Ablution of Prayer,body ( GUSUL), Tayamum ( Ablution without water)

   Believers! When you stand up for Namaz, wash your faces, and your hands (and arms) to the elbows. Wipe on your head by your wet hand, wash your feet to the both ankles. If you are unclean (which necessitates the ritual ablution), bathe your whole body. If you are ill, or on a journey, or when one of you come from removing excreta or get in touch with women or you find no water, then take teyemüm with clear soil. Focus on to teyemmum in your mind. Wipe on your faces and hands with that soil. God’ s wish is not diffuculties for you, but he make you clean and wants to complete the favors of your, that ye may be grateful” (The Holy Qur’an, Surrah Al- Maidah Verse: 6)

    It is obliged to take ablution for performing Namaz. The namaz is never performed without ablution. We can not look at one way for taking ablution. There are very important benefits as for body and spiritual. Taking ablution before each Namaz, means doing the spadework by brain and body to think of Allah and not to think of mundane. Ablution is to fix (identify) the moment. Therefore, one should not think about anything. It must be to think of Allah(cc) from the moment of taking ablution until the end of the Namaz. Ablution is not to wash with water only, it is to turn to Allah(cc) in our thoughts and our minds.

    Prophet Muhammed Muhammad (PBUH) says:

    “During the ablution, if a person tells name of Allah(cc), his entire body is cleaned by Allah(cc).               If that person takes ablution without mentioned the name of Allah, only the organs that are touched by water will be cleaned”

    This hadith is reported that believers start to take ablution, should start thinking about Allah, and reported that the goodness of getting ablution for the Prayer.

    Taking an ablution that according to Sunna and to Farz (religious duty) is the most accurate form. To wash face, hands and arms (with elbow) and to wash the feet with heels are obligatory (Fardh).

    Feet and heels are washed for providing to link between us and ground. Wiping on one quarter of head is since due to the fact that Kaaba during Sajdah. Our head becomes neutral. Such as grounding in the scientific sense, allows us to put out bad energy.Energy in the body will be balanced. We have discussed obligations of ablution, in connection with issues energy balance of body. 

     Contrary to assumption, ablution is not only physical cleaning. If it had so, the teyemmüm will have pointless. The ablution and the Teyemmüm means to be neutralized the body as well as spiritual and also, not to think anything worldly, to prepare going into presence of Allah(SWA).

    Teyemmum (Ablution with soil):

   The Teyemmüm is done, in such cases that Lack of clean water, lack of adequate water or no water. If water is in someone else’s property and unless property owner’s permission, the water means not exist. If landlord does not allow, the teyemmüm will not valid. If the property owner gives permission the teyemmüm will be void and we should take ablution. If we don’t find clean water, the teyemmüm is done with clean soil.

Teyemmüm and ablution are comprehensive. Allah’s orders-prohibitions have spiritual and material features. Ablutions, also Teyemmüm serve the same purpose. Here, the main issue is to make balance the energy in our body. Water or soil makes balance of energy in our body. In other words, positive and negative energies of our body is balanced. Then, we are united with God. when we say the words for islamic testimony of faith, we internalize Allah(cc) is only one, and there is no God other than Allah(cc). Such as bi-directional concepts, plus – minus, hot – cold, presence – absence of hunger – fullness are only applies to the universe we live. Everything is unique in the presence of God. During ablution and Namaz, if we do not think anything, we are united with Allah(cc) (neutralize) and we will be closer to Allah (S.W.A).

   Washing our bodies with water, and Teyemmum means cleaning at external side of our body. And also means that to be balanced of negative and positive energies. Intend for ablution means neutralization of our brain’s positive-negative energies by balancing and by thinking about Allah(cc). From the begining of ablution until the end of the Namaz, we shouldn’t think about anything worldly, and also, It is necessary not to forget that we are in presence of Allah(cc). All of them means preparation for worship.

   some information about ablution of whole body; It is needed to distinguish between washing body and Ablution. Taking a bath is different from Ablution. When you are taking a bath, you can think anything, wash any part of your body or You can use any cleanser article. But, when you are taking gusul, you have to intend for gusul, do neutralize and balance your body’s energies like in Ablution. Taking a bath for body cleaning is very different from Gusul. It is useful to remind that 70% of our body is water, 70% of our world is water too.

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