Shukhran Shukran….Fruits of Being Grateful to Allah by Nisaar Y. Nadiadwala

Shukhran Shukran….Fruits of Being Grateful to Allah by Nisaar Y. Nadiadwala

Reja bin Haiwa an Egyptian scholar narrates his expereince… this man was one of the few top scholars of his time. He wrote .. once I was in Masjid e Khaif during the Haj..we were sitting and there were others too in thousands, including the king, his princess, his ministers, top scholars of that time and all.. suddenly a man stood up amidst the crowd and called up loudly ” o People as long as there are three things among you the Azabo fallah will not come upon you.. first be grateful to Allah.. second do istighfar.. and third supplicate to him… saying this he made his way in the crowd and went out..

Reja says.. I wondered at the courage of this man as to how directly he announced it in front of the elite group and went away… a thought came in my mind… did he gave an authentic narration? He never refered to any hadith or Qur’anic verse to support his statement..

So as a student of knowledge  I got up and followed him and searched for him to ask him the reference for his claim.. but I could not find him.. I looked for him next day too in Mina but could not find him.. finally I decided to  look for the verification myself because I had a feeling that since the man spoke in such a confidence manner it meant that he was speaking the truth..

I opened the Quran and began with surah Fatiha and went ahead with Surah Baqarah and covered Surah Imran and reached 147 verse of surah Nisa’ to find the verification of his first claim…. What will Allah gain by punishing you if you are thankful and believers…

Imam Reza notes that I continued my search and reached 33 verse of Surah Anfal..and found that … and Allah will not punish them while you (the Prophet) was among them  nor will He punish them while they seek forgiveness…

Imam Reza then looked for the third reference till he reached Surah Furqan… my Lord pays attention to you only because of your supplications to Him.. but now since you have denied him so He will punish you….

Shukr leads to unbounded  reward…There are two deeds whose rewards, Allah says that it is upon Him. Fasting and Thanking Him. Allah has announced the rewards of all good deeds …For example if you perform Hajj e Mabroor all your past sins will be forgiven…

But for fasting and thanksgiving Allah has kept to Himself how much will He reward.

Consider this, Allah says in the Qur’an that all the seven heavens will be wrapped  up on his right hand on the day of Qiyamah…. If Allah gives us with His own hands  how much would be the amount ?

Shukr has lots of vitrues.

Shukr protects from Azab of Allah… as the 147 verse of Surah Nisa’ assures… What can Allah gain by punishing you.. if you are grateful and you believe ?

Today when ever there is an earthquake or tsunami, scientists and oceanologists rush to find the epic centers of earthquakes and other reasons..they give only geogaphical reasons.

Allah gives His reasons, nothing can happen wihout His own permission.  Not even a leaf can fall  without His approval and the same goes with earthquakes and Tsunamis.

Don’t miss out that, even Halal rizq is a blessing from Allah… here is a verse… so eat the sustenance which Allah has provided you, lawful and good.. halal and tayyab..andbe grateful  for the favours  of Allah if it is He whom you worship…and if you waste it? Like being a spendthirft..then it is ungratefulness according to the Qur’an.

People have become thankless to Allah in many ways for example even if you look at the epidemic of lavish expenditure you will notice that even little children are into it though the Qur’an calls the lavish spenders as Ikhwanus shaytan.. brothers of Shaytan and further says.. indeed shaytan is ungrateful to his Lord.. so are his brothers….Infact the 83 verse of Surah Nahl says that recognising the favours of Allah and then rejecting them.. read the verse verbatim…

they recognise the blessings of Allah and then they deny them.. and most of them are ungrateful….. Allah says wa,aksaruhoom are ungrateful… the word for ungratefulness here is again kufr !!!!!

Author : Nisaar Nadiadwala speaks and writes on socio-educatinal issues from Islamic perspective..he can be reached at

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