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Allah wants us to purify our inner selves constantly, live and return to Himwith the state of rudimentary purity. We should be more careful on things that can bring forth more vices and that can easily take us away from the state of fitra (purity). Indeed, the way of wealth is an easy one to distract us from Deen.

And know that your possessions and your children are but a trial and that surely with Allah is a mighty reward. [The Holy Qur’an 8/28]

How many are there, who have perished of wealth! It’s an easy way to destroy us. That’s why Prophet (May Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon Him) warned us: “Every society has a trial and the trial of my Ummah is wealth” (Hakkim 4: 318)

Money can take us into destruction by deteriorating our faith and morals, but poverty can’t! Therefore, Prophet (PBUH) said: “By Allah, it is not the poverty about which I fear in regard to you but I am afraid in your case that (the worldly) riches may be given to you as were given to those who had gone before you and you begin to vie with one another for them as they vied for them. And these may destroy you as these destroyed them.” [Sahih Muslim Book 42, Hadith 7065 (Complete Hadith here)]

We should look in to the examples from the lives of our pious predecessorsto learn how did they treat wealth and how much they were feared of the harms that wealth can cause to the society.

After conquering Iraq, the warriors returned to Khalifa Umar (RA) with heaps of Gold and money. Khalifa Umar (RA) started to weep and the astonished men asked, “Ameerul Mu’mineen (Commander of Believers), Why are you weeping? Didn’t Allah help us defeat our enemies, gave us victory and thereby coolness to our eyes? ”

Khalifa replied in a warning tone: “I had heard Prophet (PBUH) saying, the society to which adornments of Duniya (this world) widely opens, among them will prevail animosity and quarrel, till the day of resurrection. I dread that this warning may come true for us.” (Ahmad 1:116)

In front of us, there is an elegant history of another pious Companion of prophet, who did not fall in the pitfall of his wealth- Mis’abu Bin Umair (RA)! Mis’ab– who engraved an everlasting history of nobility, by kicking the glitters of heaped up wealth, after entering the light of Islam– a journeying away from the cradle of luxury to the tranquility of revering piety. When he was found martyred in the battle of Uhud, looking at his body, with a whimper Prophet (PBUH) told: “O Mis’ab, I had seen you in Makka. I had seen no one in Makka, wearing a softer raiment than you did, or with a beautiful hair than you had. Today, that Mis’ab is lying in a small sheet, with matted hair! (Rijalu-Haula-Rasool 53) ”

This is how the companions of Prophet (PBUH) treated wealth. Desire for or possession of wealth never made them to turn away from the way of Allah.

A man used to bring food for Abu Bakr (RA). That night, when the man came with food, Abu Bakr (RA) ate, as usual. Later on, the man explained that he got it as a pay for a non-islamic deed he had done during Jahiliyya. Upon hearing this, Abu Bakr Sidheeq (RA) put his fingers to throat and vomited out the food. “Even if I lose my life, I would throw up every bit of this haram food from my stomach. I fear that this food might take me into Hellfire”. (Hilyathul Auliya- 194)

See how much careful were our predecessors!

Anyone earns money in a haram way, then he preserves family relationships, gives sadqa (charity) and spend that in the way of Allah, even so, on the Day of Judgment, all his money will be gathered and he ‘ll be thrown into Hellfire. (Abu Dawud, Maraseel 117)

Isn’t this warning frightening us? Even if someone betrays us, we must not betray anyone. Even a slight amount earned through cheating and betraying should not be there in our account, nor we should make a living or protect our family with haram earnings. A minor amount gained through usury is worse than committing adultery 36 times– this is what Prophet (PBUH) had warned us. [Baihaqi, Shuabul Imaan 5523]

Every haram earning, including usury will easily take us into hellfire. Purify wealth and earnings from everything that’s haram, and live with purity – success will be ours, In Sha Allah!

No one else is responsible for our deeds, but we. We will be questioned for whatever we’ve done in this world. We must refrain from blaming others for things which went wrong in our life. If we live righteously, Allah will safeguard us, in Sha Allah!



20 Tips to make your marraige Successful In Sha Allah ♥ :)

1. Trust, help each other, be good and stay positive.
2. Please your spouse and make him/her feel special always.
3. Be humorous, playful, helpful, respectful and entertaining.
4. Never bring your past mistakes in your today.
5. Encourage and give hope to your spouse.
6. Do not compare each other even for tiny things.
7. Surprise your spouse with something new.
8. Spent time as much as you can.
9. Get ready for your spouse as they want you to get ready and look beautiful always.
10. Listen carefully and obey sincerely.
11. Avoid fighting, ignoring, lying, doubting, misbehaving and getting angry.
12. Be open and discuss your problems/worries to your spouse.
13. If one of you is angry, the other should be quiet.
14. Don’t argue. Simply say ‘Sorry’ whether it’s your mistake or not.
15. Always make Dua to make your marriage successful and your relationship strong.
16. Always be thankful to your spouse.
17. Say ‘I love you’ to your spouse often.
18. Understand each other.
19. Make eye contact while speaking.
20. Eat together, be together and pray together”