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Branches from the Miswak, or Peelu, tree have been used in the Saharan desert for thousands of years to clean and brush the teeth. What makes these so special for brushing the teeth is that they contain a natural source of fluoride, which is vital for the prevention of tooth decay.
The Miswak is obtained from the twigs of the Arak tree (Peelu tree) although a few other trees can also be used like walnut and olive.
A Miswak or siwak is probably an alien thing to the western world. It is a twig normally used in the Middle East to brush teeth. Although it might sound outdated to use twigs from trees to clean teeth, studies conducted on the Miswak prove otherwise. 
In the old times, before toothbrush or toothpaste had been invented, man did not have the facility of a toothbrush and many cultures have used Miswak for oral hygiene.
The use of Miswak is widespread in the Muslim population of the world, and is a common entity in Muslim countries.
The reason for common use of Miswak by Muslims can be attributed to religious beliefs.
The last messenger of Islam used it frequently and also instructed his followers to do the same and hence the practice continues widely in Muslim countries.

A few important benefits of Miswak:
  • Kills Gum disease causing bacteria
  • Fights plaque effectively
  • Fights against caries
  • Removes Bad breath and odor from mouth
  • Creates a fragrance in the mouth
  • Effectively clean between teeth due to its parallel bristles
  • Increases salivation and hence inhibits dry mouth

Scientific studies on Miswak:
The Wrigley Company (makers of Juicy Fruit gum) made a study on Miswak which was published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.
The study found that mints laced with Miswak extract were 20 times more effective in killing bacteria than ordinary mints. A small testimony to this fact is that after half an hour, the mints laced with Miswak extract killed about 60% of the bacteria where as the ordinary mints managed only 3.6%
In the August 2008 issue of Journal of Periodontology, a study conducted by Swedish researchers on Miswak found that suspended Miswak pieces in a petridish (glass container used in laboratory exams) were able to kill bacteria that cause periodontal disease without being in physical contact with the bacteria. The researchers suggested that Miswak might be giving antibiotics as gases in trying to explain this phenomenon.
A study which compares tooth brushing and using Miswak can be seen on Pubmed (U.S National Library for Medicine Service, ).
The study concluded that Miswak was more effective than tooth brushing in reducing plaque and gingivitis provided it was used correctly. 
Now, that’s one natural toothbrush cum toothpaste cum floss.

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