Will Angelina Jolie Convert To Islam and Become A Muslim?

Recently the Al- Qahera News has spoken from the Interest of Angelina Julie to Convert to Islam!!

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Analytical & Creative. --- I'm not a Sheikh or a scholar, I'm just a regular guy in love with this Deen. Don't praise me for practicing my Deen. But pray for me, for the errors, that you haven't seen.

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  1. first of all welcome to islam, you the like women in all wrod, we live you so much you best,


    Allah may grant her right path.

  3. Abbatee lelesco

    Am hppy 4 dix, and may Allah (S.W.A.) gve u long life and prosperity. Ameen

  4. Insyallah, Allah will show her the right way. Let us prays for her.

  5. Welcome to your beautiful dream

  6. Rasmus...........

    Thats Bull Shit…
    These munafiq tricks are not new….
    Imran Khan already paid for this kinda trick.

  7. Welcome dear, I really felling more happy to take best decision in your life. Congratulations….Allah Bless you…

  8. Muhammad kabeer musa

    That’s our wishes,and we pray for many more. Alhamdulillah

  9. I like to see that she converte to islam beg congratulatio to her i wish her long life and my he die in islam

  10. MD Hafijur Islam Shuvo

    yes she should be,must be ,when all people will die then all people know that yes! ALLAH was is will

  11. Suntaa abudu Ibrahim

    May Allah give them hidaya to come islam

  12. Islam is just a religion ,not god .. before Islam their was only God’s world ..not religion .
    but now idiots fight for religion converting

  13. the dresses she wear was during the visit of Pakistan …
    so in her visit she had to go through the process of their culture ,tradition…if she was converted to Islam .. how come wedding a/c to Christian custom in Spain 2014 … remember… . MD.hajart is only a person who established Islam…. thanks … have a great day

  14. if its true, she is lucky and I congratulated her to the only right path way of life.

  15. Masha Allah am so happy about this may Allah (s.w.a)protect u and guide you in His religion

  16. mohamed ali pulikkal

    may almighty allah Grant her hidaya amin

  17. If Angelina hasn’t embraced Islâm yet, we simply ask Allâh to guide her amîn! ✌

  18. lbrahim Baba Maltiti

    Oh she is a woman I love so much for me to hear she convertd to Islam is I ever heard may Allah be with her

  19. hi allah give her a higher place at jannat

  20. alhamdulillah i was very delighted for that

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