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Quranic Verses

Many a generation has been destroyed by Our command since Noah’s time. Your Lord is well aware and fully observant of the sins of His servants.[The Holy Quran 17:17]

If anyone desires immediate benefits, We hasten to grant whatever benefits We will in the present life to whomsoever We please, but thereafter We decree for him Hell wherein he shall burn, condemned and rejected. [The Holy Quran 17:18]

But he who desires the Hereafter and strives for it in the manner he should, and is a true believer, his striving will come to fruition.[The Holy Quran 17:19]

To all of these as well as those We shall provide the wherewithal of this life in the present world by dint of your Lord’s Bounty; and from none shall the Bounty of your Lord be withheld.[The Holy Quran 17:20]

See, how We have exalted some above others in this world, and in the Life to Come they will have higher ranks and greater degrees of excellence over others. [The Holy Quran 17:21]

Do not set up any other god with Allah lest you are rendered humiliated and helpless. [The Holy Quran 17:22]