praise me for practicing my Deen. But pray for me, for the errors, that you haven't seen.

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